Dooley: SEC, ACC holding steady for now, as Big Ten, Pac-12 cancel fall season

Fans cheer as the Michigan team takes the field at Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor, Mich. (AP Photo/Tony Ding, File)

It may have been a death blow for the 2020 football season and by the time you are finished reading this, we may know for sure.

 Just follow the dominoes.

The Big Ten, again taking the lead rather than try to do this all together, canceled its season and shifted to the spring. But make no mistake about it, this doesn’t mean there will be football in the spring in that conference. It just means there won’t be any in the fall.

Here in the South, we can live without Big Ten football.

Who knows, we may have Big Ten football in the SEC. Although I doubt that teams will actually go play in another conference. The Big Ten’s decision is more about who follows than who leads. 

The Pac-12 did what the Big Ten wanted it to. The Big 12 is supposed to be on the fence. The SEC and ACC are hoping to play, but more than anything they simply are not ready to call it yet.

The reasoning for the Big Ten is as much because of the latest information that COVID-19 is as much about what the lasting effects could be — such as myocarditis — than the immediate ones. 

The Big Ten presidents put the issues of health and potential lawsuits (and perhaps the possibility of the players unionizing) ahead of everything. 

So now what?

Is there a chance that the SEC will move its season back another month?

Or just punt?

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  1. Hard to see the SEC moving forward with a season this Fall. Right now the epicenter of new infections is SEC country. If you are still defiant about wearing a mask and live in the South, you share some of the blame. I think it is pretty obvious that Trump and his contingent of republican governors have wrecked college football this year. One must ask why Trump hates college football so much? That is Unamerican. Make America Great Again, Dump Trump.

  2. It hard to understand how some think that by playing football and being in a somewhat controlled and structured environment is more detrimental to these young men than being alive in regular society. If someone does not want to participate then let them sit out with no penalty. Yet for those who desire to compete they should be able to do so. In like fashion with the fans. If you feel endangered by going to the game just stay home and be “safe”. Life is for living and not for cowering in fear about what “might” happen. THere is danger all around us and will continue to be long after Covid is but a memory.

  3. There IS danger all around that will be here long after Covid is gone. The thing is, that danger is not highly contagious. I’ve never heard of a bus driving through a house to injure or kill folks inside after another resident of that house was hit.

    It’s called consideration for your fellow citizens and delayed gratification. Had it been put in place six months ago we wouldn’t be where we are now.