SwampCast – South Carolina preview




  1. It is hard to watch the Gators now as it was during Champs last year, maybe the last two years. A one dimensional team.
    Mac was a Saban disciple but couldn’t recruit or develop players like Saban can. The pro style doesn’t fit the Gators without a dynamic QB which isn’t there. The spread doesn’t need an Heisman QB, but one who can read and occasionally throw and maybe some runs also. Justin Fields would be dynamic for sure.
    The state has all the talent and speed that craves a spread option offense. Frost and Kelly know how to run it, but Strong might be a question mark and is not a spread believer but is a great recruiter.
    It’s who wants it that would be the right given that one dimensional doesn’t cut it but all three phases.

  2. Great podcast as usual guys. I always look forward to these – nice to have two intelligent, well-grounded sports writers speaking the truth about where the Gators actually are. This year especially since it seems we are stuck in an episode of the Twilight Zone.

  3. The Focus of Fault should not be on the players. They are who they are in the sense of their level of talent and degree of development. What our program has lacked for many years now is true Football leadership. Foley did not understand the most important sport in the 21 sports he tried to manage. UF’s sport administration has really been self destructive. We need a true leader for our Football team. The AD needs to study up on what UCLA’s John Wooten wrote about leadership in sports and try to find a fit with. SOS is a student of this very topic and should be thoroughly consulted on this component of the vetting, recruitment and hiring.

  4. When Georgia tried an on side kick last week against South Carolina and failed, Smart was asked about it after the game, his answer, “I don’t want to be the hunted, I want to hunt!”. I am hopping that Shannon comes into tomorrow’s game with the same mind set. Kicking field goals when you need touchdowns is not going to get it done. About recruiting, all we have to remember is that everybody loves a winner, it is going to be some time before we can match the likes of Alabama, Georgia in recruiting, I don’t care who our next coach is. It will require a lot of patience in our part, but we need to give whoever we hire a chance to right the ship.

  5. ”Whatever you hear, it’s probably wrong…” ~Pat Dooley.
    Then please do enlighten us all, Pat! Thank God, you are NOT the man behind the curtain! And thank God even more that you have Robbie come on for some ”sincerity and humility” in these youtube/Swampcasts.
    Only a few people can get away with being ”condescending towards us (Gator fans)”, and you aren’t one of them, Pat!