UF’s nine players still under suspension


Florida true freshman wide receiver James Robinson, who was suspended from the opener after being cited for misdemeanor possession of marijuana two weeks ago, has returned and is eligible to play in Saturday’s game against Northern Colorado, UF coach Jim McElwain said.

The status of the other nine suspended players has not changed, McElwain said.

Those players — Antonio Callaway, Jordan Scarlett, Jordan Smith, Kadeem Telfort, Ventrell Miller, James Houston, Rick Wells, Keivonnis Davis and Richerd Desir-Jones — will remain under suspension until an ongoing investigation into alleged credit card fraud is completed and restitution made.

“Still haven’t heard anything. We’ll see,” McElwain said.


  1. Actually, I think the older guy’s that were suspended is where the real blame lies… it’s hard for me to comprehend how all these young guys came up with this idea or scheme to turn their UF credit cards into cash. Surely, they knew there was a risk involved, like being kicked off the team or suspension. I think the older guys told them it would be ok. Such a shame, these young guys got led astray by the older guys…Herb was right when he said on national tv, that there was no leadership from within this team. I totally agree with his statement.

  2. So they hand these 17 and 18 year kids, many from a very tough background, a prepaid debit card and are then surprised that they followed the lead of some upper classmen and used them to commit fraud with. Talk about a leadership vacuum, and the Athletic department staff is part of this too.

  3. I am not surprised that players have done this and wouldn’t be surprised if they find more that has done it at UF and somewhere else. These players sacrifice allot to help the university make money and in return get no monetary compensation. I can’t remember the name of the documentary about USC football that I watched but it shed some light on the “Student Athlete”.

  4. To think that this is a UF only issue would be foolhearty. I’m sure that athletes who receive these university issued debit cards as part of their scholarship do this all of the time everywhere and i’m sure that every university understands that and simply turns a blind eye to that. They know what they have to do beyond what the general student population does. What got these guys in trouble wasn’t the first act, but that they claimed the cards lost/stolen so that they could get new ones issued to them, and probably got the new ones and did it again, except someone just happened to check up on those cards and more than likely found that they were used. That’s where the fraud occurred. As to the depth of how many times they might’ve used it, there’s no telling, and as far as leadership is concerned, i’m sure that the older guys did tell the younger guys about it, but someone had to tell it to the older guys first too, showing that it’s not the first time that the whole use/sell/report lost or stolen/re-use has been done before….just the first time that it’s been caught.

  5. Callaway has to go. He is clearly a guy who can’t stay away from trouble. Big time programs baby-sit these guys and they still go off the rails as soon as nobody is looking? Enough already. It’s a privilege to play for the Gators. Any player who doesn’t or can’t do what is asked doesn’t deserve. It’s NOT too much to ask to stay off the police report.

  6. This is a tragic event. While the rest of the season may pan out, I just don’t see it. The mind set
    of this team is shot. I don’t think mac gets it. He’s too busy being a ” player’s coach” and this is where it got him. I heard that Scarlett was ratted out by one of the players. If thats true, Houston we have a problem.
    I’m convinced that mac is not the coach we need.

  7. It’s no excuse we’re you come from it’s we’re you at true enough it’s hard making in college when you don’t have anything but if you take a look at all the controversial things happen to people doing things like that you have to make good choices and it was a bad choice all you have to do is come there to play football and make good grades a lot of guys are less fortunate than others but you still have to understand exactly what you doing if one person would have done it would have probably never been anything said but you have 9 that’s ridiculous and whoever came up with that mess should be gone and you have a bunch of followers if they took the time out to stick together on that field instead of sticking together for some nonsense we would be 1-0 everyone had to be together

  8. I’m happy with that decision. I too believe this is a reflection of dishonesty within the player circles. This scheme was probably taught to the baby ducks being suspended. It’s a criminal mind that thinks it can buy qualifying merchandise with their school issued cc and then sell or return the items for cash. It’s like using your Health Savings Account to buy a night out. An honest person just doesn’t do it.