Swampcast: FSU game and new coaching possibilities




  1. Since you and Robbie both said we should trust you, that you get your info, Pat, from journalists, it would have been a nice moment in your Swampcast if you guys would have gone out on a limb and made a prediction on Kelly based on your impeccable sources. Or predicted who it will be if not Kelly. Maybe you’ve done that on your podcasts, but many of us don’t have a half hour to listen to those.

  2. The UF delegation did not spend $10K on a plane ride to NH just say “hi” and have a casual conversation. The delegation included the contract writer. It may be technically true there was no contract, BUT its a good bet they know exacting what the terms will have to be. Kelly should already have verbal assistant coach agreements, etc. It’s up to the investigative journalists (way more than just Gainesville people) to piece the situation together. Its not that hard to do with all the communications that must take place with no many people. Sunday or Monday announcement, either up or down.

    • The AD is being very close hold, DeWayne, and Kelly is playing games. Under those conditions, pretty damn hard for anybody to know the “real deal”. As far as I’m concerned, way past time now to move on from Kelly and let him act like a prima donna c other teams.

  3. Yahoo reporting Kelly is moving on. If he was messing with UF, then great. BUT sources have also said UF may have been messing with Kelly, requiring him to retain some existing coaches. If true, then we are back to the ole UF internal 1970s politics that made us the laughing stock of the SEC. The new Head Coach has to make his own staff. He shouldn’t be the Head Coach with an asterisks* (*Head Coach most of the time unless UF politics requires certain players and coaches). We would not be successful with an *.