Two UF football players cited for marijuana possession


Two Florida freshmen football players already dealing with previous problems are in trouble again.

Wide receiver James Robinson and linebacker Ventrell Miller, both from Lakeland, were cited for misdemeanor possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana by University Police early Monday morning. Both were given a notice to appear.

“Coach Mac is aware and it has been dealt with,” UF spokesman Steve McClain said.

Miller, along with six other players, is already under indefinite suspension for misuse of university funds. Robinson, who was not given the go-ahead to sign with the Gators until signing day in February, was cited for misdemeanor marijuana possession on his official visit to Ohio State in January.

According to a UPD report, Miller and Robinson were found with less than 20 grams of marijuana at their Keys dorm on campus after there was a smell of marijuana emanating from their room.

As part of his previous suspension, Miller is not allowed to participate in any team activities. Robinson practiced with the Gators on Wednesday.


  1. McElwain went to bat for Robinson and he repays him like this. Amazing. UF should remove Robinson from campus right now. Miller, too. I am sick of idiots on college football teams. And, hopefully, McElwain will learn from this as to which type of recruits you truly want on the UF campus. And I would not mind Callaway being given the door as well. Time to clean this up right now.

  2. College players with the mind of idiots. Past time to recuit better players who knows the difference between right and wrong. Being a great player helps no one if you aren’t playing. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  3. I was this dumb at 18 & 19, but I’d like to think if I had an $60k scholarship on the line, and a potential for millions at the next level, I’d be wiser. Either way, something must be done, this is out of hand. These kids are too soft and too selfish to be on a team.

  4. Tough to come up with a mature, thoughtful response to this one. Yanking scholarships comes to mind, but it is technically James Robinson’s “first offense.” Smoking pot IN THE FOOTBALL DORM. Makes the program look bad, and makes folks wonder how two students this stupid got admission to the best university in the state.

  5. I’ll be honest about this…. I watched this atmosphere of inmates running the asylum at fsu all throughout the 90’s and still into the Fisher Era. Bobby Bowden coddled and made excuses for his troublesome players, even blowing off any suspensions for stuff like pot, DUI’s, and assault on women to keep his best players on the field. Fisher has been no better, but has a lot more cooperation from alumni-heavy TPD, campus police, and State’s Attorney’s Offices to help keep a lot of their more embarrassing “episodes” low=key or even totally out of the public eye. It’s because they’ve gotten good at covering things up.

    What I’m seeing right now is a total lack of respect for Coach Mac’s authority as HBC by Miller and Robinson and I firmly believe BOTH should be made an example of and be immediately dismissed from UF. Make an example out of them imo.

    Or else this is just going to get worse and worse. You cannot keep coddling these players.

  6. When Urban was at Florida he made a ‘tough love dismissal’ of a star defensive lineman,#44(name escapes me)at a critical point at season’s end. He had been warned and put on probation for ‘much of same’ as guys are presently. Not meaning Urban was or IS a saint but he did the RIGHT THING FOR GATOR NATION!!The team is only a PART of Gator Nation and these offensive kids even a lesser subset of that WHOLE. Let’s not forget they fraternize and mingle at times with our children on campus…our daughters for Christ’s sake!!!Do we want our sons to emulate these thugs and how they treat women and the school;and GATOR NATION??We don’t need ’em nor WANT them!!!!Sorry if they weren’t raised proper but sometimes in life you only get one chance(if that).We love winning at Florida but this cost is too high