Dooley Noted: Florida is looking at a deep pool of football coaches


Pat discusses the upcoming Missouri game, the UF coach search and other NCAA games, and interviews ESPN’s Edward Aschoff.


  1. If Harsin and Taggart are just coaches we’ve “looked at”, that’s one thing, hire either of them and we may possibly have another McElwain on our hands.

    SCOTT FROST is the most capable coach available, then Mike Gundy behind him.

    That’s where this coaching search should be.

  2. Dooley, when the next HBC is hired are you going to warn him about all the idiot fans here? You and Robbie spent the first half of the season insulting the fans, only to spin on a dime and announce that “yeah, Mac was digging his own grave all along.” Bianchi has the (almost) admitted short memory that allows him to contradict himself week to week and swear he was right all along. Are you really so cynical to fit this mold? I enjoy a lot of your writing, but you have been a shill for Mac and scold to Gator fans this year. Can you not play it a little straighter as a professional?

    • I hope you’re not using the term “idiot” to describe the die hard, faithful Florida fans who want this program to be successful and back to being dominant in college football.. UF is irrelevant in football and has been since Urban Meyer left. It’s high time for a PROVEN HBC hire.

  3. Job interview scheduled for UAB Head Coach Bill Clark who is a tremendous talent on Nov 18, when his red hot blazers will be hosted by the Florida Gators. Clark was legendary as the head coach of Prattville High in Alabama winning multiple state titles in the state’s largest classification while accumulating a 106-11 record. Clark left Prattville to become the defensive coordinator for South Alabama before being nabbed to be the head man at Jacksonville State where he won 11 games in his only season there before being chosen by UAB to try and revive their program – Clark went 6-6 in year one, and then due to deep divisions within the school’s administration, UAB suspended their football operations for two years – during which time Clark and many faithful fans an alumni fought a vigorous fight to have the program reinstated. Clark and company ultimately prevailed and hence UAB is back playing this season after a 2 year hiatus, UAB is 5-3 this season and has improved dramatically over the course of the season and routed Southern Miss last weekend – Hopefully, Scott Stricklin has a pen ready on Sat, Nov 18 ….

  4. None of the coaches that have been mentioned by Dooley qualify to clean bathrooms at UF. McElwain didn’t qualify to sweep the roads. Need high quality, DYNAMIC, head coaching. Start with offering James Franklin at Penn State. If he says no, then step up into the world of the NFL, and bring high powered coordinators (Josh McDaniels, Edgar Bennett, ect…) or see if Dan Quinn is interested in moving 5 hours south. Enough of bush league worthless coaches at UF. Also, build the Football facility within the next year, and start paying attention to football rather than the “all sports are important” philosophy. 80,000 people are not watching basketball, tennis, swimming and diving, or even gymnastics.

    • Thank you Tommy for saying this — UF is a blue blood football program — do not hire another mid level/up and coming college coach PLEASE!!!
      I can’t believe our Gainesville Sun writers keep plugging guys from mid majors when there is no history of any mid major coach succeeding at UF in foootball.
      Write the check for Kelly and be done with it. He can beat Saban, Jimbo, Smart and whoever TN gets. The American Conf is not the SEC.
      You’d never see any other blue blood fball program with a list of 10-15 mid major unproven coaches — unreal

  5. I don’t watch videos, but the pool is not that deep. Many options are not coming here, and money is not something that can make a difference. Many have a buyout that is too high, are happy where they are, and have other restrictions.

  6. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with Gator fans wanting this program to be relevant again. Stop with all the talk about nobody will want to come here due to the fan base. We have had no football program since Urban Meyer’s days as HBC. I agree that UF needs to break out the checkbook and add as many zeros to the check as possible to get a PROVEN coach not a coordinator or up and coming coach. Colleges have to change the environment in which a coach can come to a school and get it on the right track only to leave 3-4 years after they get there. Kids commit to a school to play for a program with a winning record and a great coach. There is NO loyalty among coaches now.. its all about the money! Until this philosophy changes we will never be where we want to be YEAR IN AND YEAR OUT!

  7. I’ve been reading some of you guys comments and I can tell you don’t understand what it means to play in the SEC and How we build SEC Teams to become champion’s. Well let me school you on how it’s done (strength , size , speed ) and that’s what we’ve all ways represented.But some how Nick Saban is getting all the credit for doing just that because these new school coaches can’t seem too get done in recruiting.because Saban is out Recruiting them all in SEC region on both side of the ball (offense & defense) And you act Saban is the first to ever do it. Because his name is the biggest in the whole program And now you have Acc teams looking SEC teams because of their coaches. Clemson & Miami & Florida St. Are top team because they have coaches who are from the SEC product and That’s we need to bring back to our program (The Swag) So Will Muschamp was one Hell of coach because the Man no how to build defense but only needed to get that offense together but I’ve seen the coaches list. And the only coach on that list we need in this era is Charlie Stronge who should have been offered the job when Urban Meyer step down because his spread offense was no longer a success and also Nick Saban had arrived in the SEC West So he ran like a coward. But anyway now don’t forget Charlie Stronge departed for Louisville and build a SEC team and came back only to kick our behind in the SugarBowl but We understand what happen in Texas with Charlie / they never wanted him there away So we get it. And now look at what’s going on in Tampa at South Flordia They are getting it done but I’m not surprised because need I say more an who’s the coach again none other than the one only Charlie Stronge. So somebody please bring this Man home where he belong because He’s a recruiting machine in the state of Florida and among other state region and For us who understand the game in the SEC. Defense wins games and with Charlie back in Gainsville offense want be a problem for him…..bring back Charlie Stronge as Head Coach

  8. Yeah I thought about Les as well but He’s not a good fit for Gator Nation because Marc Rick an Jimbo Fisher will blow him away when it comes to recruiting and Now that Charlie Stronge is back in Florida all that’s about to change. So sit back an watch USF program arrive in Florida because Charlie is about bust all their recruiting up but listen to what I’m saying because Charlie Stronge has the talent already to Beat down either one of those teams and If you think I’m lying you better tune in to USF games and watch what I’m talking about because Charlie has so much history with our program and He not only deserve to be offer the job – He’s earn the right to be offer job because What he is about to do in recruiting when he enter the Homes of these Family is pull out his resume for them Kids and show how many Kids are already in the NFL because He has a lot of them in the NFL and don’t even talk about the type of education / degree you have a chance to earn for free at UF and last but not least – He’s going to drop them National Champion Rings on the table. (Case Close) but As long as Charlie stay in Tampa at USF it’s about to go down every Saturday. But call up some of our past player’s and ask them how they fill about Coach Stronge because if you don’t you will regret it. And it will be another three four years waste of time an money for our program. So bring Coach Charlie Strong home (Please) it’s time to achieve greatness once again in Gainesville.