UF to pay Mullen $6 million per year

Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin, left, football coach Dan Mullen. (AP Photo/Mark Long)

New Florida coach Dan Mullen will receive a contract worth $6 million a year for six years, putting him among the highest paid coaches in college football, The Sun has learned.

Mullen had a deal at Mississippi State that ran through 2021 and paid him $4.5 million a year.

Florida also got off cheap on Mullen’s buyout from Mississippi State, only having to pay $500,000. This year already, college football coaches have been fired to the tune of more than $60 million in buyouts.

Mullen replaced former UF coach Jim McElwain, who was fired Oct. 29 and making $4.5 million a year.

Alabama’s Nick Saban is the highest paid coach in college football at just over $11 million a year.


  1. Kelly is making $4.6 mil at UCLA. They would have probably given him above $7 mil to coach here. So if the reports are true about why he didn’t take the job, living in LA over Gainesville is worth $2+ million a year to him (throw in CA state taxes and you’re closer to $3 mil).

    I wanted Kelly like most people. but I’m glad we have a coach that wants to be here and doesn’t have one foot out the door before he even arrives.

  2. I am a Mississippi State fan. Mullen left our team in a better position than it has ever been. He left for more money, and more importantly, a much better chance for a National Championship. Thanks and good luck to Coach Mullen.

    • careful what youre thankful for. I would have prefered to keep fisher in Tally as he wasnt a very good HC, he could sure recruit but couldnt fully utilize all that talent( unless he got lucky with a great QB). they might get someone better, and that would be bad!