Dooley Noted: A lot to unwrap this week: Guest Matt Baker, Tampa Bay Times


Pat Dooley, the Gainesville Sun sports columnist, talks with this week’s guest Matt Baker, sports writer for the Tampa Bay Times, about the state of college football and how getting back to games may never be the same. Dooley also talks about what is going on in the world, Lingard cleared to play, Nembhard transfers, Charlie Strong, the passing of Pat Dye, the MLB and, of course, Three Things.

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0:35 Always thankful for the well wishes and gifts

3:00 I want to say my piece about what is going on in the world

10:33 I love T-shirts from teams that beat Kentucky

11:45 Running back Lingard cleared to play right away for the Gators

15:50 Can’t wait to see how the coaching staff puts this all together

16:45 What does UF need to do to get into the playoffs

18:30 Notre Dame-Navy game moved back to U.S.

19:20 Coaches statements

19:36 Charlie Strong statements

21:25 More coach statements

22:15 Pat Dye passing

25:00 Interview with Matt Baker, of the Tampa Bay Times,

43:20 Andrew Nembhard transfers from Florida

50:00 MLB, figure it out

51:45 Wes Unseld passing

53:25 Three Things