Five questions with … UF junior defensive tackle Taven Bryan

Florida defensive lineman Taven Bryan celebrates after making a big tackle against Texas A&M during the second half of the Oct. 14 game at Florida Field. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

Q: What are your thoughts about David Reese’s comments calling out the players for not playing for one another?

A: I didn’t hear him specifically. I think it’s good that someone’s stepping up, filling the leadership role with many of our main leaders down. Don’t have Jordan Sherit anymore, one of our bigger leaders. Nick Washington, people like that who are injured. It’s really good for someone to fill in and step up to be a leader.

Q: What do you think was missing on defense in the loss to Missouri last Saturday?

A: I just don’t think people were as committed as they needed to be. I feel experiences we’ve been through, we’ve hit a couple of bumps in the road and I think they’re ready to straighten it out a little bit.

Q: Can you recover from that in a timely manner, timely enough to get it together here down the stretch?

A: I think we can definitely recover from it. With this team, there’s so much potential that you guys don’t get to see that I’m around all the time. They just haven’t had the opportunities to really shine, to show how good they really are.

Q: Does it frustrate those guys that are talented but aren’t getting enough playing time?

A: I’m sure there’s some of that. I think some of the people don’t realize how good they are. We’ve got a lot of young guys. They’re really new to it. The coaches say they’re not really young anymore, they haven’t really stepped up quite yet. I think they’re finally ready to show you guys what they’ve got.

Q: Encouraging to have Reese and Dre Massey being vocal?

A: Yeah, it’s good. That’s really good. We really need some leaders that are really going to lead the way.