Final: No. 3 Georgia 42, Florida 7

Georgia running back Sony Michel runs past the Florida defense, including defensive back Chauncey Gardner Jr. (23), and cornerback Marco Wilson (3) for a touchdown run in the first quarter Saturday in Jacksonville, Fla. [AP Photo/John Raoux]

JACKSONVILLE —No. 3 Georgia took a step closer to the SEC East division title with a 42-7 win over Florida on Saturday. The win ended a three-game losing streak to the Gators.

The Bulldogs improved to 8-0 overall and 5-0 in the SEC, while UF falls to 3-4 and 3-3 after its third consecutive defeat.

First quarter

Running back Nick Chubb scored from six yards out in the first quarter to give Georgia a 7-0 lead over Florida.

The scoring play was set up by a 39-yard screen pass from Jake Fromm to running back D’Andre Swift.

Following a Feleipe Franks interception, Georgia went up 14-0 on a 17-yard pass from Fromm to Javon Wims at the 9:12 mark of the first quarter.

Sony Michel went on a 74-yard scoring run up the gut of the UF defense for a 21-0 Georgia lead with 7:32 left in the first quarter.

UF running back Malik Davis is back in the locker room with an undisclosed injury. Davis was spotted later on the sideline in street clothes with a brace on his left knee.


Florida     0    0  0   0-x

Georgia  21   0  0   0-x


Second quarter

The Gators’ best drive stalled at the Georgia 4 when they came up empty on a fourth-and-two pass play with 6:38 left in the half. It was an 82-yard drive on 15 plays. It was the first time the Gators have been in the red zone and haven’t converted this season.


Florida     0   0  0   0-x

Georgia  21  0  0   0-x


Third quarter

The Gators come up empty again on a fourth-down play deep in Georgia territory, wasting an interception by Duke Dawson.

Michel broke off a 45-yard scoring run to put Georgia up 28-0 with 6:43 left in the quarter. Michel has 137 yards and two scores on six carries.

Franks was sacked and fumbled. The loose ball was picked up by Georgia defensive back J.R. Reed, who scored from the three with 5:21 left in third quarter.

No UF wide receiver has a reception greater than 10 yards. Franks has completed 7-of-17 passes for 30 yards.

UF’s McArthur Burnett was ejected for targeting during a punt return.

Florida     0   0  0     0-x

Georgia  21  0  14   0-x


Fourth quarter

Tailback Elijah Holyfield busted a 39-yard TD run with 11:22 left to make it 42-0 Georgia.

The last time UF was blanked in this rivalry was 44-0 in 1982. Herschel Walker also had himself a day then.

Notre Dame graduate transfer Malik Zaire came in as quarterback for the Gators.

Mark Thompson scored on a one-yard run with 2:42 left to help the Gators avoid a shutout. Florida was last shut out Oct. 29, 1988 when Auburn won 16-0. UF’s streak of 368 straight games scoring is the longest in FBS history.

Florida     0   0  0     7–42

Georgia  21  0  14   7–7



    • No Mr Ed… got it all wrong. Tomorrow’s Headline:

      Cries of “Fire Kirby Smart” Go Up in Athens….
      Gators Rebound From Last Week’s Narrow Loss to Bye Week….
      GEORGIA 42 – FLORIDA 7

  1. I was of the opinion that getting rid of Nussmeier and giving Mac another year to get it together was the right way to go; I was wrong. He has totally lost the team and insulted the Gator Nation by claiming we would make death threats. I expected that the team would show up fired up and ready to fight their arses off. They don’t even look interested. Arm tackles, more FREAKING bubble screens, and dropped passes. It ain’t the QB. It’s the coaches. If negotiations for a by-out Haven’t started- they need to. I’m done. I’m a loyal Gator, but several season of Zook, several of Musschamp, and now this- I’ve seen enough. It’s time for some Gator ball. Charlie’s in Tampa.

  2. Never saw Florida look so bad. I did not expect us to win this game, but expected us to at least be competitive in the game. First quarter is only half over and we are already out of it. Offense looks horrible with no adjustments whatsoever ever. If Mac continues to supports ‘Nuss then he needs to be fired…at the completion of this game and not one second later!

  3. I hope it is clear to the administration that Coach Mac and Cheese does not have a clue. He needs to be fired now. Georgia and Florida are two programs going in the opposite directions, and we are the ones going the wrong way. The only way to fix our program is to fire Coach Mac and Cheese and hire a “real coach”. Please do it now before all is lost. If losing 3 in a row is not enough to tell you that he does not have it and never will then you are blind.

  4. The basic fundamentals of winning football are completely out of reach for this Florida team, and the coaches of it. How many damn times can one offensive line move before the snap or completely whiff on blocking assignments? And Franks is as clueless as any Florida QB I have ever seen. The running backs are playing well. That is about it.

    • Why does he keep Franks in there? We have absolutely nothing to lose in trying something different…anything different. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the reason that Mac and Nuss need to be fired…today!

      • The announcer just summed up our offense.. 7 false start penalties, but our longest pass was only 8 yards. Our offense aBsolutely SUCKS! And while the game goes on Mac stands on the sidelines without doing any real coaching to the players. Find us a real coach! Kirby is talking to players after almost every play while Mac talks into his headset. I’ve got $500 we can use for his buyout. Whose in?#FireMcElwainNow

  5. Mush amp cost Florida our winning season and bowl game streak. McElwain is now going to cost us the consecutive scoring streak. He is a total incompetent. They say all he needs is to find a QB. He found Franks and Franks is clueless. McElwain needs to be a man, admit he is not a competent head coach, and resign.

  6. The fire just got turned up very high under the frying pan that McElwain voluntarily jumped into this week. This team is unbelievably poorly coached on offense and cannot tackle on defense. It does not lack overall talent. It is just badly coached talent. But Franks is not the answer now or in the future at QB. He simply cannot check down to open receivers and there are plenty of them even today. I am tired of watching this damn crap every single week without any improvement. They are actually getting worse on offense. Time or a coaching change. And Nussmeier should be fired Monday at the latest. The current recruiting class is going to go to crap as well. But change is badly needed yet AGAIN. McElwain is just way over his head as a head coach in the SEC. Period.

    • Mac will be fired after the game. They won’t even wait till morning. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, then the mid week presser…thought players would have a chip on their shoulder and play like hairs on fire. 21 zip in 46 seconds, or at least it felt like that. Think most of them quit after that.

  7. Never mind!
    I haven’t read anything yet here so if the is “Man lands on moon”, sorry.
    Everytime Franks comes back in, Prez moves up firing time. Originally said Sunday morning. Now I say tonight. Will be on ESPN 11:00.

    • Narc – Honestly glad you did not jump, man Things were messy enough for our Gators as it was, and you probably would’ve been flagged for false start! I really do applaud your previous positive attitude, but I guarantee you that the agents and lawyers are all very busy behind the scenes, and it all boils down to money now, not football, not the players, not the fans, and no amount of optimism can change the reality of where the program has gone. Sad, really. The most heart-breaking scene for me was the players (led by Franks) laughing it up in the huddle while the officials sorted out the targeting call in the 4th quarter. It must have been “cool” and “fun” for them to yuck it up while the Dawgs were still being coached-up on the sidelines. In the final analysis, and with all sincerity, it is only football, not life and death, but it is supposed to be fun and a source of some loyalty and pride, but these coaches and this program has lost a lot more than the football games. Go easy on the Crown, and make sure you designate a driver! We’ll need you when the next coaching staff gets hired!

      • Troop, it just looked to me like at 21-0 they quit. Did not see them laughing. I wasn’t laughing. How you could remotely find anything, ANYTHING, humorous about what transpired out there. When Mac didn’t trot out the Domer to start the second half, I couldn’t believe it. Am I the only one that has lost all confidence in Franks and thought it was a given to go with Zaire. I don’t know but I say the death threat crap at the presser was the nail in the coffin, the way it played out. At 21-0 I say he was fired in the minds of the UAA , AD, or whoever. When they discovered the ‘lying about death threat’ clause they had the ‘loophole’ they needed to part now. I think. Maybe my emotions are running high right now but I think he’s done.
        Now to watch some World Serious…GO STRO’S!

  8. Mac won’t last another game. UF is looking to fire him with cause since there is no evidence of any death threats. No buyout will be necessary if that is the case. Randy Shannon will be interim head coach. How will this affect recruiting if we bring in new coaches at end of the year. It takes time to build relationships with new coaches and recruits. Is there too much animosity still between Dan Mullen and UF or does our AD have a good enough relationship with him to bring him back to the Gators

    • Things can only get worse if we stay with Mac and Co. No one in their right mind thinks it will help recruiting if we fire Mac now, but it will be the best thing in the long run. We’re now looking 3+ years down the road since it will be some very tough sledding for several years with a new coach!

    • Larry. I would prefer Frost from UCF (via from Oregon as OC). Younger, tons of energy, and runs a modern day offense in light speed with a dominating run game (Corral would love to play for him), and he will be a recruiting nightmare for other teams in Florida and those who come into Florida to get talent. But McElwain needs to go now. Not tomorrow. Now. So does Nussmeier. Shannon can promote another offensive assistant to OC for the rest of the year. Anything but this three year offensive nightmare caused by horrible coaching.

  9. This entire week has been an utter and complete embarrassment. It’s capped off by this crap. Let’s not forget Mac is paid MILLIONS for this. Clucko the tic tac toe playing chicken from the state fair would be no worse..

  10. Thanks Foley. Now the Mac n Cheese supporters who kept defending this chump, I couldn’t understand for my life why you idiots kept supporting him. Now you got your feet in your mouths. EAT CROW. ALL OF YOU. This is what it took? How much more evidence do you need? I told all you Mac n cheese supporters this guy wasn’t “shoot. ” You know what i wanted to say.

  11. Gator Nation is now ready again to divorce itself from its head coach. This happens after just three years and more accomplishments than the prior coach. The pain of watching this game was very trying. Let us hope that not all is lost and that we will receive an invitation to the Larry Culpepper Dr. Pepper Bowl in Montana. Mac has overstayed his welcome and should do the honorable thing and just leave. Fiction and Fact seem to be confused here. We need a new start, and a new identity. We should ask SOS to be the custodian of our University’s Football program while the UAA seeks a new coach. This entire situation is the result of Jeremy Foley living in the false world of Title IX.

  12. You know what is sad? Ron Zook’s offenses were way better than what we have seen over the last several years. Who wouldn’t take Zook’s offense right now?

    I know Franks is playing badly, but what QB has played good under this staff? What other positions are truly playing well? They need to be coached and developed. That’s not happening.

  13. I remained a Coach Mac supporter before this game, but after this game, I no longer support him. Let’s find a head coach that can bring the Gators back to SEC titles and perhaps one or more national titles. Mac is not a winner. Let’s find a WINNERl

  14. Please , please fire this in efficient lier of a coach. The reason for his firing is obvious in many instances but
    my reason here is that he insisted in starting Franks as quarterback and playing him all game long. This time he had to give the Notre dame quarterback”I don’t even remember his name wow ” a chance and he played like a pro and quickly guided the Gators to a lone touch down.
    A coach who is so stubborn and with bad judgement does not recognize that Franks is a total bust and put another quarterback in for a try is so full of bad judgement and should not be a coach period.
    Hope he starts the Notre Dame quarterback and does not insist this stupid Franks who has nothing except a strong arm.

  15. Larry fedora was Chris leaks oc while at Florida, Scott frost is part of the 95 Nebraska beatdown. I think tonight would be the proper time to fire Mac, Dan Mullen is not a winner and can’t turn the corner at MSU.

  16. Well, looks like it’s time to start up those rumors about buying out Mac. Two weeks to prepare and just more of the same. Why all the false starts? I feel badly for Franks, but like Mac, he just isn’t getting it done. This season is lost, so it’s time to change up some things and look at someone else at QB. Like I predicted, Mac wouldn’t put Zaire in unless the game was already lost in which case he would have no impact. I also predicted that if the Gators fell behing by 14 or more, the game would be over. Extremely poor job by Mac to get these guys ready for such an important game.

    • Geez, Scott—“This season is lost…”? Sounds an awful lot like old Harry Reid’s comment a few years back, “This war is lost…”. But you’re probably right anyway, only difference between the two is we came back after that and restored cave dwelling as an acceptable way of life in the former enemy region. I don’t see that happening this season.

  17. Very disappointing, I don’t care who we play, I always feel my Gators can beat anybody. But like I said this game was very disappointing, after a by week, I expected a better showing, probably not win the game, but at least show some fight. This is by far one the worst showings I have seen of a Gator team, very poorly coached, both defensively and offensively. Mac with his big mouth has deflated what was left of this team. I think the University has enough cause to fire Mac and it should do it now!! He has done enough damage. And please make sure that he take “Nuss” with him.

  18. To those who say firing Mac now will hurt the program, how does keeping him on til the end of the season and forcing Gators everywhere to watch this offense and season grind to a painful halt help at all?

  19. How about being down by 42 and still running the football like you need to establish the ground game. Still no sense of urgency. LOL. Stupidity rules on this coaching staff. I am sure that Coach Mac is a great guy, but we don’t need a great guy, we need a great coach!