Townsend more than just a punter for Florida


Punters usually aren’t associated with pancakes, unless you’re talking about the kind you eat.

But in the case of Florida punter Johnny Townsend, he’s been known to enjoy football’s version of a pancake — flattening someone who moves into your path like a pancake.

Townsend pancaked someone in last Saturday’s game at Kentucky. He has shared a tape of it on Twitter. It shows the 6-foot-1, 211-pound Townsend heading downfield after launching a 61-yard punt and two Kentucky blockers confronting him in the middle of the field, trying to block him. Townsend then pancakes one of them, knocking him flat on his back.

Punters usually aren’t associated with pancakes, but. …

“Johnny, he’s not a normal punter,” senior wide receiver Brandon Powell said. “You see him in the weight room, he’s one of the strongest players on the team. He’s fast and quick. All summer in our agility drills, Johnny’s one of those that is in the top competition for who can do this the fastest or the quickest.

“I wasn’t surprised. You see that double team for a reason. He’s down there making tackles on the punt team, punting the ball and going to make the tackle. I wasn’t surprised seeing Johnny pancaking people.”


  1. Townsend in my mind is very unusual. You think of most punter as being a defensive player but this guy is an offensive player he will gain you 15 to 20 yards on a punt exchange. He can pin the opponent deep limiting their play calling! What a weapon for the Gators!

  2. Maybe he should not worry so much about blocking and more about not out kicking his coverage. Yeah he can kick it a ton but look at the resultant returns. This was the one thing Meyer did really well during his tenure. He had a good punter and only allowed a few returns, usually less than 5 yards. Stop out kicking your coverage. Either he stops kicking so far or find some guys who can get there an tackle. I was at the game and there were a couple where there were no defenders close and one almost got returned for a TD. Not much of a weapon when that happens.