Dooley Noted: Looking back on better times with Gator great Chris Doering


Pat previews the Florida-South Carolina game and interivews SEC Network analyst Chris Doering.


  1. That was cool. You ever noticed the resemblance between Chris Doering and Cris Collinsworth? I’m just saying..same clutch receiving skill set, both TV football media announcers, 15 year time machine, few have ever seen Doering and Collinsworth in the same place at the same time…

  2. Losses become part of Gator history. I care. Let’s do our best to win. Coach Shannon! If players aren’t giving 100% get after them. If Coaches aren’t giving 100% get after them. This your team and your time. Make a difference. You can do it. Good luck! Go Gators!

  3. Always enjoy Chris talking about his playing days and what’s going on with the Gators now.
    A coach is needed to unify but also to be effective in building a balanced team. Offense, Defense, and Special Teams should be addressed during recruiting and also the right coaches to develop the players.
    I’ve wondered why a HC who is either a good D guy or O guy couldn’t design a system that would be the hardest O to defend against and the hardest D to move against. Seems logical, but we have gotten stuck with two coaches who don’t complete the overall scheme, either good at one but not so good with the others.