Five Questions With: UF’s David Reese

Florida Gators linebacker David Reese. [Cyndi Chambers/Correspondent]

Florida sophomore middle linebacker:

Q: Randy Shannon has gone against FSU 23 times and has a winning record, 13-10. Has he ever brought that up at all?

A: Not really. He doesn’t really get into the past like that. But sometimes he does show us a film of the older guys, film at the way the U ran things or something like that when he was the linebackers coach for us so we could get an idea what we were looking at. We always wanted to see it because we always knew how good that defense was and the number of guys they had in that defense. He really doesn’t talk about it, but we do sometimes look at Miami film.

Q: How is this team better than a month ago?

A: I feel just like our spirits, you know. We overcame a lot, and just to get that win (against UAB), so now we can grow as a program and put all this losing stuff in the past and finally take another step forward.

Q: What kind of environment are you expecting in The Swamp for this game?

A: I hope everyone comes out. You feel me? I hope Gator Nation comes to another game like they did last week against UAB. That was a game that I didn’t expect many people to come up to. We were playing UAB and things like that. No disrespect to their program there, they’re doing a great job. I feel like since it’s FSU and this is a rivalry week, I feel like we’ll have a packed stadium.

Q: What do you see from true freshman FSU tailback Cam Akers?

A: He’s a great back. He’s kind of different. I feel like he has the shiftiness of No. 21 from Missouri, but I feel like he has more of the size of, probably like a Dalvin (Cook)-type size, but a little bit smaller. He’s a great running back and I feel like he’s going to do big things, especially moving forward in his career. He’s probably the best player on the offense. He is their best player. I feel like if we can contain him, the night will go well for us.

Q: What kind of progress have you seen quarterback Feleipe Franks make?

A: I feel like just experience. Being able to play the game is always different from practice, especially at that position. Just getting a feel for it. We had a year that we had, so I feel like it’s only right that he has that experience and he knows how to take a loss. He’s humble, I feel like, and I feel like this offseason he’s going to work his tail off and be a great quarterback for the future.