Swampcast: Breaking down Florida vs. Texas A&M




  1. We’ve (Florida fans) wanted to ”see progress (win the S.E.C.) since the end of ’09 season. And the new uni’s will make Florida blend into the field like Boise State (blue uni’s on a blue field). But I’m literally almost apathetic… ”whatever!”

  2. Using the remaining play-makers on offense, we need to throw a few deep balls to keep A&M honest. LSU was loading the box on defense almost every play last week, and we did not make them pay for it. We must be able to overcome this reluctance to throw the deep ball. If we take a an few shots and nothing good happens, take a few more later in the game. One TD bomb will offset a few overthrows or dropped balls. Hoping our running game will continue to improve – did well last week, but without a real passing game, we lost. We need to blitz some on defense to keep A&M’s offense honest. GO GATORS!!!

  3. Dooley & Andreu, you guys are being unfair to the fans. No one is down on Mac over the injuries, and it’s an unfair dodge for you to say otherwise. You two simply won’t give Mac the criticism he is due.

    Our highly touted redshirt freshman QB has not been coached up, which was evident BEFORE the injury bug bit. Our D is too vanilla, thin from youth and injuries, but also perpetually tired by being left on the field by a numbskull non-offense.

    The LSU game was one of the most easily winnable in recent memory, yes, even with 4:00 left to play. The “lack of urgency”noted by Mac had NOTHING to do with injuries, and underscores the The well-deserved ire from the fans. As a head coach, Mac has not improved the overall culture, feel, appearance, entertainment, stats, or future prospects for this program. And anyone trying to peddle sauce to the crowd when’s he can’t develop a decent offense should be ashamed.

    How does a defensive coach like Kirby Smart end up with two outstanding freshmen QB’s, but our offensive genius can’t manage one in 3 years (other than Doper Grier)?

    Shame on you guys blaming fans for the obvious ineptitude we are suffering on the field. We have a football savvy fan base and you criticize them for reasonable observations.

  4. So Pat & Robbie essentially have said the offense is a boring vanilla disaster, the defense is vanilla does not blitz or create any turnovers and the special teams has not made a big play since Urban Meyer was here.

    Yet in the same video they keep bashing Gator fans for wanting a coaching change.

    Guess the normal is 8 or 9 win season and never realistically competing for the SEC or National Championship.
    The saddest part is most Gator fans I talk to now pretty much are ambivalent on the team based on how they have accepted mediocrity.

  5. Of course the injuries are a factor but great coaches would not be talking about it and make it as another reason we’re not successful. With this coaching staff it seems like it’s always going to be something and us fans have to suffer with more mediocrity season after season. And stop generalizing and talking about the fans like we are all the same, have the same opinions, and you know football better than we do. Says who? Only you Pat! Robbie doesn’t do that!

  6. 3 years of piss poor offense for this staff. In other words a continuation. Nothing has changed. I’ll use the line of SOS, excuses are for losers. Maybe it’s time you Dooley and sidekick get off your high horses and stop bashing fans who have stuck with the gators for these abysmal years of no offense. How long is it going to take this ‘staff’ to build a competitive team? What will the excuses be for next year?
    I think Mike White was an excellent hire. In his third year you know he has the “it” factor. We know he’s the guy. Not so with Mac. He has profited off of WM defense recruits and last year’s D cord. Now, in the third year Mac is naked. He’s playing mostly with his recruits. No longer the stoudt defense to save his arse. The emperor has no clothes. Didn’t take Frost long to turn things around at ucf. Didn’t take Smart long to have UGA playing lights out. And yet Mac hiring and retaining Nuss has the O in the dumper. This team is going no where and yet you guys want to ridicule the fans? You’re chicken s crap to ask about staff changes in OC or DC. You consistently throw soft ball questions. You don’t even ask for specifics? Why in the second year is Philipe still struggling? Why doesn’t this team have any tempo since most are returning starters on offense. Why didn’t you try to get in FG position for a long distance fg kicker like we have but instead you choose to run out the clock. What are you guys afraid of? Will Mac withhold Peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches from you? Is it possible you’er enablers? You will criticize, you will give failing grades but when it comes to asking tough questions you simply bend over.

    • Well said @John. I am growing tired of Pat telling everyone that fans are blaming the coaches for injuries. Who the hell ever said that? And the fact that he can bash the team as much as we do, then criticize us for being critical?? you are right about them never asking tough questions. And Mac just talks about everything being fun and cool. Isn’t it cool watching the other team win? not really.

      Pat, get a pair and ask tougher questions, please.

      • Well said, A. A. Ron! As Pat speaks down to many of us callers, ”the wack-pack”, etc.. Not even knowing some of us, like myself, who with Andrew Copeland of Sister Hazel (G.H.S. Football team in ’85) beat a 5th ranked Lake City-Columbia County team. Our Asst. Head Coach, Coach Bell, died in the coaches box at Citizens Field that night. But we, the PURPLE HURRICANES, still won, and won for him!
        And so when Pat and Zach, and even sometimes, Jeff, speak down to us, well, you really have no idea to whom you all are speaking to, and what our ”football experiences” are in life. So, since I left the Gainesville Sun in the early 2000’s (from the sales and advertising dept.), Robbie was the only sports writer that spoke to me, and was friendly to me. I did find it strange that you, Pat, seem to think so highly of yourself that you wouldn’t even speak to me.
        You’re always trying to sit behind Dick Vitale on the televised Gator Basketball games, in order to get on national television…that’s a joke! And you really aren’t the ”king maker”, Pat! And your assessments for Florida Football haven’t been very accurate lately, either. But I really do like Jeff, as I met him, and his precious kids, at my sister’s daughter’s birthday party a few years back. But Pat and Zach can be a little arrogant, and maybe they should try being more ”humble” on their sports-talk shows… and stop calling us names, like ”THE WAK PACK”! Really?
        Then I should call you, Pat, ”A BIG OLE’ HAM”. For always trying to be T.V. with Gator Basketball and the press seats behind Dickie ‘V’. It’s time for all Gators to get back to humility and back to the basics! As that’s always served honest people, players, writers, and even coaches well!

  7. This version of Gator football is like the MLB: Either hit a homerun or strike out, which can be done multiple times in the same game and also in long term efforts such as recruiting. I have read criticisms of Mac recruiting three star players, but then there’s Malik Davis making us reminisce about Emmitt a little bit. Then there’s Frank’s, a highly sought after QB running a practically miraculous 79 yards to set up a YD, only to toss a pick with 52 seconds left and no times out. Then you have EDDIE kicking touchbacks until, at crunch time, kicks it out of bounds. Townsend for 28 yards? Then Mailk goes for nine, and we run up the middle and then to the right with two tight ends on the left side? Homers and strike outs, with far too many strike outs. The sad thing is my family and I like McElwain’s demeanor and intentions, but they are not translating into consistency on offense and the defense is slowly eroding. It would be a shame to have to start over with yet another new coach for next season, but it would be even worse to be in a fight with Vandy, the Vols and Mizzou for last place. I can understand how Vol fans must feel, but at least we beat them, Vandy AND UK this year. Hooo f’n RAH!