Dooley Noted: Was it the greatest play in Florida history?


Pat reviews the Florida-Tennessee game — and Feleipe Franks’ remarkable game-winning pass — and catches you up on other SEC news from the weekend.


  1. I like the idea of sticking with Franks even though I agree with you on Del Rio probably the better QB today. If we stick with Franks through thick and thin he will be the better QB by the end of the year.

    I still don’t understand how even a rookie QB you running three or four reverses a game. You put Malik o toss sweep ad reverse it with Toney. Malik’s speed will make the defense fly i that initial direction which makes the reverse player very dangerous. I also think it would producction on a toss sweep after seeig a reverse oor two because the defense will have to stop selling out on the initial toss sweep.

    I haven’t seen us run aloot of plays that set up other plays it’s a defiite area I would to see improvement.

    Go Gators
    Awesome Finish, but that James Jones catch was one the greatest catches I have ever seen.

    • This group of Gator fans weren’t born when James Jones made that stumbling, one-handed over the shoulder catch that beat Miami. Can’t remember exact date but 1982 or 1984 sounds right.
      The debate can go on an on, with plenty of plays in both football and basketball. Chris Chiozza’s 3 to beat Wisconsin. Chandler Parsons heaving a 75 foot shot at the buzzer to beat North Carolina State by 2, Chris Doering’s 25 yd. TD pass to beat Kentucky. Antonio Callaway vs. UT two years ago. The block on the South Carolina FG attempt that allowed GAtors to win 17-16 (they also blocked an Xp attempt). The list goes on an onl

      • The ’84 Miami game was Kerwin Bell’s first start, and the Canes came back late to win the game. Also, I’m pretty sure Jones graduated in ’83, so I think the Jones catch was in ’82. It was a great catch, regardless, and it won the game, as did Doering’s and Callaway’s, but with all of those, there was still time left on the clock after the play. Cleveland’s catch is the only time I know of that Florida has won a game by scoring a touchdown on the game’s final play of regulation. That, and the fact that the ball traveled 65+ yards in the air, make it the best play in Gator football history (imo)… not the most important, but the best, or at least most exciting.

        BTW, one of my favorites is Bell limping into the endzone for the 2 pt conversion to beat Auburn in ’86.

  2. (1) After reading Franks review of “the play”, it was a 70 yard air time “pass play” with Cleveland catching the ball in stride, not a “hail Mary” (2) “the play” reminded me of the first TD in the 1995 UT game where it was 3rd and 15 at the UT 35 (107K crowd) and HB Coach called time out and gave Danny the play saying “lets see if they are in the right coverage” (3) You’re right Pat, can’t think of a bigger play but a top 10 play that meant something would be the “fake hurt Danny play” with Krieser’s 25 yard pass play as part of “the drive” for a SEC title against Bama. (4) Nessler is way better fresh air announcer than lib Vern, but got tired of them saying “oh the 3 missed FGs”, well UT was not good enough to make 3 long FGs. (5) After this past weekend, Yes, the East is now doable, BUT unless Hurt gets Hurt, Bama is untouchable. (6) Miss State did look good! (7) Hot seats are lining up, that with a great season, Dan Mullen will be a richer man!

    • Oh yea, Davis’s fumble on the half yard line reminded me of the 1983 Auburn game when Neil Anderson fumbled on the half yard line after a long run, on his own, with no defenders near…Auburn recovered the ball in the end zone and Bo Jackson went of right tackle on the next play for 80 yards! My father and I had crappie seats on the north end line, row one, looking down the goal line. We could not really tell what had happened until we got home to see the replay. Likely, if Anderson scored, we win the game and the first SEC under Charlie Pell, BUT that’s how bad fate was for Charlie. He had really turned us around, but for the violations!

  3. In my top 10 (or so) off all time for the Gators! I do rank this just before Doering’s miracle at Kentucky.
    I think Jarvis Moss’ blocked FG holds alot of weight as well.
    The Quez Green catch vs FSU, Spurrier’s FG, Heck… Cleveland’s long TD catch vs LSU last year. Collingsworth’s TD throw in his first game ever vs Rice…so many more!

  4. Being reported now that Callaway and Jordan Smith are going to be arrested and charged with felony credit card fraud. Hopefully, this will be the end of Callaway’s time on the UF campus and football team. About time.

  5. We need to use the speed of the RB’s and make opposing defenses run every play. Reverses, screens, and roll outs to wear down the defense is absolutely necessary. Remember “choke at Doke”? They ran us off the field in the second half with little depth to substitute a very tired defense.
    Our OL’s don’t move well so pass blocking is a project that probably won’t get much better. The RB’s have to block on pass plays and don’t whiff most attempts like Thompson does. Hope our QB’s can see the field and not lock on any receiver so could Del Rio help with that? We had a good but very revealing game with many flaws to overcome.

  6. The throwin’ Mayoan’s two point conversion against AU and Doering’s catch vs. UK have to be right up there, but I’d rank this play by Franks and Cleveland as number one, since it was against a rival and was a game winner with no time remaining. I still remember Chris Collinsworth’s 99 yard pass to Derrick Gaffney against Rice too. I think it is still the longest TD pass in NCAA history.

  7. My favorite was Kerwin Bell’s 4th quarter 96 yard TD pass to Ricky Nattiel against Georgia after a four-down goal line stand, putting the nail in their coffin and ending a six game losing streak in 1984.
    After four years of being humiliated at the hands of Herschel Walker, it was very cathartic!