Dooely Noted: A slow return to sports. Guest: Nat Moore


Pat Dooley, the Gainesville Sun sports columnist, talks to legendary Gator and Miami Dolphin receiver Nat Moore about his career at Florida and playing for Don Shula. Dooley also talks about the slow return to sports, nothing is going to be perfect, conferences deciding if football will start again, and, of course, Three Things.

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0:45 Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

2:45 The state school system plans to open college campuses for the Fall

4:00 Nothing is going to be perfect

5:30 If football is not back, all sports will suffer

6:00 The conferences will decide this week if student athletes will be allowed back on campuses

11:10 A mistake in my column Sunday

12:10 Are we going to have full stadiums again?

15:30 We will see what we look like down the road

19:00 Could NCAA basketball be the most affected?

25:45 Interview with Nat Moore, Gator Great

43:20 McKethan Stadium is almost set to be demolished

49:15 What if UF had beat FSU in that final game?

49:50 It is sad that sports programs are getting canceled

51:00 Let’s talk about the Last Dance

55:05 Sad deaths recently

58:00 Three Things