UF’s young DBs emerging

Florida defensive backs Marco Wilson and Cameron Town
Florida defensive backs Marco Wilson and Cameron Town (49) run a drill during practice Tuesday at the lacrosse stadium. [Brad McClenny/Staff photographer]

The true freshmen defensive backs (there are six in all) continue to impress the players and coaches. The depth-shy Gators are going to need a few, maybe even several, to contribute this season.

When UF receiver Brandon Powell was asked about the freshmen, the first name he mentioned was Marco Wilson, the brother of second-round NFL draft pick Quincy Wilson.

“I love little Marco,” Powell said. “I go against him every day. He’s in the slot covering me. For a freshman, he plays very physical. I like that. He’s got a lot of speed, so I love going against little Marco. And then CJ Henderson on the outside, he’s a nice little athlete too. I like him, too.”

Powell also mentioned cornerback Shawn Davis.

“I like him too, he’s not scared,” Powell said. “He’ll come back and bring his hat down. He was my roommate in the hotel, too. I could see him playing.”

Wilson is one of the freshmen who definitely will be playing in the secondary. He’s been working with the No. 1 defense at the nickel position for the past two weeks.

Powell said there are a lot of similarities between Marco and Quincy.

“Yeah, they both were trained by their dad, so they’ve got the same technique,” he said. “It’s just like going against Quincy all over again, just not as big and not as physical as Quincy. But give him about two more years, a year, and he’s going to be one of the next big DBs that comes out of here.”