Swampcast: Dooley and Andreu review UF’s loss to Texas A&M


Pat and Robbie review Florida’s loss to Texas A&M in this Facebook Live video.


Reposting the Swampcast: Pat and Robbie review Florida’s loss to Texas A&M in this Facebook Live video.

Posted by Gatorsports on Sunday, October 15, 2017


  1. Despite your excuses for the ”knuckle-head 9”, Pat, and despite your excuses for the coaching, COACH MAC and COACH ‘NUSS, and even L.S.U. -all- WANTED Feleipe Franks to be THEIR Q.B.!
    Now, he’s suddenly ”just not good enough”? Well, that’s -STILL- COACHING! That’s NOT EVALUATING TALENT, too, albeit high school talent. Either way, it all goes back to coaching. And IF Coach Mac doesn’t do a complete 180 degree turn in 2018, then we, ”WACK-PACK” FANS, that you like to call us on your radio show with Jeff, and Zach, will PACK UP THEIR HOUSES FOR THEM, and FOR FREE… and send them on their way! And then, ”NEW” A.D. Stricklin (who is my age) dang, I am getting old, better PICK AN AMAZINGLY GOOD HEAD FOOTBALL COACH… PERIOD! ‘Cause this MONEY MAKER, they call ”FLORIDA FOOTBALL” is still ”BROKEN”, like Urban Meyer said, SEVEN YEARS AGO!

    • I totally agree that it’s a coaching issue. I say that because in Mac’s first 2 years, he had 2 upperclassmen at QB and yet the team still sucked and never improved during the year. Yes, Franks is stinking up the joint, but Mac’s track record doesn’t lead me to believe that he’s able to bring out the talent in the kid.

      • I agree. Player development is the job of the coaches and it’s not happening. Bad coaches never have good players. It’s not just about calling the plays, but having players prepared to execute. I kind of feel bad for Franks, because I don’t think he is getting good coaching. And if he isn’t good enough, what about the others? If none of them, then why not? That’s the coaches fault. HOWEVER, firing needs to be strategic. I would rather keep coach Mac two more years than to fire him when there aren’t any good choices for replacement, because if we do that then we are just facing more years of mediocrity at best.

  2. I’ve stated this plenty of times but I was not a fan of hiring Mac…it wreaked of desperation and spoke more to who wasn’t interested and/or available. With that said, I am still not quite there on firing Mac but each week that goes by I find it harder to not jump on that bandwagon. For those who continue to defend Mac, how do you explain the success Kirby and Richt are having in year two??? Both are coaching and recruiting at an elite level…but back to Mac. I like what he’s done on the assistants front because he’s gone all in on recruiting but the OC is awful and so is Nord…I am personally not a fan of coach Shannon as a DC because of his vanilla, non attacking style but the bigger issue here is OC and Special Teams. Nuss was a questionable hire at best, one more of arrogance from Mac (see Clarabelle comment). Mac’s offense is outdated and needs a facelift and that starts with a new OC. Urban took a guy that was an Air RAID guy and didn’t know anything about “his system” and after a stumble early on, they’re one of the hottest offenses in the country. Urban is one of the greatest coaches of all time, an offensive innovator and was willing to adapt and change but I see none of that in Mac. He’s either too dumb, stubborn or arrogant to change his offense, OC, etc and that puts me squarely in the camp of “he’s not the guy” but with some tweaks, I think he’s earned the right to not be fired…yet.

    • I’ve always maintained support for any Gator coach until they pass their Expiration Date and simply prove that they are “too dumb, stubborn or arrogant to change”. Nuss is a full blown IDIOT so far over his head, and DUMBO (i.e. McElwain) is too gutless to jettison him like a bad habit.

      C Hughes, totally agree. There is NO HOPE while Mac is still here. Franks doesn’t have a clue and is totally untrained. PATHETIC!!! Get rid of Mac before we lose Corral!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Dooley & Andreu: you spent the whole clip cataloguing specific coaching failures, while repeatedly stating how stupid, impossible, etc it would be to fire these coaches.

    You correctly ripped the team’s deficiencies, then ripped the fans’ “bitching and moaning” (ahem, Robbie) and suggested we shut up, even though you are stating the same points. You correctly note Franks’ poor play, but don’t connect the dots with the coaching that should already have improved it.

    Is your point that only you two old-time experienced hands have the credibility to comment?

    I like your articles, and the Swampcasts (dump the Facebook format, it works terribly)…but you two are showing a real degree of arrogance that you didn’t previously. I get that it’s tough to choke down the awful product on-field and the clownish press conference say-nothing mumbles, and I infer that you have to offset your proper criticisms by mouthing support for the coaches, but it’s coming across as flip-flopping and disrespectful to your readers.

    Go Gators!

    • I agree 1000% with this posting. I have said similar things in the past. Do what I say, not what I do, with those two. They can “bitch and moan” all they want, but the minute that the fans do the same thing, they have fits and tell us to calm down and shut up. Hypocrite; that is the word for that type of behavior.

    • Dead on. I’m tired of Pat and Robbie’s arrogant, condescending shots at fans. Are there some fans who are completely unreasonable? Certainly. But the reasonable fans are tired of the ugly product that we are seeing because we invest time and money on our Gators.

      There are many other Gator beat writers who are echoing some of the fans’ harsh opinions but they are not as close to the coaching staff and are not concerened about repercussions like not getting a text or Christmas card from Coach Mac.

    • Agree. I am not sure I have ever known two journalists who were so arrogantly insulting to their own readership (and viewership, if you call these dreadful videos worth viewing). As long as your format involves interaction with fans, you are going to get redundant (and yes – dumb) comments. So what? State your views about the game, team, and coaches, give supporting evidence, maybe even do a little research (GASP!) and report. As hard as you may find it to believe, none of the fans care what you think of the fans! Try some fact-based reporting for a change. You will find it challenging, but perhaps refreshing!

    • Sorry but Nuss is a screw up but if we need to keep him as an offensive assistant to keep Corral, that’s fine, he just can’t call plays anymore. The first 1-2 series are usually scripted and compared to most drives over the 2.5 years are our most productive and that’s primarily because Mac is heavily involved. After that, Nuss has to think for himself and that’s not good for us (I present every offensive stat for the last 2.5 years as evidence). I saw the 3-5 plays where guys were running wide open but some of that may be the game plan of the other team because they can’t take everything away and even if you tossed darts at a dartboard some would work…and that honestly may be a better idea right now. The reality is, Franks isnt great and a lot of that has to do with coaching. On Franks’ first interception, they should teach him to make the backside tight end the first read but he went right to the flats and then deep on the right side as his primary reads. Also, based on his run, why wouldn’t you run some read option? We only don’t that our of the wildcat but with no threat of passing it and so it’s going to stop working, no matter who’s in there. Franks obviously hasn’t limitations but average coaches can game plan around that. He doesn’t see the field well, so don’t ask him to, Design plays, where you cut the field in half…guys, they had to do that with Tebow. Occasionally we design one read plays but we get cute after that and start to outthink ourselves. Also, we started off the first couple series with tempo and it went fairly well and then we stopped and then late in the game when we needed to kill the clock with the lead, we went tempo, after not having done any tempo for almost 3 quarters, that coaching.

      • Townsend wasnt responsible for that loss nor was Franks or the defense. Nussmeier was. When they had their next to last possession at 5 minutes he stupidly did 3 straight dive plays with malik davis which of course failed and we had to punt it back to A&M. We desperately needed to keep that drive alive, leading by one point and kill the clock which we couldnt do with such idiotic play calling. No, the blame for thew loss sits squarely at Nussmeier’s feet! Our guys played their tails off, its NOT their fault!!!!!

  4. I hate to say it, but Mac is not going anywhere this year. Nuss is not going anywhere this year. Even if Florida goes 5-6 and misses a bowl. Sorry!! But there is an upshot. Currently, Mac is blinded by Hubris. By digging in his heels he is unknowingly digging a grave for himself. Although currently gut wrenching as fan, the “powers that be” will FORCE his hand into making changes in the offseason (from changing coaches, changing offensive philosophy, to better recruiting results). Whether he likes it or not. If NOT, UF will again lose 5-6 games ( while boosters having to endure UGA and FSU thriving). There is NO WAY he survives that. So everybody just pray that he keeps the current recruit class together and go for the ride!

  5. These guys are ridiculous. They bring up the two close losses but fail to bring up the two close wins. Last year we heard how much the loss of Massey hurt. This year heard about how much he would help in the passing game and the return teams. Well where is he? A touchdown last night, that is about all I have heard from him all year. You two bring up the guy running back kickoffs. That is a coaching decision and a bad one. Are you suggesting that the freshman was the only available body to return kicks. The A&M QB was a true freshman and played well in the second half. Maybe l little better coaching would help Franks. We heard how much he had improved all spring, was that more BS from the coaching staff. You two also keep bringing up the fact that the head coach will not change his system even through the losses, this shows an inability to learn. I think you could get enough donations from the fans to pretty well pay the $12 million buy out. This team is awful and I believe primarily from poor coaching.

  6. OK, glade you set up your camera tripod, much better angle, BUT where did they put you guys? In the mechanical room? Ha Ha Ha, love the piping back drop (more smiles). if they are running you guys out after the game, at least consider finding a brick wall to setup in front of. Your right, is like we are on probation with 15 less scholarship players, etc. Franks did appear better on some pass plays, but dang he can’t find the wide open guys, why? Coaches getting the team ready for GA must be similar to looking over the ridge down into the Little Big Horn River Valley on June 25, 1876. Time to dedicate the rest of the season to developing player for next year. Use this excuse to market recruits, etc.

  7. You gators are funny to watch, loose a few games and the sky is falling. Doomsday!! Fire the coaches!!! Even after he won the SEC East last to years for you? Crazy, every young team has growing pains. Just please stay young for two more weeks!


    • Like the Dawgs stayed with Mark Richt? A coach who averaged 10 wins a season … where is he now? Miami. How ironic would it be if UGA played Miami in the college playoff, and lost to the Caines! Coach Mac was hired to fix our offensive woes. He has had three years and a truckload of talent to do so. He hasnt! If you know what the end of the book is, why read anymore? Coach Mac and his coaching staff arent getting the job done. As for the suspended players, again, the quality of recruits Mac has brought into the program. Its time for a new direction.

  8. Franks has impressed me with his attitude; he seems to be a good kid and a team player. He reminds me a lot of Jeff Driskell in that he has all the physical tools to be a terrific QB. However, he seems to lack both poise under fire and good field vision. While better poise might be acquired with more experience, I fear that good field vision, and the accomanying ability to find open man quickly enough to get the ball to him, are more innate talents than learned skills. Jeff, with all his physical talent, never was able to perform well enough against top level competition and under pressure, and the same might prove true of Felipe (although I would like to be wrong about that). I agree with the majority that some coaching changes must be made, but as much as I cringe at Mac’s interviews and press statement, fining him is probably not a good idea at this point, especially since it could damage chances to retain the good recruiting classes for the next couple of years. The financial impact certainly has to be considered also.

  9. After watching the Texas AM game I can’t really put at Nuss feet. I think it’s more of the guy behind center. Bill Belichick can call the plays but if the qb can only see 1\3 the field it’s going to fail. The offense players can say positive things about Frank’s but does their subconscious feel what they are saying, if not it can definitely affect the unit as a whole. The way the team responded to Rio the Kentucky game I.e. Murphy when Driskel was injured. Gators biggest problem is trying to create the next Tebow and I don’t think it’s the coaches doing so.

  10. I notice everyone poster here as 20-20 hindsight. Well, not all. Some fans actually hoped Mac and Nuss would come thru. I was on their bandwagon until LSU and Tex. A&M. When was the last time a Gator D held SEC opponents to 17 and 19 points respectively–AND DID NOT WIN? Would that happen under the Old Ball Coach.
    I lost hope for the offense when Gators were driving for the winning FG against A&M. The run game was picking up 4, 5, 6 and 7 yards a run. 3rd and 3 at Gator 45. Two running plays gave them 3rd down. A&M goes to a man-coverage with a nickel back. I.E. only 5 to play against the run (same formation they used at start of drive.) I’m screaming run it with Perine, or call a draw with Toney or Malik, but Nuss calls a pass play right into the heart of the defense. iNCOMPLETE. Instead of 1st down or 4th and 1, it’s 4th and 3 and Gators line up in shotgun. Even the announcers thought it would be a run. The whole stadium knows it’s going to be a short pass so it’s just a 4-man rush and Franks throws incomplete. I would rather have seen two runs,. My god, Pinero can hit from 60 yards out. Has Franks developed into an SEC QB? Not under the pro-set. An spread SEC offense needs a mobile QB or MONSTER RUNNING GAME. Mac must deliver in year 4 or he will be gone. Sorry fans, you got one more year of this. I hope he realizes the pro set is just that: FOR THE PROS. Call me nauseated.