Sunday Blog: A strange off week


The Sunday Blog comes at you after a full day of watching college football and doing a little grilling. Best burgers ever.

1 — OK, I’m a little weirded out. I saw some strange things on Saturday.

* Like Tennessee calling a flea flicker but forgetting to tell its receivers that a pass play was called.

* Or Rashaun Golden flipping double birds at Alabama students down 21 points.

* Or Mike Leach making his offensive players do up-downs on the sideline after a poor series.

* Or Jimbo Fisher wanting to fight a fan after his team’s loss to Louisville.

* Or Rutgers winning its second Big 10 game of the year.

Strange stuff.

2 — The best player I saw all day Saturday was Oklahoma running back Rodney Anderson. He was a beast in the Sooners’ season-saving win. The worst player I saw was anybody who suited up for Ole Miss on the interior defensive line. My gosh, I think I could have gone for a buck fifty against the Rebels with those holes.

3 — Home field advantage is an amazing thing. Except here in Gainesville this year, of course, but let’s let the Gator-bashing rest this week. What were supposed to be the top two games of the night were home blowouts. Nobody shows the difference week in and week out more than Mississippi State’s defense. In four home wins, the Bulldogs have allowed 24 points. In three road games, 101 points.

4 — My AP top 10 is in and as follows: 1. Alabama; 2. Penn St.; 3. TCU; 4. Georgia; 5. Wisconsin; 6. Ohio State; 7. Miami; 8. Notre Dame; 9. Clemson; 10. Oklahoma.


  1. Pat as much as I would to take a break from the bashing myself. You know damn well that will never happen. On another note As much as I hate PSU for their enabling of that Child Molesting Sandusky and find it to difficult to associate that program with anything else. Game Day had a great segment Triplett and the support of his 1944 team mates. It definitely worth catching if you missed it.
    Apparently they came up up with the slogan “We are Pen State”. In my ignorance I thought that was a Marshall thing. It made me think, what our motto would be “We are Florida”, “We are loud and proud” but after six weeks of negative comments I couldn’t get “We are haters” out of my head.
    I hope someone can come up with a better option than the one currently stuck in my head.

    • Please – Gator fans are as passionate as any fervent fanbase, and the same thing can be said for any fanbase mired in disappointment and misled by preseason assurances. The term “hater” has been completely corrupted by politics where everyone on the other side with a different opinion is called a “hater” and “divisive.”

      The Gators are passionate not haters. Threat makers are criminals.

  2. Better re-rank your poll. Went to Notre Dame game last night and they are the real deal, “NOW”. There running back should be your player of the week. If, Georgia runs out it could be GA/ND, again, but this time for it all. Love your writing, Keep it up Daily. ha ha

    • g…..Before the ND-USC game last night, I found myself wondering, “damn, two teams who are perpetually over-rated and self entitled–nothing to see there?”. Well, one of ’em was for sure, and the other didn’t look like the team that lost to Georgia, except for the uniforms. As much as I hate to admit it, you might be onto something there.