Florida quarterbacks still striving to move up, contributing

Florida quarterback Luke Del Rio warms up before Saturday's game against Tennessee. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

Former Florida starting quarterback Luke Del Rio has been elevated to the No. 2 spot ahead Notre Dame graduate transfer Malik Zaire, who played most of the second half in the loss to Michigan in the opener.

“You know, (Del Rio) is healthy,” McElwain said. “That’s a big thing. He’s back. He’s healthy. That doesn’t mean Malik is buried down at the bottom. There’s things that are ready for him as well and so we’re prepared for whatever may move forward.”

Even though they’re watching Feleipe Franks instead of playing, Del Rio and Zaire are keeping their heads in the game and preparing like they are starting, McElwain said.

“(Zaire) is working, Luke’s working hard,” McElwain said. “Like I said, that’s a good room. Those guys all came here to play, there’s no doubt about it. And yet, there’s one guy out there at a time. So it’s how you chose to deal with it and those guys are, both of them, doing great, studying the game plan, knowing the game plan, and they’re going to be prepared if that time comes.

“(Everyone wants to play). The key is is how you deal with that. And (Zaire’s) dealing with it like a pro. He’s doing a good job.”

In practice this week, Zaire is playing the role of Kentucky QB Stephen Johnson, also a multi-dimensional threat, to prepare the UF defense for what it will see Saturday, McElwain said.



  1. Neither Del Rio nor Zaire have the physical skills and potential that Franks has. That is very clear. The correct QB, Franks, is starting for now and for the future for the Gators. And looking forward to the future battle between Franks and Corral in the future. That will be some serious competition between two QBs with serious QB skills.

  2. Whichever qb that can find open receivers down field should play. Enough bubble screens when there are 9 in the box.

    And oh by the way – if we have receivers that can win jump balls as was promised – get those receivers in the game and throw up the jump balls.

  3. Listened to Chris Landry yesterday talk about Gator QBs. Landry scouts for NFL teams and is a recognized expert on talent. These are his words, not mine. “I don’t know that Franks is the answer. In my view, Trask is the guy who has the most talent” among the QBs on the roster. Don’t know if Kyle Trask can save Mac’s job because he is red-shirting. Landry also said Florida should have talent at WR and RB, but except for Cleveland, it isn’t there. He figures Callaway is gone. That;s Chris Landry talking, folks. You can look him up on Google. He gets paid big bucks by NFL teams to scout NCAA talent. Landry also said Gators “should be worried about going to Kentucky.” Lost to KY and the season is lost. A 5-6 or 4-7 record won’t get you a bowl game. I hate to be negative, but I can’t see any blocking from the O-line, speed at RB or WR, nobody hits the holes and on D, too many freshmen are missing tackles. This does not look like a Top 20 team.

    • Trask soundly beat Franks in the spring game despite all the propaganda to the contrary. There was only one series that they went head to head, where Trask was able to run the #1 offense against the #2 defense which is what Franks was doing all game and not too well at it. Trask drove right down and scored! The rest of the game Trask was having to lead the #2 offense against the #1 defense, a feat Franks never had to do. So head to head Trask easily beat out Franks. Coaches and media comments after ward reminded me of the twilight zone, they were disconnected from reality.

  4. Del Rio had the physical skills to beat Kentucky 45 to 7 last year. Same Kentucky team that beat Louisville and the Heisman winner. Does anybody think Franks will score 45 against Kentucky?? If not, why isn’t Del Rio playing? It was like his only game where he was completely healthy. Isn’t it likely that Del Rio would have made the correct read on some of those 6 crucial plays that Mac said Franks went 0-6 on?

    • I agree that Del Rio, who can read defenses, would be playing better but I think the coach is working on the future and has moved on. he’s trying to build a QB to play for the next few years rather than go with the guy who can win the most now.

  5. If our offense is anemic AGAIN, that will be very concerning.
    And it’ll be time to start looking at the coaching staff. There isn’t a good excuse why we continue to struggle to even get 200 yards passing and 100 yards rushing every game. I don’t understand. I see freshmen qb come in every week at different programs and out perform everything we do on offense. We have Cleveland, who should be a all conference receiver if he can get the ball, Toney can make people miss, Swain and Hammond are underrated, Davis should be getting way more touches….yet we don’t use any of our talent. That’s coaching. Our defense is good. Gave up 211 yards to Tennessee through 3 quarters, then 231 in the 4th. Mainly because the offense ran 8 plays in the 3rd quarter, that’s ridiculous and NOBODY wants to see that every game, and hear the same excuses as to why…