Dooley Noted: Final Episode of the Season: Guest: Robbie Andreu


Pat Dooley, the sports columnist at The Gainesville Sun, talks with his partner from Robbie Andreu, the sports writer at The Gainesville Sun. The two give you a live Fact or Fiction, talk about the potential start to college sports, pro sports, Odds on the season and, of course, Three Things.

Thank you for a great season of The Dooley Noted Podcast. We plan to return in a few months when we know more about the potential start to college sports. Thank you again. Be Safe.

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0:30 The final episode of the season

2:00 I don’t want to be a downer but, there is to much stuff going on.

3:00 I don’t think we will have football in the Fall

4:00 The mood at UF is changing for the worse

5:00 We don’t deserve football

8:50 At what cost?

10:20 Do smaller schools have the money to test regularly

13:15 It shouldn’t happen if there is a risk

13:45 Wear a mask

15:45 But maybe it will change

17:15 My take on Gator Bait

20:15 Interview with Robbie Andreu, sports writer at The Gainesville Sun

42:00 I miss sports

44:00 Odds on teams making the playoffs

50:45 Three Things


  1. I agree Pat. We don’t deserve to have sports. It’s not just a few knuckleheads who refuses to wear a mask. We are talking about millions. Freedom is not free. It requires responsibility and sacrifice for the welfare of others.

    I do have to disagree with you on the part about pants are required though. If I remember correctly, the signs used to say “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service”. Pants was optional. I think I got that from a cartoon and it has left an indelible image in my head ever since.