Shannon-led Gators to stay on point in recruiting


Florida interim football coach Randy Shannon started reaching out to some of UF’s commitments for the 2018 recruiting class Monday night.

“I’ll talk to about maybe 11 recruits that are tagged (to sign in December),” Shannon said. “About 11 or 12 that were tagged and just communicate with them that the reason why you come to the University of Florida is because it’s Florida.

“A lot of times (recruits) get involved in who is the coach, but it’s the school, it’s the academic presence that Florida brings, it’s the family atmosphere that Florida brings. Those are high quality things that I think that every parent and every student-athlete want. They want to have a family, they want to have great academics and they want to be able to compete at a high level and have people that care about them and that’s what the University of Florida is about.”


2018 UF verbal commitments, with Rivals star rankings
Richard Gouraige OL Tampa 6-foot-5 250  4* 5.9 10/20/17
Dameon Pierce RB Bainbridge, GA 5-11 210 4* 5.8 8/6/17
Jacob Copeland WR Pensacola 6-1 188 4* 5.9 8/2/17
David Reese LB Vero Beach 6-2 210 4* 5.9 7/29/17
Tyquan Thornton WR Miami 6-3 160  3* 5.7 7/24/17
Ja’Marr Chase WR Metairie 6-2 185  4* 6 7/23/17
Randy Russell DB Miami Gardens 5-11 175  3* 5.6 7/22/17
Matt Corral QB Long Beach, CA 6-2 185  4* 6 7/22/17
Dante Lang TE Boca Raton 6-5 230  3* 5.7 7/21/17
Kyle Pitts TE Warminster, PA 6-4 224  4* 5.8 7/20/17
Curtis Dunlap OL Bradenton 6-5 362  4* 5.8 7/18/17
Deontai Williams DB Ellisville , MS  6-0 175  3* 5.7 6/12/17
Taylor Upshaw DE Bradenton 6-5 240  3* 5.7 6/10/17
Amari Burney ATH Clearwater 6-1 201  4* 5.8 6/1/17
Iverson Clement RB Mount Holly, NJ 5-11 190  4* 5.8 4/13/17
Corey Gammage WR Delray Beach 6-2 188  3* 5.6 4/8/17
Divaad Wilson DB Miami 6-0 183  4* 5.8 2/3/17
Jalynn Williams WR St. Petersburg 5-11 183  3* 5.7 1/13/17


  1. David Reese is an excellent LB in this class. If all are on the team after the suspensions, we’ll have 9 with Reese. Not sure if Christian Garcia is a SR or not. If he’s back that’ll be 10. Numbers are good at LB imo if all are back from suspensions. Probably need one more in this class. Hope we can get a W at Mizzou.
    Go Gators!

    • that’s one LB in the class. The suspended players should never play another down at UF and if you watched the Georgia game we need LBs real baaaad. 42 Plays-42 points

      This is what 3 years of Randy Shannon recruiting 2 & 3 star LBs gets you.

  2. Now that the Mac attack is gone [ thank goodness] I’m positive the recruiting will get better. We will have to give the new coach a little time to recruit better. That’s whats wrong with Gator fan base we want it right now, me too. We got a good class coming in. Let’s go from there. About Mac, I’ve been thinking and I’m not so sure he didn’t play to win, he played to lose. The night Davis ran for a touchdown he got mad because he scored. Was in great shape to win the LSU and A&M games and should have. And against Georgia well we all saw that. Just thinking……

  3. I am rapidly becoming a Coach Shannon fan. He is a breath of fresh air. It’s not just the fact that he speaks in complete comprehensible sentences. He is candid, direct, upbeat, and motivational. If the team feeds off of his vibes, we may be in for some very interesting games for the rest of the season. Anybody else feeling this? Or am I just desperate for some real leadership to get the Gator Nation pumped-up?

  4. No matter the situation. I’ll never whine about what’s happening in the football world, but very happy that I’m a Gator. Life is about growth and transformation. You cannot always win, and you tend to lose more frequently. It’s just a game, so quit being a whiner. Take care of people first.

  5. Shannon is a good guy but his one stint as head coach at his alma matter, Miami, didn’t go well and he was right in the middle of some of the best recruits in the country. I think he is a good intern coach but Florida is a very different program than Miami. A lot of booster money, 90,000 fans, large group of alumni, SEC schedule and pressure to keep up, etc. I am also concerned that he is the recruiting coordinator and defensive coordinator and coached linebackers, yet has not been able to bring in really good linebackers. We have some numbers but nobody proven and several are walk-ons or special teams players. Nevertheless, he is refreshing to say the least.