Status quo on UF football suspensions


UF coach Jim McElwain said Wednesday there is nothing new to report on the nine players under indefinite suspension while a University Police investigation continues into possible credit card fraud.

McElwain was asked what his level of concern is that the ongoing investigation could drag on and impact a considerable part of the season.

“No concern,” he said.

So, it looks like the Gators will be without two of their best offensive players for a second consecutive game — running back Jordan Scarlett and wide receiver Antonio Callaway.

The other suspended players are linebacker Jordan Smith, defensive end Keivonnis Davis, linebacker James Houston, linebacker Ventrell Miller, offensive tackle Kadeem Telfort, wide receiver Rick Wells and defensive tackle Richerd Desir-Jones.

True freshman wide receiver James Robinson, who was suspended from the opener after being cited for misdemeanor marijuana possession, will not play in Saturday’s game. He is undergoing tests for a possible heart condition.

“No update on James’ heart,” McElwain said.


  1. The problem here is that since the Dazz took over the offense in Tebow’s senior year, continuing through Muschamp and Mac, our offense has not only been predictable and awful, but visually painful. It has gotten to the point where I can no longer watch the games live but rather record them in case we win.

    The turmoil and recriminations created by a home loss to UT would send the Florida program into a death spiral. I hope they find a solution for our offense and also for our THIRD AND LONG defense.

  2. I studied the Florida offense vs. Michigan as a coach would review film (20 years HS coach). The O-line missed numerous blocking assignments and, when they did it right, got manhandled by the Michigan defense. I saw nothing in Franks that gave me a glimmer that he might be a good SEC QB. He could not read the defense and audible out of the called play. He locked on to his primary target and did not look for option2 or 3. He also did not have time. I saw routes run poorly (except for Cleveland) and Michigan’s defensive signals and formations confused the blockers, Franks, the RBs and WRs. On defense, the freshman DBs misread the jet sweep. When they did recognize it, they failed to make the tackle. (Michigan ran the sweep to the side where 2 freshmen were playing DB and Safety. The LBs were blocked out of the plays). If Gators lose to Tennessee, it likely means a long season, especially without game breaker Callaway and RB Scarlett. I hate to be “DOOM AND GLOOM,” but the season opener did not look good and there are just numerous problems to fix on both offense and defense. Tennessee will tell us if this is a team going up or down.