Crunching the numbers: UF stats are offensive


Some numbers to chew on with your breakfast bagel.

Florida’s offensive numbers continue to plummet. The Gators are now ranked 12th in the SEC in scoring offense (25.0 points a game) and 11th in total offense (347.2 yards a game).

The Gators are 102nd in the nation in total offense. UF’s recent struggles on defense are also reflected in the conference statistics. The Gators are seventh in the SEC in total defense, giving up 373.2 yards a game.

Of Eddy Pineiro’s 24 kickoffs this season, 23 have been for touchbacks.

Florida has the No.1 red zone defense in the SEC, giving up points only 73.3 percent of the time opponents drive inside the 20.

Will Muschamp’s Florida teams were usually among the most penalized in the SEC. It’s a different story now that Muschamp is at South Carolina. The Gamecocks are the league’s least penalized team, averaging only 28.2 yards in penalties a game.

UF’s Johnny Townsend leads the league in punting with a 48.8-yard average, but the Gators are fifth in net punting (41.7).


    • Yes, they will beat A&M with uniforms and swag. And not with Callaway, Cleveland, Toney, or Scarlett. And a bunch of others, both injured and suspended. If Florida beats A&M Saturday, the Gators should play all future games in those green gator uniforms.

  1. I bet the new AD is kicking himself for giving Nuss that giant raise and contract extension based on a lot of hot air and empty promises. He’ll learn a painful lesson from this; do not reward failure.

  2. Why does Mac continue to get a pass on how awful his offense is and why Nuss is still the OC??? The media needs to call him out on his weekly answer “it’s on me and we’re gonna get fixed,” that’s almost exactly what Muschamp said and it obviously nevertheless did get fixed. Absolutely nothing in Nuss’ past would make anyone believe he can fix this. Mac runs an antiquated pro system that doesn’t translate…many articles written on how Saban and orther coaches have been willing to adapt. Btw…a good OC can make average players/offenses good by great game planning and play calling and a great OC can make good players great….look at what’s SOS did when he first came to UF. Our OC is WAY below average and his game planning and play calling is making our offense worse….look at the stats.

    My question is, when will the media hold Mac’s feet to the fire and call him out at the press conferences and not let him off the hook when he provides generic and insulting responses.

    The real question is why is Nuss still the OC and why in the world would the Gator Nation believe or have any faith he can change and fix this mess he was hired to fix.

      • We all love to hate FSU, and why not? Fact is, though, Fisher is both a quality guy and a helluva good football coach. Think of it this way–he had the hardest job of all, coming in to replace a living legend and then some. Didn’t miss a beat (until this season, which is no doubt just one of those things). All I’m hoping for is that by the time FSU rolls around this season is that the Gators have at the very least found a consistent sense of urgency. If we have, we’ll probably win the game.

        • No way. Dumbo is shady at best. He’s not trustworthy. He protects criminals and looks the other way. It’s going to catch up with him and FSU one day. Definitely don’t want him at UF. He is trending down.

          Florida State ACC Conference Record and Standings:
          2014 / 8-0 / 1st (Atlantic)
          2015 / 6-2 / 2nd(Atlantic)
          2016 / 5-3 / 3rd(Atlantic)
          2017 / 1-2 / 4th(Atlantic)

          • Plus, have you heard him speak? As a rule, I am very skeptical of trusting anyone who speaks faster than a slick used car salesman. They tend to move on quickly from one lie to the next topic before you can process what they had just said and call them on it.

      • Never in a hundred years would I take “Slimball” Fisher over Mac. or anyone else, for that matter …I wouldn’t let Jimbo coach my DOG …much less my son …The day Jimbo slimball Fisher coaches at the University of Florida is the day I quite being a booster and cut my ties with university and take my diploma’s off my walls.’

  3. I get that there have been a lot of circumstances that have been detrimental to the team – suspensions, injuries, etc. What I do not understand is the total lack of organization and discipline on the field. Honestly, it is not the competition that is making us look so bad. We are doing a fine job of playing pathetic football without any help from the competition. The players that are in the games have all been playing football for a long time. If they cannot grasp the fundamentals such as wrap-up tackling, lining up on side, going on the snap count, simply falling forward a yard for a first down, not slapping opposing players, then why were they given scholarships to begin with? Similarly, coaching staffs that have been coaching the game for years, and have worked together for a long time should be capable of getting plays called on time, managing the clock, and making sure the right player packages are on the field at the right time. This team is so excruciatingly painful to watch because it is so basically inept and uninspired. The players and coaches all appear as if they are just learning the game! Watching them wander around before and after plays, and move so slowly and in such obvious confusion and disarray is maddening. I have been a Gator since 1967 and until this year have never criticized a team or coaches, but the product that is on the field is so awful that I feel an obligation to be part of the “noise”. I watch local high school football. I have yet to see a high school team on the field that looks as sloppy, undisciplined, and just plain head-shaking lousy as our poor Gators. If the competition beats us – so be it (No – I don’t like that, but I get it). When we beat ourselves and look SO incredibly inept in doing so, it is a discredit to UF, it alums, fans, and traditions. Go Gator! (GET UP AND GO! PLEASE?)

    • Nailing it again, Trooper. I went to my first Gators game in 1960 and have been rabid ever since. I honestly can’t recall Florida ever playing such listless football…..except for the last 5 years before this year, that is.

  4. It doesn’t surprise me that Muschamp went from most to least penalized SEC coach by switching teams. UF ALWAYS leads or almost leads the SEC in penalties, it’s the “good ole boy” network- the other SEC schools, especially at HQ in B’ham, are in states populated by “good ole Southern boys”, FLA is viewed as a Yankee state. We will always lead or be at the top in penalties, always. And this rant is in no way meant to excuse our terrible offense, SOS and Meyer overcame the refs.

  5. We know this. We can see what is happening (or in this case not happening) on the field. The question is when is the administration going to fix it by firing Coach Mac and go out and hire a real coach. Until they fire Coach Mac nothing will change. The team will continue to be abysmal and we fans will be frustrated. I have stopped watching the games because the team is so bad. The product on the field is terrible. The team is inept and impotent and they are too painful to watch. Please end our suffering and fire Coach Mac now, and restore our pride and dignity.

  6. Improving football facilities, needed to compete in recruiting. Hiring a better O-line coach. Improving performance of OL. Promoting Shannon to DC. Keeping the defense competitive despite youth and lack of depth. Failing to restore offensive production or to change what ain’t working. Mac needs to get that last part fixed, but he deserves more time to build on the foundations he’s laid. If he holds on to UF’s commits this year, including a highly rated qb, I’m keeping an open mind to see if he gets the offense working with added talent. Still have doubts about Nussmeier’s play calling.

    • Doubts? I don’t disagree that Mac shouldn’t be fired…yet but he does if he doesn’t fire or at a minimum demote Nuss. So much has been mentioned of his ineptitude that I am just floored he was hired and even more shocked he’s still calling plays. He’s an AWFUL OC and there’s absolutely nothing that would make anyone think he can fix this or even make it better. If Franks can’t do certain things than frickin put in things he can do or do a better job coaching him. Our OC and HC are either too stupid or stubborn to change. Mac’s O doesn’t translate well but he refuses to change anything other than putting in the wildcat, which teams will gameplan for and stop, without adding in some wrinkle (like a pass) but our OC can’t figure that out.

      I am just sick and tired of Mac dodging the questions or giving canned and dumb answers. He has to be held accountable for the ineptitude of his antiquated offense but to date, no one has taken him to task…no one.

    • I agree 100%…In the 2 years he has been here …he has taken us to the SEC championship game each of those years and recruiting has gotten better… last year and this year and even 2019 class is looking very good…I think Mac can do the job…but he has to realize to get better on offense he need to hire a new OC, one that the passing attack should be to stretch the field with down field passes in the range of 10,15-20 yds…If your bread and butter passing attack is primarily made up of bubble screens and short passes where the receivers are 3-5 yards beyond the line of scrimmage with their backs are to the goal post or simply running 3 or 4 yds beyond and parallel to the line of scrimmage … it hasn’t worked in the past and is not working now…this is the same passing scheme Muschamp used …it didn’t work for him and it’s not working for Nuss….Franks forte is certainly not the short pass..This year we are a much better running team than we’ve been the last 4-5 years…I’m not a big fan on throwing the ball 3 or 4 yards on 3rd downs, especially since are receivers never seem to know where the first down markers are.. Swain is the worst of the bunch … of not knowing where the first down marker is….it’s certainly ok to split the receivers out wide and run fly and post patterns down the field …lets get the DB’s down field with the receivers and then run the ball…with Davis , especially on 3rd and 3…after all… he averages at least 7 yds every time he touches the ball …We have no consistent offensive identity…Give Davis the ball 20 times a game and he will gain 100 yds a game, himself…and this surely will open up the passing game…every team in the league knows that when Franks and Powell are in the game at the same time and it’s a passing situation …Franks is going to be locked in on Powell …whether he’s covered or not.

  7. We all saw what Mac did when we were getting beat on the recruiting trail. He hired better recruiting coaching and our next 2 classes are both highly ranked. I believe he will see how poorly our offense is performing and he will make a change. Name any school that’s changed OCs during a season and actually saw improvement. Get thru 2017 and if there is no improvement, here’s hoping Mac will make the change.

  8. Ever heard of Murray Warmath? From Wikipedia

    After coming to Minnesota, Warmath had immediate success, leading the Gophers to a 7–2 record in his first season and a 6–1–2 record in 1956. However, Warmath came under fire after three straight losing seasons in which the Gophers finished a combined 6–20, including the 1958 campaign in which the Gophers won only one game and the 1959 campaign in which the Gophers finished last in the Big Ten and won two games. Despite fans throwing garbage on his lawn and talk from Gopher boosters that the University should buy out the last two years of his contract,[2][3] Warmath would survive the storm and the following season the Gophers won the Big Ten title, with an 8–1 record, and were declared national champions.
    Just sayin’

  9. Meanwhile, Frost down in Orlando with UCF has totally turned that program around this year. And it only took him one year to do it. 5 – 0 and ranked in the top 25 (USF is also 5- 0). And, imagine this, UCF also has a really good offense. So does USF. They also both have QBs that neither UF or USF wanted. But look on the bright side. If McElwain takes UF totally into the toilet (not just halfway into it), a new and improved head coach (with a 21st century offensive scheme) is just a few miles down the road in Orlando. And, if not him, Charlie Strong is not much further way down in Tampa. But I really am impressed with the young head coach for UCF. Imagine him at UF and what he might be able to do here. The UF AD better move quickly if he wants him. I doubt he will be at UCF next year.

  10. I live in Omaha surrounded by Huskers and the pressure on NU to hire Frost has been going on for two seasons and has reached a fever’s pitch and gets worse after each UCF win. I think he’ll be in Lincoln coaching the Big Red and the Black Shirts by spring practice. Mike Riley is toast. (Another pro-set QB whisperer.) The A.D. who hired him was run out of town in the middle the of week. And the Huskers would probably lose to the Gators. But, they won’t accept the change in recruiting since the glory days because of the sparse demographics locally and they lost their foothold in Texas when they left the Big 12. Like Bear Bryant when asked why he left A&M for Alabama answered “Mama called.” And they have plenty of money.

  11. A&M doesn’t have a great D but we’ll have trouble scoring unless the OL stands up & starts dominating. Just don’t see it happening. Perrine & Davis will have to run all over A&M for us to win this one. Cleveland & Toney will sit. A&M can score & will get to 24 or so. Our D is young this year & needed the O to help a lot thru time of possession & scoring point. We’ll need 30 to win & that means turnovers.
    102nd in total offense for Div1 is terrible. This a huge game for us this season. Go Gators!

    • The problem has been how terribly the previous coaching staff recruited offensive players, especially the OL. Take this stat into consideration: Over the last five recruiting classes UF has only gotten a total of three of the top 5 OL players from each year out of the state of Florida. That’s three top OL out of 25. This is why Summers was fired and why our offense doesn’t seem to gel ever.