UF football game moved to noon start


The kickoff for Florida’s home-opening football game against Northern Colorado has been moved up to noon Saturday due to the threat of Hurricane Irma, UF announced Wednesday.

The game was originally scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m. It  will be streamed exclusively on SEC Network +, Watch ESPN and the ESPN App as well as the IMG Gator Sports Radio Network.

“We have worked closely with campus and regional authorities during the last 48 hours to find the best possible solution that allows us to play the game and takes into account the safety of our fans, players, staff and personnel working the game,” UF Athletics Director Scott Stricklin said. “With tropical conditions possibly expected in our region on Saturday night or Sunday morning, moving the game from 7:30 to Noon will give people a chance to come to the game and return home before any expected weather or effects hit our area.”

There will be no overnight parking available on campus Saturday evening after the game.

Meanwhile, the Gator soccer team will continue to host Florida State at 7 p.m. on Friday in the Fresh from Florida Sunshine Showdown, but their match Sunday night at 6 p.m. with South Florida has been cancelled.

The Volleyball team is hosting American University, Michigan State and UNC Greensboro in the Active Ankle Challenge and there are no current changes to the Gator schedule. UF will continue with the Friday night schedule, facing UNC Greensboro at noon and American at 7 p.m., while Saturday’s match vs. Michigan State is at 4:30 p.m.

“We will obviously continue to monitor the weather and we ask fans to consider their own safety and the safety of others before traveling to the game,” Stricklin said. “In addition, we also ask that fans who had hotel rooms that will no longer need them, to notify their respective hotels immediately as those establishments are looking to house evacuees from around the state and region.”


  1. Robbie, some of us old folks are not sure where to look on the internet for the streaming Gator game.
    Could you guys do an article and provide the links so we can find it?

    This would mean a lot to us old timers.

    Thank you.

      • Will the SEC Network now have the game at noon on DirecTV 611-1 (their alternate SEC Network Channel) opposite the Kentucky vs. Eastern Kentucky game that is also on at noon? Or will it just be streamed elsewhere? Anyone know?

          • When two SEC teams are normally scheduled for a noon game at the same time vs. a non SEC opponent, the SEC Network will use 611-1 to broadcast the second game at the same time. That only occurs when another SEC team is scheduled to play another team at the 7pm slot and there is no option but to put the third game on 611-1. Happened with one SEC team last year and I think it was Florida. Not the case this time, as Florida was the 7pm game originally.

    • David Atvich. Do you have DirecTV? If so, it might be on their alternate channel at noon, which is channel 611-1. The DirecTV guide currently still has the game on channel 611 at 7:30. I am assuming they will still show the game at noon on the alternate channel. Not sure why they would not.

  2. David, If you have a smart tv connected to the internet, use your remote to go to your apps, then find and use your remote to scroll and click on the app that says INTERNET. Use your remote to scroll and click on that and then click on Google and type in SEC Network Plus and hit done. It will take you to the google page that will show SEC NETWORK. Scroll and click on that, which will take you to the SEC Network page. Then scroll and click on SEC Network icon on that page and a pop up that shows SEC Network on Watch ESPN will appear. Scroll and click on that. The go to schedule & replays and then scroll to the game. And watch the game. Someone else may know a shortcut to all that. But that is how this old timer does it. Good luck.