Dooley Grades The Gators: UF gets job done

Florida running back Malik Davis (20) celebrates with teammates after scoring the final touchdown to ice the game Saturday against Vanderbilt at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. Florida won 38-24. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

Offense A-

First half: Despite losing Luke Del Rio to an injury, the offense was able to put up the kind of numbers Gator fans hoped for — 225 yards and 17 points.

Second half: Florida put together some impressive drives and the final dagger put Malik Davis over the 100-yard mark for the first time in Gator career.

For the game: Florida threatened 500 yards and that’s a good sign for the Gators considering how balanced they were with two different quarterbacks.

Defense D+

First half: It was not good. Vanderbilt came out throwing and Kyle Shurmur threw for 161 yards despite being only 9-of-20.

Second half: Florida cannot be allowing anyone to complete a pair of fourth-down passes with the game still in doubt. The secondary did not have a good day.

For the game: We wondered how Florida’s defense would be this year with so many losses and so little depth. The truth is that it’s not very good, certainly not good enough to carry this team.

Special teams B

First half: The punt coverage was finally good and both kickers were again weapons. But having 12 men on the field for a field goal try out of a timeout is bad coaching.

Second half: A short Johnny Townsend punt was the only blemish as Eddy Pineiro continues to boom kickoffs through the end zone.

For the game: We thought Florida needed to win special teams to win this game, but it really was a wash. Special teams were fine, but not much of a factor.

Overall B-

It was another win and there is nothing wrong with that. Florida imposed its will on Vandy offensively, but the big boy football is still coming up.



  1. Coaching: F-, wish there was a lower grade. “He f@#$ed up, he should have gone down.” McElwain to Seider after Malik Davis scored on 4th and 1. Coach, you NEVER EVER tell a kid or his coach he messed up because he scored. You, McElwain, are a disgrace to the program. To imply that an athlete messed up or made a mistake by scoring is disgusting. Get away from my football program.

  2. That’s two weeks in a row you have the offense grading higher than the defense and special teams. Last week, it looked like the offense is turning the corner. This week confirmed it. Doesn’t mean the offense won’t struggled again but looks like it has bottomed out and on the up trend.

  3. GO GATORS! 3-1, and 3-0 in the S.E.C.! ”Big boy” football is coming up, and for the next 3 consecutive games, too! L.S. who, Texas A&M, and those ugly Daws.
    So, ”when there’s a will, there’s a way!” Just do it Gators! CHOMP-ON!

  4. I like what Mac has done with the assistants because he put a major emphasis on recruiting but I have issues with both coordinators. I have been very critical about Nuss but have to admit the last two games he’s done better. Even with that said, I don’t think he’s the answer and never thought he should’ve been hired but I don’t think Mac has the wherewithal to fire Nuss or demote him like he should. I also wasn’t thrilled with the hiring of Randy Shannon as DC. Coach Shannon is a highly respected LB coach and recruiter but doesn’t have a strong track record as a DC. He spent 8 years as a position coach after getting fired from Miami…Muschamp had a DC job hours after being fired…shouldn’t that tell us something? These aren’t the Miami teams with super superior talent that he coordinated, we need to out scheme teams but “playing fast” isn’t out scheming anyone. We don’t blitz or disguise anything. We expect our 4 DL to dominate every play and pray everyone else covers. Guess what, that doesn’t work. We need to pick up the play calling on both sides of the ball because Georgia is turning into a beast..Kirby killed us on the recruiting trail in his first year and is poised to do it again and they’re also gonna out coach us….that’s obviously a REALLY bad combo.

  5. I love Shannon as a coach, but his defense is way too soft and needs to step up the aggressiveness more. And please, get Slaton in the game more (if he is in good enough shape to handle it). He is unblockable in the middle of the DL.

    • I love Coach Shannon as a LB Coach and recruiter. Why do you love him as a DC? We were really lucky today Vandy QB couldn’t hit wide open guys and they dropped some big passes. “Playing fast” and being vanilla isnt good. Yes, Coach Shannon is respected defensive mind but that doesn’t mean he’s a good DC. Again, 8 years in between DC jobs…Muschamp hours, Paul Rhodes DC job in a couple weeks…8 years. Again, I am all for Coach Shannon being on staff, not real keen on him being DC…don’t like our lack of aggressiveness or unwillingness to take chances….I love aggressive, unpredictable play calling but that’s not what we’re getting from either side of the ball but I guess that’s what we’ve become and are willing to live with.

  6. Congrats Gators, but I still don’t believe we have completed a 15 yard crossing pattern pass in 8 years. Do you notice that our qbs always throw to a player (usually after staring him down) and never to a spot on a pass pattern.

    LDRs injury is on the offensive line who allowed LDR to be harassed until he got hurt.

    Apparently we will compete with everyone until UGA. Then we will have to pray.

  7. A fair victory considering playing a poor team. TN got manhandled by GA. GA will do the same to the Gators. Poor performance by the cornerbacks demonstrates continued poor teaching by the defensive coaches. They have to learn to turn and look for the ball. Several of those passes could have been intercepted if they just turn and look for the ball. Although the offense moved the ball, unfortunately it was against a poor defense. Wont happen against LSU or GA. There is a lot of very good talent on the team, just poor coaching and play calling on both sides of the ball demonstrate the need for better coaches.

  8. WOW! Just saw Super Stupid’s press conference that said, “getting loose there on the 4th and 1, that’s a teachable moment” WHAT THE UNHOLY STUPID ARE YOU TRYING TO TEACH? OH MY GOD, HOW DUMB CAN YOU BE TO TELL A PLAYER HE CAN’T SCORE WHEN THERE IS NOTHING BUT GREEN PASTURE IN FRONT OF HIM. DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN HOW DUMB IS OUR HEAD COACH??

    • I see your backhanded compliment although you are right that it could be worse, a lot worse. We could be like the UTs (both Tennessee and Texas). They drove their successful coaches who brought each school a national championship out of town. Ever since, they are have suffered through a decade (and still counting) of dumpster fire after dumpster fire seasons. Every time, they fire a coach, the program is set back another 3 or 4 years. Looks like LSU is following the same blue print after firing Miles. Then there’s Nebraska…ditto. How long and how many coaches did Alabama cycle through before they finally landed Saban. The pasture is not always greener on the other side. In fact, it almost always is worse. I’m not going to let gidiots drive McElwain out of town. He brought us two division championships in the two years he’s been on the job. We are trending up after the Muschamp years. Recruiting is taking off. I want the gidiots to get off my lawn.

      • Sly, you are spot on there. I think the UT named VOLS might have won another national championship under Fulmer, or come close to it anyway. We loved to hate him, but had to admit that he was a damn fine coach and person. And Les Miles? Sure there will be down seasons, part of the game isn’t it? But to haul off out of the blue and fire a coach of that quality just demonstrates more of the arrogance of that particular AD, and will prove to be a huge mistake for the program there (OK by me, but still sad). As far as the UT that goes by Longhorns (I live about 50 miles north of Austin), they’ve done it twice now in just a few years. I can tell you from the local press out here, Charley Strong was behind the 8-Ball right from jump street and even before. The big time Texas boosters and alums, the guys c the $ and influence, didn’t want him at all and were hugely upset when the AD hired him anyway despite their wishes being made known. But for that, consensus among us peons out here is that he would have been supported while he rebuilt and might just still be there as a winner. Of course, had Muschamp not bolted for Florida when he did, I doubt he would have made it either despite having all the support he needed. So bottom line, let’s get behind Mac and stop undermining the guy until such time as he really deserves it, which may or may not happen, OK?

  9. Unsure about the grading….Gators could do better. The coaching could certainly be better. I’m glad they won…….I’m sorry for Del Rio but glad we had Franks step in and up. He was better this week. Let’s hope he continues to improve. Toney needs to be utilized more. Let’s “chomp” the tigers next week. GO Gators.!

  10. Another thing not mentioned was the fact that on our last drive we snapped the ball on every play with between 13 and 15 seconds on the play clock–what the hell? Mac worries about not taking a knee but we left 1:24 seconds on the clock which was very poor coaching. We have a stable of running backs and should use them until opponents put 7-8 men in the box to open up the passing game. With our youth and lack of depth on defense it will be in our best interest to shorten games. Right now every game on our schedule looks winnable except UGA…..9-2 would be a blessing with our continued lack of developing a QB and inferior coaching!!!!!

  11. i would guess that most of the 9 credit card fraud players will need to be moving on, wonder what the rules are towards replacing them. can we recruit 9 extra guys next year to pick up the slack? even then there is another lost year in that several of the suspended players were proven performers and it takes time to establish a track record. I hope we have enough depth for a ten win season this year, but I think the real damage from this is over the next 2-3 years, and that’s assuming there isn’t an ncaa probe, a link to unscrupulous agents, and some other measures put in that require adjustment. looks to me that Georgia
    is quickly moving in for SEC east dominance for a while. I hope I’m wrong.