Swampcast: LSU game could open up Gators offense




  1. ” I won’t back down” would be a great new ”Gator tradition”. The ”flex-seal” reference, for U.F. (and I would submit: Mac’s entire 3 years to date at U.F.), while truthful is still just a reason to soften the blow for losers. Mac’s Gators winning all 3 (L.S.U., A&M, & U.G.A.) is obviously best, 2 out of 3 is probably expected, with 1 or 0 out of 3 just not acceptable, in spite of all the ”problems” (Mac’s 3rd year, too).
    So when will it -EVER- go entirely ”right” for Mac’s (program) Gators? No, P.E.D.s, no debit/credit card rip-offs, etc…? In life, it NEVER goes completely right, all the time. So adjust, improvise, adapt! I want to see the guys that are suited up and ”eligible”, WIN! ”Just win baby!”
    Go Gators!

  2. Coach Mac is not responsible for the decision of nine players to allegedly engage in credit card fraud. As for his performance as our HC since his arrival, look to winning the SEC East more than once as an accomplishment. Does our offense need to get better? YES!!! Does our defense need to get better? YES!!! The Gators are not dominating, but they are steadily getting better. This is the direction we want, and patience is required. A good team does not become great overnight. I am very proud of our coaches and our team (except those who are charged with credit card fraud etc.). I will be at the LSU game and will be rooting for the Gators in the Swamp – there is nothing better than this experience, one I have had at least once each year for decades. GO GATORS!!!