Strong Shannon supporter

Randy Shannon
Florida running back Mark Thompson runs through a drill during practice. [Doug Engle/The Gainesville Sun]

Senior running back Mark Thompson said he’d like to see Scott Stricklin’s coaching search head straight down the hallway to the office of interim head coach Randy Shannon.

“He’s a great coach,” Thompson said. “I really wish they would just stop looking and just give him the head coaching job. He knows what he’s doing. He was put in a tough spot.

“At the end of the season, for people to not be  supporting him and not giving him the support that he needs and think that he’s doing a bad job, that’s not it.”

Thompson compares Shannon’s situation to that of Obama when he took over the White House.

“This is going out on a limb — a long one — but I want to say, just as an analogy, like how (George) Bush was in office and then Obama got elected, a lot of things that he did wrong, they tried to put on Obama,” Thompson said. “I think that’s the same kind of situation that’s going on. That’s my personal opinion.

“He’s a great coach. He knows what he’s doing for sure. He has us a lot more loose around this building and in practice. I really like him as a coach and as a man. Hopefully his future is good with whatever he’s going to do.”


  1. I think coach Shannon would be great for the Gator’s with a couple of position coach changes. He needs a creative Offensive Coordinator, Tight End/Special Team coach, Strength/Condition coach and a Linebacker’s coach. With the support that the University of Florida will provide, Coach Shannon can turn this program into a power house. If you closely look into his time at Miami, he did not have the greatest of support. Turns out one of the major booster was convicted of crimes, the same one Coach Shannon warned his Coach’s and players to stay away from.

  2. I think Coach Shannon would do a great job with the support of the University Florida but with a couple of coaching changes. He needs a creative Offensive Coordinator, Tight End/Special Team coach, Strength/Condition coach and a Linebackers coach. If you look deeply into his head coaching time at Miami, he did not have the strong support he needed. He spent time warning his coaches and players to stay away from a booster who was later convicted of crimes. There were also reports of kids not getting all there meals. With the support Shannon will get at the University Florida, this team will become a power house with the remaining coaches/recruiters not being replaces.

  3. There you go. Piling in on a kid again. What do you expect him to say? Blame this on the adults. By the way, when you are interested, big changes are on the way. Glass may be half full, if you choose to look at things from that perspective.

    • Thanks, Troll. Every time you look for me and say something stupid, it just reaffirms the validity of my comments. I look at the glass as being refillable, neither half full nor half empty. But if you want to fill it with good stuff, you have to recognize and dump out the bad first. By the way, the correct football term is “piling on” not “in”. If you knew anything about the game, you would know this. Keep ’em coming, you make my day! (Although the wreck on the interstate analogy is getting a little stale…)

        • “Dam” the players? Nice..

          The remaining kids, fr the most part, have stayed out of trouble and are just trying to play some football.

          The adults in the room (Foley, BBQ Sauce Guy) have created this mess. Not the remaining players.

          By the way, if you haven’t heard, those two are gone and the remaining coaches have two games left prior to their departure. things may just be looking up if you two aren’t careful.

  4. He’ll change his mind when our line can cut open holes for big gainers for him. The next guy is gonna be the exact opposite of the crap coaching we’ve suffered thru for 10 years. And unfortunately that includes Shannon, if not much more than by association with the garbage staff of McElStain.

  5. we had a great defense until this year, the 1st year of Shannon as Defensive coordinator! His defense sucks, no we dont need him as HC. He sucked as HC at miami, we need a proven winner of which he is NOT! and we dont need some lame politics from this kid!

  6. I’m glad this is Mark Thompson’s final year as a Gator. We don’t need players or coaches that are OK with losing and being just average (or below). Thompson has never lived up to expectations, and this is not the first time he’s made ignorant comments. The game at Mizzou told me everything I need to know about Randy Shannon’s coaching abilities.

  7. Except that Obama was a serial liar, and he did DOUBLE the amount of the stupid policies Bush did, and did not fix anything. Printing money is not fixing an economy. Our poor children.

    Our poor kids. They all have been watching 2 generations of lying politicians in both parties exhibit fake debate as “normal political debate.”

    And, once a person “believes” something which puts money in their pocket is ok, it’s almost impossible to convince them it is unhealthy.

    Shame on the University of Florida, my alma mater, for not teaching our kids how to discern truth.

    • Exactly. Face the facts folks: Chip Kelly will be the new coach. Half of our remaining players are too soft and have been PB&J coddled by BBQ Coach and will not like Kelly’s approach and will be out of here.

  8. Well, I believe in miracles that sky is blue and sun is of a bright Orange in morning sky! So with that in mind let big money boys put there big boy pants on found our Gator nation a Coach which we all hope has offensive mind set, can handle the Big Boys Schools of SEC! If not we’re back her again saying the same old song and dance! What would work is a Coach that take some cracked eggs and make a great omelette Frost, Novell,Gundy wide open scoring teams!!!!!!!!