Dooley Noted: Logic aside, Malik Davis did the right thing




  1. Gator fans need to relax. Coach Mac has had injuries and suspensions and he’s still wining. Wait until he has 5-6 full years or recruiting and then he’ll be able to compete with Alabama and Ohio St and Clemson but we’re just not there yet.

    Coach Mac has done the right thing with the suspensions and Gator fans need to understand 17-18 year-old’s are not an exact science. In order to have the depth to compete at the A- level these days you need to bring in 4 and 5 star talents annually but also need 3 stars to develop and become red-shirt Juniors and Seniors to provide the leadership and depth like other top programs.

    Educated fans should get this. I know it sucks losing to Alabama annually but it’s better then being Tenn. or LSU. Coach Mac wins ugly but he still wins and he’s building the program. Wait for it Gator fans… he wins games against better teams now so the future is bright.

  2. The playcalling has greatly improved as has the offensive line. It was still Vandy. The big problem is at both safety positions. I know you don’t want to start a freshman safety but I can’t remember a worse starting safety tandem at Florida in years. They are constantly out of position, one of them can’t cover one-on-one, neither can play zone and one of them is so bad at tackling that he avoids contact. Can’t beat Georgia with these two so may as well throw Brad Stewart and/or maybe Shawn Davis into the fire.

  3. Oh well, could tell you were bored tonight…I protested watching not much of the President’s Cup….the real golf season ends for me at the PGA, heck make it the FedEx Cup final. The PGA Tour season is too long. Only people who care about the big payday fedex cup are the players.
    Should beat LSU, don’t think they recover from the Troy performance. Could of discussed where the SEC season is: Bama vs GA/UF winner.

  4. That’s why you are a sportswriter and not a coach….and for the other commentities above? Go back and look at the lines, we also beat Ole Miss when they were top 10 and favored too, along with the other points made…

  5. I completely agree with the comments regarding our safeties. Losing Marcell Harris was devastating. I think we should just more Garbner to Corner full time and try Wilson, Stiner, or Davis at Safety. It really cant get much worse… Linebackers have been underwhelming, but depth has been hurt by injuries and suspensions. Also, just not a big fan of Randy Shannon as DC.

  6. Maybe other teams have unfortunate injuries and players lost for the year, but Mac has had more than his share. Grier, the suspensions, Luke, and other injuries have reduced the team to hopeful but not probable.
    Hopefully the OL and RB’s will continue to improve, and the safeties and DB’s in general will improve quickly or we will be nothing better than 8-3 at best and it might be a stretch to get there.
    The recruiting of OL’s, LB’s, Safeties, and much improved play calling and adjustments will change the team into a serious SEC contender and maybe more nationally. Hope Mac has the time to get there without the continuous pressure of being fired.

  7. Bill said this as good as anyone could……coach Mac has done an excellent job with what he has to work with….spoiled gator fans need to understand this and support him…..we are Gator Nation and need to support OUR team win lose or draw…..all gator fans need to bond together and quit being so negative about everything……I love my GATORS in all sports no matter what happens

  8. Look, I get it, TN sucks, KY and Vandy always suck and we ALWAYS beat them! Now, if we beat LSU, and Texas A&M, they suck! If we lose to GA (and that is likely), we suck. But the reality is, its Oct. and we have a watchable team (actually, its been highly entertaining to watch, if you enjoy heart attacks). Given all that’s happened, that is dang near a miracle! The future looks promising.

  9. Coach Mac and his boys are fighters till the whistle blows. You can’t ask for more than that and there has been growth even with the injuries and off field incidents that were out of Coach Mac’s reach. Go Gators!

  10. “You can’t ask for more than that…”? who says that? the athletic director at Florida – maybe in 1989? This isn’t 1989 – and for $5 million per year, those boosters that pay the salary of the HBC have every right to ask for more than offensive ineptitude after 30 games and 5 QBs. Two FSU blowouts…two Alabama blowouts…two Michigan blowouts…a grand total of 4 offensive TDs in those games – unacceptable.

    Call me spoiled – or like Spurrier – but I see no reason that the Gators can’t always compete atop the SEC like Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, LSU, and Auburn.