UF coordinator Nussmeier to call plays from pressbox

Florida offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier moved back to pressbox to call plays. [Brad McClenny/Staff photographer]

Florida offensive coordinator Doug Nussmeier will have a different view for calling plays in Saturday’s SEC opener against Tennessee.

Nussmeier is moving from the sideline to the press box to call plays, UF coach Jim McElwain said on Wednesday.

“We’ve got guys down on the sideline that handle the direct communications, just like the first year,” McElwain said. “He’ll be able to communicate with those guys between series on the headsets, that kind of stuff. It’s him being able to see it in a sterile environment. That will help.”

Nussmeier has been coordinating the offense and calling plays from the sideline since the start of last season.

He has been criticized by many for his play calling and UF’s overall lack of effectiveness on offense. In the loss to Michigan two weeks ago, the Gator offense produced only three points and 192 total yards.


  1. I GUESS that he can see better from up there that the plays the he are calling are the same and they are resulting in the SAME NEGATIVE manner. I really HOPE that he can see something that will spark in his mind and try some of those plays that may actually be a better call for the situation the offense in in. Don’t RUN on the first down every time, use the TE, and quick swing passes out of the backfield, just do something. CREATIVE.

  2. I think drawing the plays on the field in the huddle is the best way to go. Sounds like a woe is me loss coming to the Vols by this article. We were just in a funk because of the Hurricane. Certainly hope not. How about some offense, Nuss & Mac. Go Gators!

  3. You’ve got to be kidding. Instead of putting him and the Press Box, Nussmeier needs to be fired. His offense record at Florida at Alabama and at Michigan is terrible. There is no reason for his raise or extension to his contract for the record he has. I am totally puzzled why he is still on the coaching staff at Florida inless he has something on McElwain. McElwain supposed to be an offense genius too. I have to give him credit he’s smart enough to rip off Gator Nation with a 4.5 million dollar pay day.

    Time to use the services of the ball coach.

  4. We are dead last in the country with our offense.We haven’t even been in the red zone at all. We have had 3 years of no offense, how we made it to Atlanta the last 2 years was nothing short of being lucky. I have been watching the Gators since 1968 and for the first time I really don’t know what to think about this team. I hope we get better, but I’m not sure. I can say this for sure, It’s going to be a long year.

  5. In fairness, many Gator fans bemoaned that Coach Muschamp’s O.C. should be ON THE FIELD coaching, and not in the box. Now in a different era it’s opposite world! Crazy!
    Now Coach ‘Nuss is heading back up! 360 degrees!
    Well, ”the eye in the sky never lies” was what the coaches told us in high school football, referring to the tape. But now Coach ‘Nuss might actually see more in ”the sky” and call a much better, bolder, and victorious offense! Here’s hoping! Go Gators!