SEC MD17 4: Question of the Day


Which player influenced you the most growing up?

South Carolina quarterback Jake Bentley: “Definitely one of the main ones is Marcus Lattimore. I’m not just saying that because he went to South Carolina. Seeing how hard he worked through all the injuries, and through everything that he went through, really opened my eyes to how hard you need to work to be successful. And we talked a lot, he actually played with my older brother and my older brother was quarterback, so I got to see every one of his games, so just seeing him play and how hard he worked was great.”

Auburn defensive back Tray Matthews: “I used to watch (Kansas City safety) Eric Berry all the time. I actually talk to him right now, I’ve actually had a camp with him. That has been a great experience and I still look up to him this day. I also look up to one of my best friends, (former Alabama linebacker) Reuben Foster, who was one of the biggest hitters, probably the best hitter. He had a big influence on my game, because I always want to bring that nasty mentality to the game. So I watch his highlights before my game.”

Ole Miss offensive lineman Javon Patterson: “Growing up, it would probably have to be (former 49ers wide receiver) Jerry Rice. Just his work ethic, you know him being from Mississippi and stuff like that. Just things like that really helped me growing up.”