McElwain’s message for irate Florida fans


UF football coach Jim McElwain has a message for Florida fans: It’s OK to be angry and frustrated after a loss like Saturday’s.

He can handle the rant.

“I think it’s one game, and yet I just love the fact we have fans,” he said. “I think that that’s a good thing. I don’t take that as a negative at all. That’s one of the things that drew me here was the fact that there’s a lot of passionate people out there for the Gators, and you know what, we’re all entitled to our opinion and I appreciate it. I just know we’re working to build this thing into something great.

“You know the work that you’ve put in, you know how hard you work at it and getting the people in place to go ahead and make plays. We’ll continue to work on that. But, you know, the vocation we’ve chosen, it’s part of the gig. And one thing, I’ve never really worried about it because I know how hard we work and how complete we do things.”


  1. Where do I even start…I’ve been a Gator since I started college in ’89, so I’ve seen a lot of ups and downs for our team. However, in year 3 of a coach, I’d expect to see many, if not all, of the issues that we saw on Saturday fixed. However, we still see the same issues that we all saw in year 1 for Mac With no apparent improvement. As such, I am beginning to see that he may not be our guy. We looked so unprepared that it’s not even funny. As a minimum, the OC has got to go. He does does the same thing as in the past 2 years yet expects a different outcome. No blocking up front for passing or running (and that was supposed to be a team strength according to Mac). I am not one to jump on bandwagons but the OC has got to go. He absolutely sucks with no originality. If he doesn’t go, Mac may not be far behind in that both will be fired since we are basically becoming irrelevant in the SEC. I know that this is only one game, but year 3 for Harbaugh looks much better than year 3 for Mac. I saw UT make adjustments vs GT last night that we seem incapable of making after 3 years with this coaching staff and that story is getting very old with this coaching staff.

    • You are ramblin’ man. We get it. You want Nuss fired and Mac to be the QB whisperer that he is supposed to be. Let’s get the kids that he has recruited get on board, instead of just setting everything on fire and watching it burn!
      You do understand that all these comments get read by the players AND the recruits, right?

      • Yes I get it that players, coaches, and recruits can all read. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t face facts on things that need to change whether that be coaches, players, play calling, or any combination thereof. Saban has no issues facing facts on things that need to change and you can ask Lane Kiffin to see if that is the case or not. The sky didn’t fall and he made changes for the better. What a concept!

        • Yes I am. Some of you guys go over the top w/o regard to the real affect the words might have on young, impressionable people other then the coaching staff. I’ve been an abuser in the past. I’m now trying to not set any more wild fires with my posts.

          • ’74, do you really think that any recruit who saw the game does not already know what we’re saying? You do realize it was a nationally televised game right? A rhesus monkey could come up with some of these same observations and conclusions…

  2. The Gator Nation will always be strong and passionate. The product that was put out on the field was not even worth talking about. Michigan was faster, bigger, stronger and more prepared. Do we need a strength coach??? Is there NO leadership on this team? We’ve had all summer to get this team ready and that’s the best we can do. Three years of being last in offense is terrible. Defense played ok for being on the field the entire game. Coach needs to show more fire and quit acing like everything is ok. Get a handle on this quickly or we will be a 500 team barely.

    • Not sure I saw a Michigan team that was faster, stronger, bigger, I saw a Michigan team put in the right places to make plays while we bumbled around on offense with poor play calling and no tempo. We had a huge matchup advantage with Tyrie Cleveland and how many times did we target him? 3 maybe 4 times? We knew they were going to blitz and stunt “and yet” we did nothing to prepare… This is on Nuss and ultimately Mac if he doesn’t take over more play calling in game. O-line wasn’t that bad, they were literally getting overrun by 7-8 man fronts and we refused to adjust. Play max protection and let your weapons beat those guys 1 on 1 on the outside standing in the pocket instead of rolling right into their blitzing LB’s. We did exactly what they wanted us to do and never made an adjustment.. And I hate that Mac said “we” got whooped. No, YOU and Nuss got whooped.. We had just as much talent, they just made better play calls and adjustments…

  3. “I think it’s one game, and yet I just love the fact we have fans,” he said.

    Correction, its two seasons of games plus one game. He’s had sputtering offenses the whole time he’s been here, save the Ole Miss game.

  4. He should ban “and yet” from his public speaking, and I don’t care how hard he or the team work, I only care about results. No adjustments on either offense or defense at the half tell me we have a HBC who is not flexible enough to produce results, he probably will be fired if things don’t improve.

  5. Everyone on this thread barking for a new coach, wise up. If you were a winning coach, would you want to come to Florida and deal with the fan-base and try to succeed where two others have failed? Who wants to inherit a train-wreck?

    The parity in recruiting among college players and TV money flowing more evenly to all schools, why come here and live a stressful life? Like it or not, We are the Alabama of the 80’s and the UT of the 90’s … Our revolving coach door has made our hopes of getting a Chip Kelly caliber coach nearly impossible.

    No doubt we need a new OC … but calling for the coach’s head is ignorant and defeats our future prospects of landing an A-Lister in the future. Like it or not, we need this coach to find some success before he moves on. Right now the program is a train-wreck, no coach wants to own that, especially where two other coaches have failed.

    • This train wreck that you decry pays about $5mil a year with almost unlimited resources and one of the most fertile recruiting grounds in the country!! Most coaches would rather take over a struggling program than be the guy replacing a Spurrier or Meyer, so don’t use the current state of the UF team as a reason to not make a change at the end of this year. And vulcan alex, Mac should also eliminate “obviously” and “kind of” from statements. Makes him sound like a middle school kid. Also, if Mac chooses to stick with his OC calling the plays then he will need to own that decision and the results of it come review time after this season.

  6. I agree with “afreshup”. I Really do believe Mac needs to be involved in the offensive play calling. Nuss obviously is not being effective. I read a very good post where a Gator fan notices the scripted plays on the first possession of last years Alabama and fsu games as well as this years Michigan beat down are very effective. He surmises that given time to script the first possession plays the Gators have taken the ball and marched down the field and scored a TD on Bama, the moles and a field goal on Michigan. Then when the opponent changes things up on defense we make no adjustments, become stagnant and then wear our defense completely down with and outs and terrible field position. Somebody must do something. And after hearing all summer about this offensive line improvement one of our linemen said they just neede to work on fundamentals,and assignments…What??????

  7. Every football program in the country is trying to “build something great.” Likewise, the University of Florida is paying a coaching staff millions of dollars annually to “work hard and do things completely.” It isn’t reasonable to call for Coach McElwain’s job, but it is highly justified to call for the offensive coordinator’s job…immediately. If Coach McElwain is the offensive guru we thought was being hired, he should be able to transition a new offensive coordinator into his job whether it is today, tomorrow, or six weeks from now. Honestly, high quality high school coaches could get more out of our offense. Believe it.

  8. Mac needs to make a decision on whether to keep Nuss as the OC, which will surely lead to him (Mac) getting fired at the end of the season or to make the decision to start calling the plays himself or ask Spurrier to come on board for the remainder of the season as the OC or as an OC advisor (Spurrier comes to mind) … Mac has really made inroads in recruiting and I would really hate to see that diminished.We have a great recruiting class for 2018. Let’s not lose it… I just hope that he isn’t as hard headed as Mushchamp was… take care of the problem now, and let him go now ! This situation is not going to get any better. I do, believe in loyalty… but, Start calling the plays yourself and let everyone know that you can coach an offense and put this burden on your shoulders as the head coach or bring in someone that has a real offensive mind… I’m in your corner Mac, you just have to do the right thing, which, would make everyone feel more confident in your ability to coach and create a bunch of happy campers at your camp fire.

  9. The problem I see is two fold. We have a system that is either antiquated or too complicated for our players, and the players including Nuss don’t get it. Additionally neither Mac nor Nuss know how to accommodate the offense for our players. The playbook says to do “X” and that is what we are going to run no matter what personnel is in the game. Not ready to give up on Mac just yet, but Nuss needs to be shown the door

  10. Nussmeier has got to go……last year!!! Why is he still here? He is bland, uninspiring and totally predictable. Not to even try something different the 2nd half of the Michigan debacle was ridiculous. His ‘game planning’ and play calling last year was horrible and it certainly hasn’t improved this year. He is being pay too much to continue to provide “D” rated (and that is being kind) performances. Wake-up & wise-up Coach Mac!!

  11. Coach Mac, If you are the head fooball coach you only need look at the play calling aginst Michigan to know there is a problem. Solve it!!! Gators Nation has been waiting two years under your totulage for the offense to produce. Last week made me sick this was the start of year three and the same old sh* t was what is saw!

  12. Coach is such a nice person that he is very slow to recognize need for change. Just maybe it’s not all Nuss but as head coach at least recognize something isn’t clicking and make some changes. Start with the OC who is ultimately responsible for the offense. This quality or non quality of coach just may be his undoing. As head coach he has to be single mindedly committed to doing what he is paid to do. His professional success is dependent upon his toughness to do that which must be done. Go Gators! P.S. Same with players that embarrass our program by violating civil law…players will ultimately have greater respect for him as a coach. He is at a crossroads in his career.

  13. If things do not drastically change this Saturday with the offense I think coach Mac will need to make an immediate change of the OC. I don’t really wish anything bad on Nuss but he has had a lot of time with not very good results and we can’t wait any longer. We must change or our 3 digit ranked offense will stay that way

  14. Well, coach, if you think you can handle the “rant”, then lose a couple more games like you did last week and you’ll get way more than just a “rant”. Those Gator “fans” are alumni, ticket buyers, boosters who donate big money to the University and “fans” who’ve held season tickets for 50 or 60 years and deserve better than what they’ve been seeing the last few years. You were brought in to wash the rancid taste of Muschump out of our mouths, but that taste is still lingering 3 years later. So, coach, you better make some changes, and sooner rather than later. Gator nation deserves it.

  15. These posts are so funny, and yet so familiar. I’ve been reading them for the past 7 years……”make changes”, “fire Nussmeier”, “take over the play calling”. So many shallow people just looking at the surface of things. Just like in the Muschamp era. Look deeper. What makes great programs great? Does Saban call the plays, does Meyer call the plays, does Jimbo? How many OC’s has each one of those teams had? Think about all the OC’s we’ve had in the last 7 years. Is that really the problem? What is it about those guys, Saban, Meyer, and Jimbo that makes them so consistent in the big games through out the years in this day and age of college football? Think about it. I know you can do it.

    • Actually, spurrier called his own plays and was pretty successful doing so. Myer, also called plays and on many occasions would over rule a play called in from the OC in the press box. Jumbo also calls plays …where do you get your biogas information from?

    • If only we had your wisdom bouncing around in our heads….”and yet” I’ll still answer your question. All “those guys” do one thing that lesser coaches do not. They come to every game prepared to win. I like Mac but that dude did not have this team prepared to win, they were not prepared to match up physically with any team I know. He goofed major league but declaring that the O-line was our strength..that was just crazy. I like those who under promise and over deliver…that’s what Saban, Meyer, and Jimbo do and they do it by preparing so well and so precisely that they make beating Michigan look easy even tho a truckload of blood, sweat and tears in the off season went into making it happen. Many of our recent coaches have done the opposite.

      Fans are correct to point to Mac as the problem because he is “and yet” he can certainly turn it around. I won’t call for any firings until I see more this year. Hoping for the best.

  16. I am just a realist, and I have nothing personal against coach Mac, but when I hear him talk he just does NOT seem as bright as Coach Spurrier or Urban, and he seems more composed then both the volatile Muschamp and the ultra-hyper zooker … but unfortunately, I think his coaching ability is only slightly better than Muschamp and Zook and far behind our national title coaches …. I do think that talent might reverse some of these issues – line play on offense so far is horrible, and qb play looked decent with will grier in year one, and after seeing will perform with heart and passion for WV the other night, i wish Mac had been able to convinced the young man to have stayed in the program – but it was NOT meant to be, but hopefully one of the young guys quickly develops and has everybody looking at the Michigan debacle as a distant memory, but Coach Mac, I am beginning to have doubts but there are still many games in front of you this year and YOU alone can determine your fate, some big wins against Tennessee, Georgia, FSU etc could have Gators singing your praises in December – but a few more disasters like Michigan, and I think you will be facing the same fate as coach Will Muschamp and Zooker faced at the same points in their career’s with Gator Nation – truly hoping that Coach Mac gets turned around soon because coaching upheaval is always disruptive and unwanted, but sometimes it is NECESSARY …

  17. I would imagine that behind closed doors Coach Mac blistered the paint talking to Nuss. Most likely a one sided conversation. I would look for Coach to put more oversight into offensive planning, player groupings, and audibles. Franks is a young man that was a ball of nerves last Saturday, give him some time. Even Danny threw six picks in a game one time. O-line was overwhelmed and overrun. Michigan knew that we would start Franks so their plan was simple. Take away the run and make our QB beat them with his arm. They mixed up their front seven almost every play and Franks does not have the experience to change the play, blocking schemes, or groupings at the line yet. Frustrating yes, end of the world? No. Offenses are always a little behind defenses early in the season. Let’s see how Coach develops this over the next two weeks. If we can’t score against Butch and the Champions of Life we know there is a real problem. Go Gators. Through all kinds of weather my friends!!!!

  18. I can see not having some of the pieces necessary to go up against Michigan, like better blocking, pass protection, etc. What I don’t get is the mis-evaluation and not knowing we are vulnerable in this area. I would assume the OC would have a better handle on that. Fundamental to any scheme is superior pass blocking and run blocking.

  19. Love our Gators we can beat Michigan the play calling not to good and some mistakes by players overall give them credit they played a good team lets not get down on the coach yet wait till end of the season

  20. And I am still having a hard time grasping the comment by Mac (according to the Sentinel, I didn’t hear it in the post presser), that we had a game plan to get the ball in the hands of certain playmakers and they hardly or never saw the football. Do what? If that truly was the case then why didn’t Mac fire Nuss in the locker room after the game or after halftime make Nuss sit in the corner and take over the play calling? I’m really having a hard time with this. In fact, Jim Tom Bob, secretary of game day red liquor has threatened to cut our game day allotment in half if things don’t improve. What the heck did we do? Start holding back the bourbon and you might find the Moon Pie’s and RC hard to come by!

  21. This guy is truly a con man and bs artist. Who does he think he is fooling? This team is regressing and we will be in trouble once the real sec competition starts. There are many criminals on this team and coach mac remains oblivious. This will be his last year and he will leave a wreck behind ala urban. Great hire..

  22. In Macs 9/6/17 presser, he seemed testy, like How dare you to question me? The press is the problem. Sometimes teams are going to have a bad game like Michigan. What are you going to do? Just look how bad we are going beat a real power like Colorado State. I have coached in that conference. They are not push- overs.

  23. Just wondering why transfer QBs from Florida do so well. i.e. Will Grier, Jakoby Brissett, Cam Newton, Jeff
    Driskel. Hmmm. Grier would still be at Florida if Mac had said he would return as the starter after one year off. Instead, we have still learning the game Franks, still learning to pass Malik, and still can’t throw deep Del Rio.
    And none of them can read a defense and audible.

  24. The only reason Nuss will not be fired is b/c Corral is his boy. If Nuss or Mac gets fired this top 5 incoming class will be gone. Believe it. Nuts sucks but without him, no Corral and no Chase and no Copeland and then the class falls apart. sadly, we are stuck with this dumpster fire of offensive garbage.