Florida QB Franks progressing

Florida quarterback Feleipe Franks is making progress, coaches say. (AP Photo/Sean Rayford)

Back as the starter last week, Feleipe Franks took some positive steps forward with his performance against UAB, UF interim head coach Randy Shannon said.

The redshirt freshman completed 15 of 30 passes for 152 yards and two touchdowns. His receivers dropped four or five passes that were on target.

“He didn’t try to force any passes,” Shannon said. “He threw some passes and receivers dropped the football, but he didn’t get frustrated. He came back in, we ran the ball, threw the ball, made some plays, made some key third-down plays in the two-minute drill that we got a field goal out of, which was good.

“That’s what you build on. Don’t build on anything negative, just build on the positive and he did some good things for us to move the ball and keep us in the game where we needed to be at.”

Shannon said the inconsistent play of the receivers is hurting the offense.

“Not very happy with the receivers,” he said. “They dropped too many passes. We’ve got to capitalize on those situations, got to get better this week.”


  1. Gator-6, just my opinion but everything will be changed when and if they get a new coach. If Florida goes to the spread (and I hope they do) Franks will not be the QB. Corral is a drop back passer and he is/was committed to Florida but visited Ala last weekend. So, hopefully we keep some of the kids but who knows what will happen. It appears Kelly doesn’t want the job, Frost seems to want to stick it out at UCF (I live down here and he’s not motivated by money just yet an he an wife love Central Florida area). I know Frost was special last year and I graduated from UCF but as money goes, he was Florida’s to lose. Not gonna happen it appears. Well, who’s left?????????? Hope somebody good shows up at UF (love the Gators, always have).

  2. I am a Dan Mullen supporter, if we can get him to jump ship. He has done well at MSU, but cannot take that program to the SEC title. However, he can and will take the Gators to the SEC title (and then some), if he decides to take this opportunity. Risk always comes with opportunity – stay at MSU until you retire, or join the Gators and become our new HC. GO GATORS!!!

    • Tennessee or UCLA are more likely destinations for Mullen. But I doubt he leaves Starkville. I prefer Strong over Mullen because of his strong recruiting abilities. And he is a good coach, regardless of what happened at Texas.

    • I will concede the offense noticeably declined after Danny Boy left after the 2008 season. Will you concede that the absence of Percy was the (far) more likely cause of that decline than the absence of Mullen?


  3. jerryGator. Franks ran a spread offense in high school and is a good runner and deceptively fast. There is no reason why he cannot run Chip Kelly’s offense. And Corral runs a spread type offense at his high school in California, I believe, and is also very athletic and a good runner when he needs to run the ball. In the pocket, Corral is actually very Johnny Mansiel like in scrambling ability. Trask is also athletic and can run the ball. The only QB who may not fit well into Kelly’s offense is Allen. He is very much a stationary, pro style QB from what I saw when he played HS football. And, of course, Del Rio, who I expect not to return next year if Kelly is hired. He will likely graduate transfer out somewhere that he can start his senior year.

  4. Franks has not been good. At all. Period. However, the coaching has been beyond lousy and I do not put it all on him for one second. Mcelwain and Nussmeier did nothing for his development. Perhaps the new coach (Kelly) can find something there to work with. Either way, at least it seems he has kept his nose clean and has been professional in handling the media.

  5. Drops were balanced out by bad throws. He is taking baby steps. He continues to take sacks when he could easily throw it away. Definitely could use more reps and better coaching. As for next year we will see.

  6. Let’s see what happens when Franks gets some competent coaching and has a chance to run an offense that actually works. Tom Brady would look terrible trapped in the Nuss”mire”, sinking to his death in the bog of predictable, poorly designed plays and play calling. In fact, we really can’t judge any of these players until we see what they can do given competent coaches to teach them and lead them. I hope they are ready to work! Think about this– if we hire even a mediocre offensive co-ordinator, our offense will rank 50 places higher than it does now. That’s how terrible the coaching here has been. Mediocrity would be 50 places better!

  7. I honestly believe that Frank’s little leg injury before halftime actually helped him with his progressions. For the first time ALL season I actually saw Frank’s step up into a clean pocket while reading the field, opposed to just taking off and trying to run around defensive ends collapsing in on him. As he stepped into the pocket(s) (that have been there all season. 90%of the sacks are due to Frank’s NOT STEPPING UP IN THE POCKET) He actually went through his progressions, taking his eyes off of his primary receiver, and scanning the field for an open target IE the touchdown pass to Goolsby in the red zone.