We have opponents, but will we have season?

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium [Alan Youngblood/Gainesville Sun]
There is a sense that you should just save your breath.
Save it, now that we know who is scheduled to play who in the SEC this season. What’s the point of being angry here in Corona-ville?
First of all, who knows how many of these games will take place? It seems like a waste of time to be overly concerned about which teams got a break with the new teams added to their schedule and which teams got knee-capped.
Secondly, there are more important things going on right now like trying to get to the next day.
But you know what?
You’re college football fans. More importantly, you’re SEC football fans.
So go ahead and vent.
It’s way more harmless than complaining about having to wear a mask. You want to claim an SEC conspiracy, it’s better than being a pandemic denier.
Go ahead and let it out. Call talk shows and go ballistic on message boards.
Look at it purely from a football angle because for a few minutes it might make you forget that you’re out of bread and you’re nervous about going to the store.
It’s better to be upset about who the Gators or the Dogs or the many Tigers of this conference had added to their schedules than it is to be upset that we still don’t know if games will be played in the fall.
So go ahead. You’re fans. Enjoy cutting loose.
Then get back to wearing a mask and washing your hands.
I’ll start.
First of all, it was smart of the SEC to use its network to release this bit of news. I am amazed that all of these other conferences with networks haven’t done that. Expect the league when the SEC completes its scheduling it will be a major show on the SEC Network.
The reveal Friday evening was actually exciting. Although not that surprising.
The league reverted to the 2016 and 2017 schedules for the crossover games Florida is playing. Neither of those games — Texas A&M in The Swamp and at Arkansas — went well for Jim McElwain.
Florida fans knew they were going to draw one tough team from the West. A&M is a veteran team with a veteran quarterback and a coach with plenty of tip money. I don’t think Gator fans are complaining because they feel pretty good about having to play Arkansas — and who knows how beat up the Razorbacks will be if the game is late in the season — and pretty cool to face A&M.
I know it’s a long way from Gainesville, but nobody is traveling to road games anyway.
You want to complain as an Arkansas fan? Have at it. Stomp your feet. Hold your breath until you turn blue. You drew the class of the East, Florida and Georgia. Good luck, but I don’t think you were winning the West anyway.
Missouri? Eliminated from the East race. Sorry. Does this tick you off in Columbia, Mo.? Don’t blame you. You got Alabama and LSU. As a fan, you probably want to opt out of this season.
Alabama couldn’t be much happier even if it drew sneaky good Kentucky. But the Tide already was playing Georgia and Tennessee. Competitive balance, right?
We finally got some news Friday that was not bad. It was only a distraction, which football is all about. Be distracted, whether in a good or bad way. The release of the teams — plus an aggressive SEC protocol on masks on sidelines and testing — probably gave you a little optimism.
Just don’t use a Sharpie to fill it in.
Pencils, only.
With large erasers.
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  1. Fact: No one is denying COVID is real. Pat is exaggerating the opponents’ position with a strawman, a known fake accusation intended to mock and antagonize, and to avoid and discourage reasonable discussion with facts and prudence – like showing 0-24 year olds are very immune to this alleged pandemic. And anyone can look at the CDC page and see the inflated number they cite is “pneumonia with or without COVID”. column 5 @ 151,596 . The “COVID only” number is is 1/3 the size, a normal flu season mortality number in column 6 @ 62,217.