The Gators’ ‘Bam-Bam Kids’

Tennessee quarterback Quinten Dormady is sacked by Florida defensive tackle Kyree Campbell (55) at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in the Sept. 16 game. The Gators won in a last minute catch 26-20. [Alan Youngblood/Gainesville Sun]


Defensive line coach Chris Rumph refers to his four very big freshmen linemen as the Bam Bam Kids.

They are tackles Kyree Campbell, Tedarrell Slaton, Elijah Conliffe and end Zach Carter.

“Oh man, those are the Bam-Bam Kids,” UF defensive line coach Chris Rumph said. “All four of those guys — Kyree, Big Slaton, Elijah and then Zach, he’s part of the Bam Bam Kids also. Those four guys, I’m really happy we have those guys. I think they’re going to be really, really good. They’ve been learning every day.

“It’s tough for them because we’re forcing them to play and they’re getting better. They’re not used to the way we practice and the requirements. You’ve got to get up and you’ve got to go to meetings. You’ve got to go to class. You’ve got to go to practice. You’ve got to go to tutoring. And you’ve got to balance all of these things.

“For a young kid, it’s tough. And then also, we’re relying on them Saturday not just to be guys that are filling roles. They have to go out there and play.”

Campbell, Slaton and Conliffe are all in the playing rotation. Carter is trying to work his way in.

All are big kids, but the biggest is Slaton, who is listed as 6-foot-4, 349.

“I thought he was 6-4 too until I got up on him,” Rumph said. “He’s about 6-5, 6-6. He’s big. He blocks out the sun, I’m telling you. Everybody thought the doggone eclipse was because of the sun. Nah, it was (Slaton) walking downtown. But no, man, I’m just impressed with this guy.

“We’ve just got to get his weight down. He’s got to get this weight. He’s gained weight, he’s getting big. He said, ‘Man, coach, I’m not eating anything. I’m not eating anything.’ I said, ‘What? Air doesn’t have any calories.’ Once he gets in shape the sky’s the limit for this guy. He’s a really good kid.”


  1. The Bam Bam kids are our future on the DL, no doubt. Hope they get more reps on Saturday. Now, Coach Rumph knows Slaton’s eating something. Slaton can def get some push. Campbell is nicked but has looked good to me. Elijah can def move well. They are BIG. Carter will get his time, once Sherit’s gone. Exciting to look at this group as our future. Go Gators!