Taunting Gators


There is one aspect of Florida’s dramatic back-to-back wins that seems to have disappointed coach Jim McElwain. Immediately after both games, a few players were spotted taunting some opposing fans.

“Well, act like you’ve been there,” McElwain said. “It’s an emotional game. In some cases, they’ve got to understand you don’t need to react to what maybe had happened to you.

“When you get stuff thrown on you, sometimes you’ve just got to maybe just turn the cheek, which is what you should do, and yet at the same time, it’s a learning experience. Let’s put it this way, there’s no reason (to taunt), just go shake their hands and get to the locker room.”


  1. I think there was enough taunting going on from both teams all night during the game. But I was also not pleased to see some Gators taunting Wildcat fans after the game was over. Not what UF needs. Hope the players involved do better in the future. One was Franks, who had no reason to be doing any taunting. I actually, like McElwain, felt badly for the Kentucky fans. Their hearts were broken by the Florida comeback, as they have been now for 31 straight years. That fact is enough taunting in itself.

  2. I was in the 37th row @ the 20 yard line on the Florida sideline @ Kroger Field & I too was incredibly disappointed to see these few players taunt the Kentucky fans. I do not know what might have occurred during the game but I know the “abuse” we did receive walking to the stadium. However, I would have expected & hoped that the players would have wanted to celebrate this win with their teammates, coaches, travelling band & the majority of Gator fans in the corner of the stadium. I expected more from the players!

    • Gator Steve. Please post in detail how McElwain’s coaching caused any of those nine players to commit credit card fraud. I think McElwain made it very clear how he feels about his players taunting. And roughing is a penalty, and there sure must be a lot of really bad coaches out there because the percentage of roughing calls is way up this year.

      • I believe good coaches set unmistakeable standards and tones for their teams. Isolated mistakes and misconducts will occur but will not be prevalent. I believe that when players are chronicly off sides, commit false starts, interfere with receivers instead of going for the ball, etc., their coaches have failed them. They should be coached up enough before the game NEVER TO TAUNT, and to PROTECT THE BALL NEAR THE GOAL LINE. Sorry, I think that is coaching.

        And I can’t help but believe that enough emphasis on criminal conduct will prevent criminal enterprises. (Perhaps I am overly optimistic – but the coaches are paid an awful lot of money to get into the kids heads)

        • I think I remember Coach Mac all over TV when Taylor got the taunting penalty…and wasn’t there a quarterback named Tebow that had one against the Noles… Can’t put all the blame on the coach, last second wins, young kids and the media is everywhere now…To bad there isn’t a penalty or fine for not standing during the national Anthem….

  3. So, what kind of discipline did he give to those Gators caught doing unacceptable actions on video?? (#11 for example) And for others not caught. Apparently NOTHING! Coach Mac MUST get a handle on this team. Totally out of control discipline wise and playing wise. Some players are totally out of control. Coach Mac should also expect his leaders to do the same… however I am not sure this team has much leadership and that is a reflection on the Coach.

  4. I was there in section 5, row 5. And the comments coming from you couch burners were horrendous. I cheered for the gators and received threats. We all know you guys will hurt furniture before you touch anyone. Good game gators but let them act like the country guys they are and we remain in a higher class. Chomp chomp

  5. Nobody was taunting, I saw Franks shake the hand of a KY player. They were reminding those idiot fans of how immature they were during the game. I might prefer they not do that, but chomping at them would be taunting, waving and pointing is not in my opinion

  6. I probably leave 100+ messages on our oppositions Twitter accounts each week leading up to the game…welcome to social media…it surely aggrivates the shit out of kids and motivates them to play better…it elevates football…so don’t be surprised when they lash back…they’re only human…the human psychology experiment is strong in modern day college football

  7. It’s an emotional game. We ask these players to play hard and knock the snot out of the guy on the other side of them. They get taunted and hit and tweeted about and the fans let them have it each and every minute. So of course when they win in an emotional way, they can’t just turn that emotion off. They are college kids. Tim Tebow chomped the Oklahoma player, Chris Doering yelled at the UK fans after the catch in 93, Spurrier taunted everybody (UT, UGA, FreeShoesUniversity) and Reidel Anthony pointed at a Tennessee player after a TD on a reverse in 1995 and then yelled at a fan after catching the 4th & 11 TD pass in 1996. Urban Meyer called timeouts to taunt UGA when we were way ahead. I’m not sure why these actions are OK and considered Gator lore, but our current players are embarrassing. The taunting isn’t necessary but emotion plays a huge role in college football and 18-22 year-olds aren’t exactly known for their ability to handle emotions well.

  8. Yeah, the team is so out of control that they won 2 SEC East divisional titles. They fought till the end and managed to be 2-0 in division against 2 pretty good teams, all while having 9 players suspended, which is pretty much like being on probation. Did I mention they managed to significantly upgrade the facilities and currently have the number 5 projected recruiting class in the country. That program sure is out of control. The bulk of this noise is coming from people who have probably never touched a football in their life, let alone played the game. Look, the players were immediately suspended, some will likely be dismissed. It happens when you take chances on kids from tough areas, but hey, those kids deserve a chance. What they choose to do with it, is up to them. Meyer had some difficult kids too and won championships. They came back and won 2 tough games, largely due to coaching adjustments late in the games. Once these kids are adjudicated, I’m sure they will be dealt with, and it will send a message to those other kids as well. So let’s just slow down and give things a chance before we pass judgement on the coaches and the program. Shall we?

  9. I think I remember Coach Mac all over TV when Taylor got the taunting penalty…and wasn’t there a quarterback named Tebow that had one against the Noles… Can’t put all the blame on the coach, last second wins, young kids and the media is everywhere now…To bad there isn’t a penalty or fine for not standing during the National Anthem…. Start with the parents

  10. Taunting? Florida players, especially Franks should be thanking Kentucky for MAJOR defensive screw ups that GAVE Florida two touchdowns. Kentucky kicked their ass all over the field…period! I was just glad Florida escaped Tenn and Kentucky with a win. But, I am not happy with this team at all. The next game will really tell us what level Florida is on for the rest of the season (scary). Awe the hell with it…

  11. Gator 41…. How many chances do you think is enough..2..3..4.. Or maybe a Callaway number…5…5 chances with all that freaking talent and an invaluable education from top universe and this is the thanks & appreciation he (they) show… Truth is a thug is a thug is a thug… It’s not like these were accidental incident.. No they were malicious and purposeful… Where there is smoke there is fire… And with this much fire representative of a lack of control by the coaches and a lack of true leadership in the team….btw how does your accomplishments of yesterday how does that excuse your problems of today? They don’t offset each other… Truth is Had the coaching staff been Proactive and taken care of this early on and cut ties after giving the first second chance and made an example This most likely never ever Happened