SwampCast from Columbia, S.C.


Gainesville Sun sports writers Robbie Andreu and Pat Dooley break down Florida’s 28-20 loss at South Carolina.


Swampcast Sc-fla

Posted by Gatorsports on Saturday, November 11, 2017


  1. It doesn’t make much sense to worry or debate it now, as there is nothing left to play for.
    A new coach will have to rebuild even if the knucklehead nine come back, maybe eight without Calloway who doesn’t deserve it. Smith and Telfort are two more that probably have too much to overcome with their nonsense.
    A new coach will need time and massive recruiting to fill up the roster and it can be done if the fans allow the process to take place.

  2. “A new coach.” Lets all wait and see who in their right mind would want this train wreck of a job. It would guess the short list is about 5, and would also guess Stricklin has kicked the tires on all 5 and got a big fat NO from all. I am sure we can out recruit Alabama, Georgia, USF, UCF, FSU, Miami, etc. Who would not want to play for UF where there is a 95% chance of a season ending injury by mid year. Most programs, including the aforementioned, actually have a strength and conditioning program, and a strength coach. They even have a weight room. I am sure a 5 star athlete will really want to come here where they will get zer0 work in the weight room. Mac screamed about the absence of any facility in that area and it cost him his job.
    What a sad pitiful program UF has become.