UF receivers support Franks

Florida quarterback Feleipe Franks throws during the first half of the LSU game earlier this month at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. [Brad McClenny/Staff photographer]

Speaking of confidence, quarterback Feleipe Franks apparently hasn’t lost any of his despite his recent struggles.

“Feleipe is a confident guy,” UF receiver Josh Hammond said. “He feels like he’s the best quarterback in the country if you ask him. So even though the numbers might not say it or anything like that, he feels like that. And that’s just his confidence.

“Feleipe’s got a lot of people in his ear, telling him a bunch of crap. I think the thing about him, he just loves the game and he’s always trying to get better so he’s going to come out and he’s going to take every day and try to learn and get better. He’s going to go into the game and be ready to play.”

UF coach Jim McElwain and offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier have been working diligently with Franks over the past two weeks on perhaps his biggest weakness, Hammond said.

“Decision making,” Hammond said. “I think coach Mac and coach Nuss have spent a little more time with him, just focusing on his decision making, where to go with the ball, when to throw it away, when to scramble, when to tuck it and run, when not to. I think that would be the biggest thing for him just moving forward in the season, just making better decisions.”


  1. I still don’t know how a quarterback that has been around the team for almost two years never was taught the offensive scheme. Jim and Doug must be lousy teachers because Felepie appears quite intelligent. Along with the special team players looking lost most of the season I would have to put Greg in the same category. Lousy teachers all. Lets hope what ever it is that limits their mental capacity vanishes by Saturday. Maybe desire overcomes the teachers limitations!!!!!!!!!!

    • When players are making mental mistakes there’s not much a coach can do to change that, unless they all have psychology degrees. You can only coach a player so much to throw the ball away instead of running out of bounds before the player has to actually do it. Same goes for checking down to your 2nd and 3rd receivers instead of scrambling as soon as your primary isn’t open. The player has to actually do it. The mistakes he’s making are mistakes he should’ve corrected in Pop Warner. So clearly the 500 coaches he’s had since then haven’t been able to change his mentality. What would you suggest Mac does that you think he isn’t already doing? Should he try shock therapy? Put an electric dog collar around his neck and as soon as he sees him about to run out of bounds he should shock him to remind him to throw it away? As soon as he’s about to scramble from a clean pocket cause his primary receiver is covered, he should shock him to remind him to stay in and check down? I mean it’s ridiculous that fans actually believe he isn’t trying everything he can to coach his QB to stop making the most fundamental mistakes a QB can make and continue to blame him for it. It doesn’t matter if you can throw the ball 100 yards in the air, if you don’t have the mental capacity to play QB you’re going to be a failure and some players never have have it.

    • Not only would I be shocked, I would then know for sure that McElwain has lost his mind if Allen were to start vs. Georgia. The kid is redshirting this year for sure. And Toney is not an every down QB in the SEC. He will be a great slot receiver and wildcat position player in the SEC. Not shocking would be seeing Zaire play some in the game. But I doubt that happens either unless Franks totally blows up or gets hurt during the game.

  2. Can you imagine how different things would be if Will Grier was the QB the end of last year and this year?

    BUT HE IS NOT. We do not have really good QB. Most teams do not.

    We do not have great OL to compensate.

    After Saturday we will probably be in wait til next year mode.

    Maybe game will slow down for F Franks. Maybe freshman QB coming in will become that QB?

    Muschamp defense has graduated to NFL, so I expect defence to become very average the next two years.

    Offense is improved, but not enough to make up for the drop in defense.

    Right now UF has good WR, RB, DL, CB, K and P.
    QB, OL, LB, special teams are poor.

    lots of problems to solve.

    I support team and coaches, would rather watch girls v-ball or soccer.

  3. Gators have a much longer tradition of playing great defense than great offense. I think defense will be fine. Toney’s durability in question due to his injury and size. Franks is the best we have at the moment. Unfortunately he is not playing at a high level that does not mean he is not the best option. Despite long odds a win against UGA would make me very happy. Stranger things have happened in college football and at UF this year.

  4. Just a reminder, Jake Allen was a prolific passer at one of the very top high school programs in the country. His HS, St Thomas Aquinas in Ft Lauderdale, played a number of out of state schools ranked highly in the nation, and the coaching and teaching was top shelf. Obviously the plan is to red shirt him this season, but if Zaire isn’t the answer at #2, then it just might be a needed step to put Allen out there.

  5. Dan. I saw Jake Allen and STA play against the top high school team out west at the end of the season last year, a team loaded with power 5 type recruits, and Jake did not play well against them. Multiple INTs and bad decisions made during the game. After his performance in that game, his recruiting star ranking went from four stars to three stars, and for a good reason. He will redshirt this year and he will be a backup at Florida during his career at UF. I think he will likely transfer in a year or two and start at a lower level program.

    • Rick, I saw the game you may be referring to on TV (Las Vegas Bishop Gorman, rated #1 in USA) and I agree with your assessment that he played poorly that game. However, he did finish the season strong as he led his team to their second consecutive Florida state championship for large schools (7A). I believe he threw for 5 TD’s in the championship game. At the end of the day, you may be right about him, and I’m not saying he is the answer. But with Franks really struggling and Zaire apparently not at the top of Mac’s “next man up” list, I am saying that maybe Allen should get a shot. Remember Shane Matthews was #5 on SOS’s QB depth chart and I think he turned out pretty well. Full disclosure, I was a QB at St. Thomas a few decades ago, so I’m probably a bit biased. I enjoy reading your insights.

    • Grier chose the perfect system to go to. I mean hell you can be a Heisman contender in that system and immediately be moved to WR the second you step foot in the NFL (Pat White). Skylar Howard threw for 532 yds and 5 Tds in their bowl game last year and went undrafted. You can be an average Qb or even a WR moonlighting as a QB and put up massive numbers in that system.

  6. The Dawgs have a strong D-line and better linebacking this year. I hope that doesn’t mean the Gators will have to rely on using multiple tight ends as blockers to beef up protection, which been happening too much. It’s not difficult to see that the tight ends need to be more involved in the passing game, because that is supposed to be a key part of what makes Mac’s (Nussmeier’s) offense work. Using two or three tight ends primarily for blocking limits the number of receivers that have to be covered, thereby making it easier for the defense to smother our passing game. The O line has to step up big on Saturday so the tight ends can be better utilized and more pressure can be put on the dbs and hopefully get some open targets. But Franks will need protection because the game has still been moving too fast for him. Hopefuuly the extra week of preparation will pay off. Go Gators! Wipe that grin off the dawgs’ faces.