UF football injury update: Toney, Cleveland still doubtful


True freshman wide receiver Kadarius Toney, one of Florida’s biggest offensive playmakers, is expected to miss Saturday’s game against Texas A&M with a separated shoulder, UF coach Jim McElwain announced Wednesday.

“Highly doubtful,” McElwain said. “He hasn’t been able to go still with that separation.”

The Gators also likely will be without leading wide receiver Tyrie Cleveland, who missed the LSU game with a high ankle sprain. Cleveland tried to do some things in practice Wednesday, but remains doubtful.

“It was good to see Tyrie trying today,” McElwain said. “I’d say doubtful, but the one thing I would say is he got out there and was adamant about giving it a shot. As far as trying to be able to go play, I thought he did a really good job.”

Running back Mark Thompson is questionable after injuring his heel in practice earlier this week.

“Mark Thompson wasn’t able to go today,” McElwain said. “Couldn’t go part of Tuesday. He had a deal with his heel, so it was awful sore and he wasn’t able to go today.”

Starting offensive guard Brett Heggie’s status remains uncertain. He is still under concussion protocol.

“Brett Heggie was out in no-contact,” McElwain said. “He’ll continue in concussion protocol, and that will be a call of the doctors moving forward. He was cleared for individual drills and went through that kind of stuff.”

On defense, starting safety Nick Washington remains out with a shoulder injury, while starting defensive end Jabari Zuniga injured an ankle in practice and his status is uncertain.

“Hope to get him ready to go,” McElwain said. “I know that he wants to go, so that’s a big piece of that.”


  1. Please, coach, tell me something that is going right with your football program. I would like to know “that piece.” Right now, it is looking very similar to the Will Muschamp disaster of a program. Not sure, with so many players out Saturday, how your team even keeps the game with A&M close. And God help you vs. Georgia if you do not have everyone back for them.

      • Dude, you can’t be serious? I am sure he has a few million reasons why he will be okay….This is exactly the problem – those of your ilk accepting absolute mediocrity (at best). This team is just not very good, and is going in the wrong direction. A bunch of striped behind monkeys could do just as good coaching the offense, and now the defense is leaky. But, you just go ahead and continue praising his efforts. Maybe I will see you at a bowl game this year – maybe not.

      • Jack Fleming. If you had followed me over the last two years plus, you would know that I have been a consistent McElwain supporter. But, frankly, the man is starting to lose me now. Nothing seems to change except the defense weakening while the offense barely gets any better. Not a good combination. And the suspensions. And the constant injuries. And the lack of physicality of this team (going on three years now). And the poor offensive coaching when both he and Nussmeier were promoted to us a offensive wise men. They are if you refer back to the 1990s type of offenses. How are those “pieces” working for you? Simply not working for me anymore. But he certainly has time to “fix this.” Nussmeier has to go. A new OC and a new and innovative offensive system has to come it. And the suspensions and constant injuries has to be reduced in major fashion. And he has to continue to recruit better, as Georgia is going to leave Florida behind if he does not. Did you see Georgia Saturday running their offense at light speed and almost with perfect execution……with a TRUE FRESHMAN…….at QB? I am simply tied of the same old same old. Time for major changes in the offensive direction. Or simply, McElwain is going to go the way of Will Muschamp. Likely not this year, but next year for sure if the same old same old is the same old same old next year. Simply stated, what McElwain is doing is NOT what Gator Nation wants. Barely beating Missouri, SC, Kentucky and losing to teams at home that they should beat. A loss to A&M Saturday, and the noise is going to get a lot louder, especially if the offense again comes out and lays yet another rotten egg in our faces. I am pulling for McElwain, but I want to see better from him on Saturdays. Much better in fact.

  2. The Florida NEW Athletic director seems to care more about himself than his employer The University of Florida.
    The way he handled the investigation about the nine players was in efficient and doomed this season as another mediocre season like the last two.
    Where is the state attorney’s decision? we have some players whom we need who have been punished enough.
    Where are the Bull gators and influential gators?
    We were just starting to build properly again and recruit for the future when all this happened. Coach Mclwain
    is not much at for his record except that he should have been monitoring his players better and he must fire Nuss.

    • The UF administration does not control the SA’s office. And the law enforcement agencies do not operate on a UF football time schedule. And, yes, the Florida AD has handled the situation with the suspended players the right way. The only way according to NCAA rules and state laws. Are you suggesting they should use boosters to undermine those rules and laws?

  3. It seems as thought everyday when the practice report comes out there seems to be a lot of guys getting hurt. My thing is what the heck is going on at practice where so many guys are getting hurt?!?! Seems like there are more injured at practice than in the games!! This seems like a problem at UF & not anywhere else where a ton of guys get hurt during practice. Is our weight program where it needs to be ?Seems like out guys appear smallish compared to other teams. Big, strong looking dudes on other teams and our guys just look smaller. Seems to me like that needs to improve ASAP. #gogators

  4. Injuries are always a sad, unpredictable part of the game. But when combined with the suspensions – damn! Bad, bad injury luck for the Gators. Anybody healthy enough to suit up – go get ’em. Go Gators.

  5. Does anyone understand what the effect of our team losing a necessary “training” game early in the year does to player development?

    And this happened two years running? Add to that:

    Quarterbacks that don’t play out the entire season

    I would venture a guess that, under that same set of circumstances, most top 10 teams wouldn’t be in the top 20 by season end.

    Cut the coaches and the team some slack ….