Sunday Blog: Penultimate Week

Florida place kicker Eddy Pineiro (15) celebrates a 50-yard field goal against UAB with teammate Johnny Townsend, the punter and place-holder, during the first half Saturdayin Gainesville. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

The Sunday Blog comes at you on a rainy morning in Rainsville. How did the dogs get out? Probably went to get the paper off the driveway. Good Daisy. Good Archie.

  1. It’s pretty amazing how Eddy Pineiro’s season has been revitalized under Randy Shannon. Before Shannon took over as interim head coach, Pineiro had only tried seven field goals, missed a crucial extra point and had two kickoffs go out of bounds. In these last three games, the redshirt junior is 10-for-10 on field goals. That’s 15 straight field goals for him since the miss in Arlington, Texas. He played coy about whether he might go out after this season, but have you seen the misses at the next level? It was fun, Eddy.

2. There was some instant reaction to Baker Mayfield’s obscene gesture during the win over Kansas, as if it might cost him the Heisman Trophy. I’m sure there will be some who might drop him down a notch, but he’s still going to win it. Oklahoma’s sports information director must have a briefcase full of apologies ready to go. “Let’s see, planting flag in the middle of the field, getting arrested, ah, here it is, grabbing your crotch on TV.”

3. The AP ballot was pretty smooth this morning with few changes in the Top 15. I’m still confused about USF, because every time I watch the Bulls play I come away unimpressed but they do keep winning. I guess it will sort itself out Friday. It should be a great weekend of football and turkey and dressing. I already feel full.

4. So who gets the credit for the biggest in-season turnaround — Missouri or FAU? FAU was 1-3 and coming off a loss to Buffalo (not the Bills) before winning seven straight. How you feel about Lane Kiffin the person should be different from how you feel about Lane Kiffin the coach. Unless you are hiring, of course. Mizzou was up 35-0 at halftime on Vandy and has a chance to be the first SEC team to go from 0-4 to 4-4. The East will make you healthy. That game against Arkansas is the finale of the East vs. West games with the East no-showing again with a 2-11 record. Sad.


  1. Pineiro has been great. The only regret is that no coach has let him try a really long one. I mean 60+ yards. Would it not be cool if instead of punting from the opponent 48-yd line we trotted Eddy for a 65+ yard attempt? I mean, what do we have to lose? Here is to hoping he gets a shot against FSU.