McElwain: UF’s alternate uniform fits right demographic

[Courtesy of UAA]

The new Nike alternate uniforms the Gators will be wearing Saturday night are getting mixed reviews on social media. But among the coaches and players, it’s unanimous — they like the look.

UF coach Jim McElwain said the fans may not like the new uniforms, but he likes what the uniforms have done for his players this week.

“Based on just the amount of hate mail I get already, it really tripled when all of a sudden when we put out the new uniforms, and yet the excitement of our team, first of all,” McElwain said. “The response from recruits and ultimately the demographic we’re looking at, man, the excitement has been unbelievable and the response has been great. I know they’re looking forward to it. It’s a one-time deal.

“It’s something that people are talking about. That’s a good thing. Again, it’s about the kids and they’re jacked up. We’ll see how they play in them. We won’t feed them before so they’re nice and hungry as they come out in The Swamp and hopefully the other team isn’t zig-zagging to get away from the Gators.”

The players are all in with the new unis.

“Definitely cool because they’re different,” sophomore wide receiver Josh Hammond said. “Nobody’s ever done it before, so this will be a one-time thing that will go down in the history books for us because we finally got a chance to try something different in a Gator uniform. It’s definitely cool and I’m glad to be a part of it.

“I didn’t know we were getting an alternate jersey from the jump. When we saw them, a lot of guys were ecstatic to get it on and finally come out with something different.”

Said defensive tackle Khairi Clark: “Man, I was real excited because since I’ve been here we haven’t had any new uniforms. It feels real good to have new uniforms like that. It looks very, very nice for us to be able to play on Saturday. Favorite part of the uniform, man, is the structure of it. It’s different, they’ve got green and then looks like Gator tile. It’s different.”


  1. So what did this cost? Maybe $500 per uniform? Times 80 or so players, that’s $40k. And how many uni cominations has there been the last few years?

    A) How many grad assistants could we pay for with this money?
    B) If we have to resort to “come to Florida, we have cool uniforms”, then we are done.

    • It’s world we live in the mighty dollar rules and tv and shoe company’s dictate the NCAA landscape. I read many commits from current players who are excited about them. Those kids work awfully hard and generate a lot of income for UF. So you do it for them and if it happens you can use that situation as a recruiting tool you would be a fool to not take advantage.

      The uni’s are not my cup of tea. I heard a comment from I don’t know where that made me wonder. How much blow back would there be if we were undefeated? I think it comes down the frustration Gator Nation feels pent up over the last 8 years. I certainly feel that frustration as much as anyone loves the Gators.
      As most Gators in currrent era tend to vent our frustration on social media. We do this becuase we personally have no controll over the product on the feild s venting gives the illusion of control. I’m sure a Psyche Study on the phenomenon would be entertaining.

  2. Can the uniform throw a ball or actually make a clean tackle? If not, then who gives a flying rip. New uniforms, old uniforms, playing naked – it will not matter until the players are coached up. Whether that is with the current staff or a new staff is to be seen

  3. Interesting that you don’t see that demographic for Alabama, Auburn or Georgia – they wear the same damn uniforms year after year and yet…somehow…they seem to be able to get their kids fired up and ready to play

    • You’re kidding, right? Georgia has had a ton of alternate uniforms, from black jerseys to shiny chrome helmets. Alabama once had black helmets and black jerseys with strange red and black piping all over it. Like it or not (count me in the not group), this is just the way things are.

      • Not a flame but you are mistaken about Alabama. The Tide occasionally wore white helmets (crimson numbers on the side and crimson stripe down the middle) in the ’60s and early ’70s, then again for a few games in 1983 and 1984.

        The only other uniform change was in 2006 when Alabama wore jerseys with a houndstooth pattern on the collar. They lost to Mississippi State that day, the jerseys were never seen again and Nick Saban was hired a few months later.

  4. …”try something different in a Gator uniform”, and consider blocking, tackling, route running, ball security, and fewer dumb penalties. These would all be refreshing changes, and definitely “something different in a Gator uniform” for this team. And yet…I doubt if it will make a hill of beans difference. The kids will just spend more time looking at themselves on the jumbo screen replays – not to see what they could have done better, but to see how “cool” they look. I seriously doubt that A&M will be impressed, but Nike will get loads of publicity, and the coaches will get bonuses tacked-on to their shoe contracts. It would be interesting to know just how much money the coaches are pocketing by dressing-up these poor kids in this “demographic” jester’s costume. Wouldn’t it be different if the knowledge of coaching football was as well known as “demographics”? Sociology has apparently replaced X’s and O’s.

    • Interesting point. Just how is that check from Nike getting broken down? Who in the school administration is getting how much for this embarrassment? The players should be the ones getting paid to wear these cheap Halloween costumes.

  5. They are a hell of a lot better than the orange dominated junk we have had to look at the last couple years. Are we Florida or clemson? Orange helmets, fine but please leave out the orange jerseys and pants. Those other teams can have them!

  6. I’m an old guy and have been a Gator fan for a long, long time “and yet”. I can deal with the new uni “piece”. What I think? “Pretty cool huh”. Hey, if nothing else it adds a little pizazz to a lifeless offense. Hope it makes them superman. I truly think they look cool. If it excites the team a little bit. I’m all for it.

  7. It’s not about putting a new suit on the man – it’s about putting a new man in the suit. Nothing will change until some coaching changes are made to give the team a chance to compete at a high level week to week. Right now we just do not know if it is all Nussmeier, or is it a combination of both Nuss & Mac. This team is going in the wrong direction. Who cares about uniforms when they are playing like gator scat?

  8. Great. Cool. Let’s make sure the kids are happy. Dont wanna take a chance on hurting their feelings or anything by making ’em play in those tacky old uniforms. Kinda reminds of how Bama does it. Oh, wait….

  9. Looks like some of you crybaby mental midgets need to take a lap and not depend on a college football team to substantiate your existence, each day I come in here to read an article and each day the same adults are crying like women about how their team lost a football game. Boo, friggin, hoo.

    Some of you rons need UF a lot more than UF needs you, find a new hobby that doesn’t depend on 18-22 year old kids to fulfill are your happiness.

  10. It’s about time! The Gators have needed new unis for a long time, The OLD ones look straight out of the 70s! That’s because they are. From 1977. The look is 40 years OLD! We have an “alligator” as our symbol – a fierce animal and we chose to use script “Gators” on our helmets!!!!! WTF. We should be more creative than that right? Just think if we were buckeyes, ducks or sooners! No, we are a fierce and aggresive animal.. it’s about time our players dressed like it!

  11. Well, THE demographic that matters is the alumni; you’d better get that straight for longevity. If the Alumni Association and the Bull Gators ain’t happy- it doesn’t matter what the position coaches and 18 year old recruits like. The traditions, the statues out front the culture of the Swamp and that trophy case were built on winning, rings, and the Orange and Blue. A damned olive drab uni and helmets with token smatterings of our colors ain’t it. The jerseys could be a less mold colored green, blue pants, and a real orange Gator helmet. That would work. The style is fine. Update is one thing. Wholesale sellout of tradition ain’t. Start winning and incremental change will be a whole lot easier sell. The scales, the style of the helmet, the sleek look are fine- just get more orange and blue in- and lose the mold.

  12. Tommy Brasco – Did your nurse forget to give you your medications again? Wow! Amazing rant. If you “come here to read an article”, then why are you reading the comments? Could it be that you depend on hurling juvenile insults and childish name-calling at perfect strangers in order to substantiate YOUR existence each day? It would seem that your hobby is trolling forums for the sole purpose of venting some sociopathic pent-up rage. Considering the anger and angst in your comments, perhaps you should explore new hobbies that don’t depend on denigrating and insulting people whom you don’t even know in order to bolster your own obviously low self-esteem. If you can’t find another hobby, at least make sure you take all your meds before you go online. It has to be quite stressful for you otherwise. Be well, my friend, and best wishes for a successful graduation from your next anger management class.