Gators have Lemons emerging in backfield

Florida running back Adarius Lemons (32) celebrates a touchdown that was called back during the second half Saturday against UAB at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. [Alan Youngblood/Gainesville Sun]

Speedy true freshman running back Adarius Lemons had a breakout performance in the win over UAB, leading the Gators in rushing with 89 yards on 11 carries. He had two long runs, including a 62-yarder for a TD called back by holding penalties.

“We just wanted to give Adarius some carries late in the game and he capitalized on it,” UF coach Randy Shannon said. “He ran the ball very hard, very physical. We just wanted to give him a chance.”

UF’s other two running backs — Lamical Perine and Mark Thompson — also had productive games, combining to rush for 164 yards and a touchdown.

“Lamical did a great job in the game,” Shannon said. “Mark Thompson took another step. You guys can see how valuable he is to this football with what he’s done.”


  1. The UAB refs cost us two TD’s in this game, and their equalizer tactics by flagging phantom “holds”on those two Lemons runs, the long TD and the 24 yard third down conversion run, were absolute BS. Amazing how they can spot a UF “hold” but can’t spot UAB’s DB’s wrapping up and tackling our receivers before the ball even gets to them on five different occasions. UF should have had over 45 points in this game.

    That said, even though I have ZERO FAITH in Doug Nussmeier being able to coach even a Pee-Wee League football team, I will offer some offensive advice for Saturday’s game against Rape State…

    Go through the fsu tapes and take a good long look at how N.C. State beat fsu, and copy that game-plan for the most part. Use our better kickers to win field position, and our better group of RB’s to carry the offense, and use Franks in more play-action pass scenarios. Attack the damn perimeter with jet sweeps and reverses, stop being predictable on first and second downs, spread the field on short yardage and down run between the tackles at 8 or 9 men boxes, and use the TE’s more. Try to keep it a lower scoring game and hopefully let Pienero win it for us at the end.

    And most importantly Nussmeier, STICK TO THE GAME PLAN and don’t go off script or get distracted. Attack the edges all game, especially with Lemons, and make fsu chase us.

    This isn’t rocket science. This is an fsu team that also barely beat Duke, Syracuse, and should have lose to Wake Forest. They’re 4 – 6 like us and just as bad as we are. This isn’t some juggernaut fsu team visiting this weekend.

    On that note, it still troubles me that Shannon did not replace Nuss with someone else to run the offense, which tells me he isn’t serious about winning this game, because if we had the waterboy running the offense this weekend, I’d pick us to win this one.

  2. Todd. Ivey clearly held the UAB defensive end on Lemons first long run. That was the correct call. But the holding call on Cleveland on the second long run, as Cleveland reached out and shoved the DB and never locked onto him, was bogus. And you are correct about them not throwing flags on the UAB DBs. Those were clearly defensive interference plays that were not call. But beating UAB is done. Let’s hope the officiating in the FSU game is a lot better. If not, the game could get ugly. It might any way.

  3. I’m glad the coaches gave Lemons “a chance” late in the game. He’s strong and fast and can bust some moves and is fun to watch. Now, it could be even more fun if they would try calling the freshman’s number early and often to help improve the “chances” of the team against the ‘Noles defense who may prove tougher to run against.