Dooley Noted: A conversation with Florida’s first Black QB, Don Gaffney


Pat Dooley, the sports columnist for The Gainesville Sun, talks with Don Gaffney, who was the first Black quarterback at the University of Florida in 1973. Dooley will also talk about social justice, race, golf, baseball and, of course, Three Things.

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0:40 Who were the Black quarterbacks at Florida

3:05 The next few podcasts

3:25 Dan Mullen had a presser

5:20 It is better to listen

6:00 More on Mullen

7:00 Let’s talk the first games of the year

7:50 Is Kentucky the second most important game of the year

8:30 Time to prepare for the season

13:36 This is a year for Florida

16:40 Does the news about spikes in COVID concern you

19:15 Over/Unders

20:20 Coaches talking out

21:00 Potential naming changes

25:40 Interview with Don Gaffney, the first Black quarterback at Florida

45:00 The baseball disaster

47:15 Gator baseball players return

49:35 Golf returned

50:35 Three Things


  1. Great interview. This country has made TREMENDOUS racial progress in the last 45 years! The center left the team because he would not snap the ball to a black quarterback. Amazing. Now high school colkege and pro teams don’t give a thought to this. Confederate flags flew at Florida Field into the 80s. Now we all know how dumb that is. Much work still to be done but people need to know what a great country this is. We are not a systemically racist society. We are a fundamentally decent people that continues to make great progress. The only thing that will destroy this nation is the attitude seen in parts of the recent protest movement that considers our nation irredeemably racist. All such an attitude will do is lead our nation further apart.
    Have a nice vacation Pat.