Turnover drought continues for Gator D


For a team that’s struggling, especially on offense, coming up with some turnovers certainly could help. But the Gators now have gone three games in a row without creating one.

UF had several good chances in the LSU loss, but came up empty.

“I think there were five pretty crucial opportunities this week,” UF coach Jim McElwain said. “And, again, the strip drills, ball drills, all of those things continue to happen. I think the aggressive nature in which we get 11 around the ball, we need to continue doing that without saying, “You know what? I’m going to go for the strip without making the tackle.’ We need to continue to be able to do that piece.”


  1. Butch Jones at Tennessee and Jim McElwain at Florida are starting to have a lot in common concerning lack of team production and related catch phrases. Funny thing is, I am seeing a lot of team production and wins at Bama and Georgia, but surprisingly very few catch phrases coming from their head coaches. So, I am just going to start calling all of McElwain’s catchy phrases…….”Nussfires”

  2. “Aggressive way we get 11 around the ball”?

    To even make such an outlandish comment like that when our defense can’t even defend a single play run over and over again (screens by Vandy and jet sweeps by LSU), is the epitome of ignorance.

  3. Before you teach them to try and strip the ball, you might want to teach them how to actually tackle first! Bring back Louis Oliver to help teach that. We also had 3 pick 6’s in the first 2 games, and no interceptions since then.