Dooley Grades The Gators: F for finish

Florida Gators wide receiver Josh Hammond (10) grabs a pass during the Sunshine Showdown rivalry game against Florida State at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on Nov. 25, 2017. [Brad McClenny/Staff photographer]

Offense F for Feleipe

First half: Feleipe Franks reached a new low in that he was not only struggling to produce points, but was handing them to the Seminoles. The drive at the end of the half helped, but did not make up for three gift-wrapped FSU scores.

Second half: More of the same. Franks threw what should have been his second pick-six of the game, but FSU’s Matt Thomas made a play that should earn him the King of the Boneheads award.

For the game: It didn’t help that Florida could not run the ball, averaging 2.8 yards an attempt. But the Gators could have taken three knees on every possession and had a better chance of winning than they did running this offense.

Defense B for Betrayed

First half: You can’t really blame a defense that allowed only 109 yards in the half for the Gators’ big deficit. UF allowed only 39 rushing yards and came up with a turnover that led to a TD.

Second half: Again, Florida’s defense was not the problem but the Gators did struggle at times to get off the field.

For the game: You allow 216 yards in a game and you’d think you would have a chance to win. The Gators held FSU under 100 yards rushing and James Blackman was 10-of-21.

Special teams I for Irrelevant

First half: A blocked extra point, short punts and letting an FSU punt roll forever until it was downed at the seven. Well done again, guys.

Second half: Eddy Pineiro was much better kicking off in the second half and the Gators actually had a decent punt return. But, again, field the flipping punt.

For the game: Remember a place a long time ago where Florida was dominant on special teams and it allowed the Gators to get some easy scores because of short fields?

Overall F for Finale

It’s finished, over and done with. It was a terrible season in which Florida gave back The Swamp with three losses at home. Give credit to the young men who played hard right to the end, but this was another dreadful display.


  1. Before today, I had never seen a single college football player repeatedly beat his own team by his play in a game like Feliepe Franks did today. I feel sorry for the kid, however, as he is blessed with so much physical ability but without any of the innate mental processing skills required to play QB at this level. That is clearly evident right now, as that is the only thing that can possibly explain (other than the bad coaching he gets during each week) why he cannot get any better from week to week. He actually gets worse. Perplexing, and sad. Not sure any new coach can help him overcome what he lacks between the ears (not talking about intelligence) as a college QB. I just hope Matt Corral sticks with this class. God help the Gators football team and the new coach if he does not.

  2. It’s hard to understand why a qb from California would come here with no coach and the years of futility at the position since Meyer left. No chance as a parent I’d let that happen even being a UF Alum. He’d go to San Diego State long before UF.

      • No Sid, this is actually backwards. Kelly wants to be a little fish in a big pond. He’s totally under the radar in LA with USC right down the road, 2 NFL teams, and a multitude of celebrities. If Chip Kelly walks into a restaurant in LA, but some D-List celeb like Ashton Kutcher is there, who do you think is going to get the attention?

        Contrast that with Gainesville. The Gators head coach is largely the biggest star in town (or has been in the past). Its the one thing that truly galvanizes the area. The pressure at UF comparably to UCLA is night and day. Kelly can get away with 8-4 at UCLA consistently, he can’t at UF or in the SEC. Kelly wanted the easy road and the west coast. I don’t blame him for not taking the job. He made the choice that he was most comfortable with, going back to a conference he knows he can steamroll. Some guys just aren’t cut from the cloth that is required at a top tier SEC program (or should be top tier).

      • $4 million a year is not much now days. That is the average for SEC coaches. McElose made over $4 million. Why would UCLA expect to pay less than average SEC coach for Kelly. 9 SEC coaches made more than $3.8 mill this year. By the time next season starts Kelly won’t even be one of the top 20 paid NCAA football coaches. He didn’t take the UCLA job because they paid so well. I figured that UF had to offer Kelly at least $6 million a year but not sure UF is ready to step up with the likes of Stanford, Texas, Arizona, FSU, OSU, Michigan, Clemson or BAMA. We just might not be in that realm anymore. No way we get Frost for less than $5 million a year.

      • The problem lies with the UAA and its failure to invest dollars in football. Stricklin inherited it, but was given the plan to follow and he has done that. He has followed the mold of letting football die on the vine, thinking the fans are stupid lemmings that will keep paying into it.
        Scott Stricklin, we do not need quotes from Edgar Allen Poe or Twain. We need an athletic department that actually cares about the state of this disaster. The blame falls squarely on the UAA and now a snarky and arrogant athletic director.

      • Nope… Too small of a town in the fishbowl sense of the word, as in he doesn’t want to live in one, especially one that rests over an overheated, desperate fan base. There’s plenty of other teams (USC, Rams, Chargers, Dodgers, Lakers, Kings) that share the spotlight in LA. UCLA is not the only game in town out here.

        If he really let his ego dictate, the Gators might have had a better shot. You know, like Mighty Mouse, “Here I come to save the daaaaaaaaaay!”

    • Scott Stricklin: F for Firing a winner who exceeded expectations in each of his first two years and won the SEC Coach of Year Award. W for being a Weasel trying to get out of paying the buy out on a technicality. And yet, he was willing to trade UF’s soul (winning with integrity) for an offensive mind with a checkered past.

    • Lucky you, and I mean that. The Pacific Northwest is the most beautiful part of the country to me. It’s become a favorite destination when the wife and I want to Escape from LA.

      Are you on the coast or inland?

  3. Four things:

    1. Glad season is over and now we can enjoy a good basketball team
    2. Worst roughing the passer I’ve ever seen, Bryan crawling on his knees and grabbing QBs legs after getting held
    3. Why was it not first and goal from the 16 after the stupid play by the seminole db and the penalty
    4. Someone needs to tell Swain that you actually have to catch punts to return them.

  4. A dismal end to a dismal season.

    Ten years from now we will look back at this as the lost season. The team was lost, they lost numerous players. They lost their coach (who was really lost anyway which is why everything else got lost) and they lost more games than anyone can remember.

    Now we need to lose the memory of this season and start fresh next year with a new coach and a new attitude.

  5. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA real poor excuse for basic football knowledge by Franks AND can’t think he can or will ever grasp the position. It is so sad to see such poor mechanics by a player that the gators just had to have two years ago. Hope the new coach moves him to wide out. AND for god’s sake please get someone who know’s how to teach SPECIAL TEAMS..

  6. I wish Gators would lay off Franks – no development by coaching staff – I feel for the kid. Really don’t care who the next coach is but the way Florida has handled the last two it may be harder to sign a big name than you may think. I do hope the first thing the new coach does is dismiss the Debit Card 9 and make sure the only orange they wear in the future will be ACSO jump suits. I won’t cheer for thieves wearing the beloved orange and blue. It hurts to see the program in shambles but “in all kinds of weather….!

  7. This loss was the ultimate disgrace and a fitting end to the MacWreck waste of 3 years. Worst nole team I have ever seen and they blew us out of our own Swamp. MVP of the game for fsu was our own QB.


    • Anyone including Frost ( who is not coming ) will be hired to be fired. UF hires coaches, knows they will fail, wants them to win just enough for a bowl game every 5-6 years, and then fire them. By firing coaches they believe that will spark the stupid lemmings that are Scott Stricklin’s fanbase enough to buy more tickets to this mess. Boycott the games. Do not watch them on TV, and do not buy T shirts. Once that arrogant AD realizes the money is drying up, he will not read poetry or quote Edgar Allen Poe on twitter. The UAA will one day be purged and I hope it is soon, and realize football is just as important as badminton.

  8. TO: SCOTT STRICKLIN, There are five million Gator fans who don’t think,” WE ARE IN A GOOD PLACE”. we are not and you should resign ASAP. we don’t need you. Your actions on last Sunday are grounds for automatic firing in my book and you let the best coach get away. SO Sick that the president let it happen two.

  9. I m done with Gator FB. No interest any longer after 8 years of Muschamp and MacDuff
    I bought season seats since 1968 but never again. Stricklin let UCLA hire Kelly away. We re doomed. The people leading our sports program and university are fools. As far as I’m concerned UF FB is damaged beyond repair so I’m done as I say again

  10. Will someone please burn the ridiculous looking white helmets and orange jerseys? I don’t mind white helmets as a concept, but the different logos make us look like the guys in the equipment room were high when it came time to apply the stickers. As for the orange jerseys, Coach Pell brought them here so we could be like Clemson. I don’t want to be Clemson, I want to be the Florida program that reached unbelievable heights in blue jerseys. And as for the whole “the recruits love them,” well how’s that been working for us? It’s gimicky. Alabama has done just fine recruiting 5 stars with boring old uniforms. Let’s get back to basics, good recruits and coaches who know how to develop players. What a concept. We don’t need gimicky DJs and piped in music and clever hashtags (hard to take the #DBU thing seriously anymore) to pack the Swamp again. We need coaches and players who are worried less about their next gig and more about what they can do to put Florida back on top. It’s an easy recipe. We just need the right cook to put the ingredients together and stir the gumbo.

    • Respectfully, Matt they will not be. The UAA is doing cartwheels now that Kelly is not coming. Now they don’t have to keep lying about the new stand alone facility that is NEVER going to be built. Look it up. As soon as they lost Kelly, they rejoiced knowing that they will not have to build a stand alone. It matters not to the UAA that the head coach has to share an office in the janitors closet in the stadium. As soon as Kelly signed, the UAA went right to work putting a stop to the planners, contractors and architects. Scott Stricklin is arrogant and insulting and treats his fan base as stupid lemmings. Once he is gone, and the President recognizes we need a real UAA, then it will get better. Not now.

  11. Greatest obstacle for our new coach; constant ‘important to self’ negative comments by local ‘football expert journalists’ and a few ‘fans’ living in a fantasy world. Their ‘brillant’ comments would be graded too high with an F. Maybe we should inform the next coach, we will FIRE him in a year, after we assassinate his character and skills. I marvel that anyone, coach or player would want to come to this ‘uplifting atmosphere’ at Florida. Could we buyout and replace our local journalists?

  12. Long Term Gator, so your blamimg the fans? Is that what your doing? Blaming the fans, not Jim Mcelwain? Its the fans fault he can’t coach? The fans fault for having among the worst offenses in the Nation for 3 consecutive years. I bet you swore up and down what a great a coach Mac was, “won the east twice” and all that nonsese we heard over the summer… The man was terrible hire and he wrecked this football program and people like you stood around applauding and defending him while he did it…Now, that the thing has flown off the rails, your blaming everybody EXCEPT Jim Mcelwain. THIS IS 100% HIS FAULT and no one else’s!!!! Smart fans were right to voice concern about this coach because we could see where this thing was headed! Go Gators!!

  13. Paging Abe Lemons. Has anyone seen Abe Lemons? Where the hell is Abe Lemons? He starts out with a good kickoff return and is never seen again. These coaches are a mystery to me. Ditto for Tyrie Cleveland. One catch and he’s gone. Unbelievable.