UF running back room receives pep talk


True freshman tailback Adarius Lemons seems fine now after hinting last Saturday that he might be looking to leave the team.

Shortly before kickoff in the Vanderbilt game, Lemons posted on Twitter that he was getting ready for his last game. His Tweet was deleted a short time later.

Running backs coach Ja’Juan Seider said he had a chance to sit down and talk with Lemons after the game. Lemons was unhappy that he’s the No. 4 tailback and only playing on special teams.

“As a coach, you can’t forget your younger guys even when they’re not playing,” Seider said. “I always constantly communicate with him. Listen, it’s a process. It’s hard to really get four guys ready. For this kid, I don’t want to take anything away from what he didn’t get when he was in high school.

“Really, this is the first time he’s really been coached on things. And this ain’t an offense you can just walk in and play right away. You’ve got to be able to think a little bit and be able to carry it over to the field. I just think the process might have taken him a little bit longer than it did Malik (Davis).

“I told him, ‘That’s the difference between you guys.’ It’s just picking up the offense a little bit quicker. So he’s going to be fine.”

Perine rebounds

After getting only five carries in the win over Kentucky two weeks ago, sophomore running back Lamical Perine was much more involved in the running game in the win over Vanderbilt, rushing for 58 yards on 15 carries and scoring three touchdowns.

“He got back to being the Lamical we expect him to be,” Seider said. “I kind of sat down with him after the Kentucky game and not really challenged him, but tried to reassure him as to who he is as a player. I think all running backs, when they find out what type of back they are — are they a slasher or a downhill runner or whatever it may be — you become a better player.

“I think he went back and he reevaluated who he is as a running back. It was reminiscent of how he played against LSU a year ago, the way he ran in the Kentucky game a year ago when he wasn’t thinking too much.”



  1. If you’re not redshirting Lemmons, I hope you’ll put him in for a couple of plays coach. This kid is hard to tackle. Hate to see him jump ship. Maybe let him return a punt or kick. Hope he can bring to the Gators what he showed in high school and he puts faith in the coaches to get him ready.

  2. He knew that there was a stockpile of RBs here now, so he was going to have to earn his time. He also has to remember that he didn’t play a down of football when his senior season should’ve been, so he’s missed the coaching he might’ve gotten in HS. If there’s any evidence to show, the RB that started last season as the starter, ended up transferring because he got beat out over the course of the season, and the one that ended last season will unfortunately probably never play for UF again. So hopefully Seider got him to understand that you’ve got to keep plugging away and working to be the starter or getting carries, because as soon as one gets complacent about their place in the depth chart, that spot becomes available for the taking. And that’s how ‘Bama keeps their 4 & 5 starts happy, other than the dynasty that Saban has built there.