Gators’ O-linemen to be tested again


The Florida offensive line, which was physically dominated in the loss to Michigan two weeks ago, will be facing another difficult challenge Saturday in the Tennessee defensive front.

“I think there’s a little bit of pride in there, you know,” UF coach Jim McElwain said Wednesday. “Those guys understand and this is no small task. This is a really good defensive front, an SEC front that’s been built. Butch (Jones) has done an outstanding job of collecting talent there. He’s done a really good job. Obviously, in their program now, however many years he’s been there, you can see the full evolution of what they’ve done. It’s paying off.”


  1. The O-line against Michigan was a sieve; head and offensive coach strategy did not exist, the QB’s were ineffective on runs and passes, receivers seldom got themselves open or catch the ball even on the few good throws even during those few plays when O-line blocked.

    Our offensive lack of performance continues as dismal as last year. Thankfully last year our defense won most of the games we played

    In the second half, our defense just gave up the rest of the game.

    As an alumni, it was shameful the way we played.

    Coach, your number 1 & 2 respectively responsibilities are national and SEC championships. Nothing repeat nothing else matters.

    I hope GATORS improve quickly and play with pride and win the rest of the season

    Coach recruiting starts early with at least 33% of our recruits that sign up with us need to be 5 star athletes and 55% 4 star athletes.

    • You know, no one listens to you, much less takes you seriously when you make such asinine statements as you have made. To say that nothing matters than national championships every year, really? To make the statement that 33 and 55% need to be 5 star and 4 star is absurd. Every year? Let’s be realistic, now to say that we want and expect a top tier program is reasonable. To be in the conversation every year is reasonable. Nothing worse than having completely unrealistic goals, you set yourself up for failure and demoralize those around you. I am as disappointed with our performance on offense, especially the offensive line, as anyone but will remain a life long die hard gator.

  2. OL you need to BLOCK. Don’t believe the preseason hype. You looked really mediocre against Michigan. The D will be good by season’s end but are very young esp with the injuries. OL & offense need to stand up, make some plays & get some CREATIVE play calling. And good halftime adjustments like all the good coaches make. Go Gators!

  3. Say all you want…we still have NUSSMIER. He got a great raise…for what (now we’re stuck with his salary for 2 more years)? Maybe we should look to get 9-10 wins and get the shit kicked out of us by top ten teams at the end of the year. Look, I hate to be negative but this played out last year at the end of the year and we kind of knew it would happen both years. Now its happened early, first game and we looking to beat a not so good team in Tennessee although I’ll give them alot of credit for coming back and beating a grinding Ga Tech Offense which I have alot of respect for. Hopefully we beat Tenn. For me Callaway and Robinson are gone. How can you have them around influencing the rest of the players like a cancer. Alot to be said but whats the sense in saying it. With competition lighter maybe we’ll do better…

  4. What bothers me the most was coach Mac talked smack before the game and then looked completely surprised in the post game interview. He thought the O-Line was the strength of the team before the game. After that performance by the O-Line he might be questioning everything he thinks he knows about football and that’s not good Gator fans. This was a typical top ten team beat down to a superior team just like our now annual FSU and Alabama whippings. The suspensions are hurting and quality depth is still an issue so this may be a rocky season. Coach Mac still has work to do to building the roster to be competitive against the upper tier programs but to set high expectations and then flop this bad at the front end of the season is disheartening for the Gator Nation. Don’t forget, credit card fraud is a felony and injuries are part of the game so if you thought last years limping finish was awful to watch due to a depleted team, this entire season may get ugly if we lose another starter or two, which we will. Coach…temper the expectations and for goodness sake stop the talk… just recruit and develop players and hopefully when we have some juniors and seniors in a year or two and we can be competitive against top 10 teams again. I’m still a fan, just a really disappointed fan.

  5. The frustration and disappointment in watching UF play has created an angry alumni, and who can blame us. Rather watch a shoot out and loose some of them than 10 wins by 6-3 scores. Get an offense that puts up points and the rest will fall in place.