Two transfers to Florida now official


The two football players who recently announced on Twitter that they are transferring to UF — defensive tackle Marlon Dunlap from North Carolina and offensive tackle Jean Delance from Texas —  are now officially in school and on the roster, McElwain said.

Both will sit out the season per NCAA transfer rules.

“We added a couple of new guys on the roster you’re gonna see,” UF coach Jim McElwain said. “They will obviously be helping us through this year as they sit out getting ready for next season. Those two guys are additions to your roster as far as on our current team, and we welcome them and are excited to have those guys.

“You’ve heard me talk before about staying in roster balance. Those are positions of need. They searched us out, then you see if you have a spot and it fits. In this case, these two guys fit and we’re excited they’re here.”