Dooley Noted: Player misconduct kills Florida’s positive buzz


Pat talks about the Florida’s problems to leading players suspensions ahead of the Michigan game, and interviews CBS Sports senior writer Dennis Dodd.


  1. While I am very disappointed in the incredibly poor judgement shown by the suspended UF players, I am also very confident in the remaining team to get the job done. Personally, I think our “top” receiver should transfer as I believe he is a bad influence on the other players. That our top RB cooked-up the lame-brained scheme to convert credit into cash is very disappointing and hurts our team. However, it also gives the opportunity for his backups to shine and show that may be do not need him. This is the point – if you are all about yourself and have no regard for your team, go somewhere else.

  2. At their age, I sold my PLASMA to get some extra cash. And though I wouldn’t recommend that for athletes, who are needing all their good blood cells, the point is young people do stupid stuff for $$$. I get it! But what I don’t get is ”scamming” the very University that provides your room and board, your medical, your tuition, your… well, it’s quite a bit more than most students on campus. And -still- it wasn’t enough for those selfish players involved in this messy situation, that either just don’t care anymore or are extremely stupid. And now the players that have done all the right things have to ”suck it up”, and play like angry Gators! And I will root my voice hoarse for them, on Saturday too! Go Gators! Spank the Wolverines!

  3. Have someone transcribe this stuff. I can read much faster than I can listen to Dooley ummmm through his thoughts. Fill it with ads, I don’t care. If the Gainesville Sun deems this worthy of being considered content, allow literate people to partake.

  4. Vicky and Howard. What is wrong with you? To come on here and complain about transcript. If it doesn’t suit you how he speaks then ummm…. don’t listen. I don’t understand people like you that feel the need to complain about the stupidest things. Get a life. Anyways, 10 players looks bad obviously. It will pass as everything does. Sad tho to see all these kids making poor decisions.

  5. Let me spell this out for you, Jacob: many websites, and sports websites, in particular, are increasingly presenting material as videos, rather than as text articles. Text can be scanned quickly or re-read slowly, depending upon a reader’s interest and level of comprehension. A video clip can only be taken in at its real-time pace.
    If those of you who don’t like to read turn out to be in the majority, then perhaps you’ll have your way, and there won’t be text articles any more. Vicky and I come to this site because of our interest in the Gators, but that doesn’t mean we have to like this editorial decision about content presentation.