Andreu’s Analysis: Let the fun begin


Florida athletic director Scott Stricklin wants to make Florida football fun again, and he plans to get things headed in that direction with whoever he hires to be the next coach (no, it’s not Chip Kelly, yet). I say, why wait. Let’s get this party started right now, for these final two games of the season.

Hey, the pressure is off now. The head coach is gone, most of the preseason goals have vanished and the Gators should be loose and relaxed as they finally make their return to their beloved Swamp after being away for a month.

Interim head coach Randy Shannon and the players said earlier this week that the attitude on this team has remained upbeat and everyone is fired up for these last two games. The goal is to be prepared and go out and have fun, enjoy these last two games.

The Gators clearly have not quit. That was obvious in the second half at South Carolina last Saturday, and it’s been obvious on the practice field and in the meeting rooms this week.

The players haven’t quit. But have their fans? We’re about to find out. If we see a half-empty Swamp on Saturday, we’ll know the fans have given up on this team and this season. That’s OK, it’s been a tough year for everybody and maybe it’s time to focus on the coaching search and the future.

But these remaining players, who are not to blame for all the suspensions and injuries, are really hoping the fans have their backs and are engaged these next two weeks and help them put a positive ending on this season. Several players mentioned it this week, that they’re counting on the fans showing up and creating that electric atmosphere that makes The Swamp so special.

That probably isn’t going to happen. But, hey, the Gators are going to start having some much-needed fun anyway.

Prediction: Florida 24, UAB 23



  1. I do not blame the players. All of the blame sits with McElwain and Nussmeir. I feel for the seniors who will be leaving on such a sour note. With that said, I see no reason to waste 3 hours of my time to watch an inept offense struggle to get yards and a defense worn out by the second half from spending the majority of the first half on the field.

  2. It would be great to have the next HC ready to commit and sign. Frost will probably wind up at NB, but I like him over Kelly. Kelly is a great offensive mind, but would he or could he be the leader and ambassador as well as a great coach? Hope the answer as to who will happen very soon.

    • Kelly would get no wiggle room, first sign of failure or problems and the fans would run him out of town, the fan base will be all over the AD if he hires him; if it’s Kelly, say goodbye to Franks, he could never run a Chip Kelly spread offense. Kelly, or any coach, will require 3-4 years to build back a decent program, TN and Arkansas gave their current coaches 5 years, UF ran McElwain out of town before completing his 3rd year, hmmm.

      • LOL, you literally didn’t get a single thing right in your analysis. The great majority of the fan base would love Chip Kelly, a proven winner, and Franks’ athleticism would be a perfect fit for Kelly’s offense. Saban, Meyer, Frost, etc. etc. etc. have all turned programs around in two years, and Kelly, as OC at Oregon, turned their program around in two years. They were ranked once in 5 years before he got there, and 23 and 10 in his two years as OC. As HC, they were 10, 3, 4 and 2 in his four years. Finally, Mac ran himself out of town by throwing players, fans and the administration under the bus. Maybe you should follow him wherever he goes!

      • Kevin Patrick. What Franks cannot run is a pro style offense, based on his performance this year. I think Franks would have a ton of potential running Kelly’s offense. Franks is athletic and can run the ball well. He just needs a coach to help him develop the innate QB skills he currently lacks. Kelly has proven that he can do that with QBs less skilled than Franks was coming out of high school.

        • Gillmore what Frank’s need is to transfer to the mac conference or USA. We had a qb controversy a few years ago, Driskel and Brissett, Driskel was deemed the guy like it or not we win or loose with him which is now Frank’s as it appears. Looking back at that I recall a few players saying Brissett was better, and from what I’ve seen from both it was true. My point Frank’s deserve a shot to win the job, but let’s not deem him the guy because it’s been forced up on you, I have seen him make some throws but nothing to say it’s Frank’s or we loose, after the spring game seeing the qbs minus Del Rio, I felt like they should have rallied around Toney build the team around him. Colleagues fans of other teams said we should keep Frank’s starter when we play, they thought he was a joke. Mac should take him and miss.

          • His last name is F-r-a-n-k-s, not the possessive form of the name Frank, you dunderhead.

            Jeebus, please tell me you are not an alumnus.

          • The kid has all the mechanics and a helluva arm. What he’s apparently lacking yet is potato. Needs developed, simple. AKA, give him a shot c proper coaching and he just might turn out fine.

      • Pulleaze – Mac was a failure and it was obvious this year would be a disaster after the spring game. Really – – the first team barely beat the second team. No hmmms for Mac’s early departure. If Kelly or Frost or anybody else is the new coach and we rank 100-125 in offensive categories for his first two years – then we will know he was a mistake also. If he turns the offense around – the fans will give him time.

      • Your crazy. The talent to win is there. A good coach can win with bad players , and a bad coach can ruin good talent. Florida football has champianship talent. All we need is a good coach. Frost would be best choice he is on fire. Young and eager to win. We w
        ill be solid for at least 10 years.

  3. Here’s a way to make it fun: take a shot anytime one of the following occurs : 1) Nusssmeir calls a hitch pass )2 Nussmeier calls a wr/te screen 3) the Gatos go three and out

    If all three happen on the same series, you do four shots.

    Also, have an ambulance on speed dial!

    • You could have a drawing and pull a random poster off the message board and let him sit in the booth and call plays for the Criminole game. Whoever it is would do a better job than the guy currently in that position.

  4. If the Gators get a decent lead at some point against UAB, and I’d like to hope they will, it would be fun to see what would happen if they let Lemmons get into a rhythm running the ball. He’s a powerful tb and could wear down defenders, and more game experience would help him prepare for the future. It would be fun to see more of what Toney could do at qb. It simply would be fun to see the younger guys showcasing their skills. I’m looking forward to watching the stars of the future.

  5. Perhaps the offense would be better off allowing Franks to audible some. As far as what scheme Franks would work best in, I think we have to start by re-evaluating all the players and recruit talent first. If you are a quarterback that can’t find the open receiver or a receiver that can’t get open, you won’t be successful in any scheme. Certainly the new coach will have to call plays that the current players are suited for, but unfortunately I don’t see many of them well suited to play at this level to begin with. Too many years of 3 star recruits that were never developed. Nevertheless, I will be screaming and cheering in the stands like usual. The players should be fired up. Playing at home on a fall day with a good chance of winning followed by a chance to beat your rival next week at home, Go Gators!